11 Powerful Prayers for Help

Isaiah 30:18-19 tells us about how God waits for us to come to him when we are in distress. Everyone needs help every once in a while. We have so many limitations as humans and it is not uncommon to seek help from time to time.

There are moments in life where you feel so helpless and sad as though there is nothing you can do to put things right. There are also times where you believe you are so close to achieving a goal that the slightest push will get you over the line but you just can’t seem to get it.

You may be struggling in your education, marriage, relationship, life, or workplace to the extent that you only feel that only divine intervention can help matters.  Prayers for help are not something to feel ashamed about. Help should always be welcomed.

Jesus asked for help from his father a lot. Praying to him every time he needed a miracle or divine intervention was his way of asking his father for help. We should learn to do the same. God loves us and he will not turn us away when we go to him for help.

When his death approached Jesus was praying one night away from his disciples to seek help from God. God strengthened him and he went on to fulfill the promise God made through his prophet Isaiah.

We all have purposes in our lives. God wants us to fulfill a certain promise he has made. We are his instruments. He uses us to answer the prayers of his children. When you feel stuck in whatever life journey you are embarking on, feel free to ask Him for help and he will answer.

Prayers for help

Prayer for help in marriage

Father Lord in heaven,
I commit my marriage into your hands today
There are problems that I am facing that seem beyond my control
We find ourselves fighting most of the time
It seems like the love we started with is diminishing with each passing day
We are almost like strangers in this marriage now
And it is starting to affect our kids

The constant quarrels have made our house an unhappy place
We are depressed most of the time and we cannot even concentrate at work
We pray for your help today
Come and intervene and give us peace in this marriage
Remind us of the love we had for each other
We began this marriage with you and we want to stay together for the rest of our lives
Help us Lord, and keep this family together
Help us not tear asunder what you have joined together

Prayer for help in marriage

Prayer for help in job search

Heavenly Father,
Thank you for my life today
I have recently completed my education program and I am now in search of a job
I have been on a lot of interviews but there never seem to be any callback
I keep getting rejection letters time after time
I am on the brink of exhaustion
I do not feel that I can carry on any longer

My confidence is very low
And I don’t even have the enthusiasm to write an application letter fearing eventual rejection
I need a job
I want to start my life and accomplish all my goals
I need your help now
Please turn my situation around

Grant me your divine favor and let me be selected
Help me impress in my interviews
Shine your light on my path so I know where to go look for employment
Give me your wisdom to know what to say and when to say it
Bless me dear Lord, and help me get a job

Prayer for help in job search

Prayer for help in your job

Dear Lord,
I have been employed for a while now
By your grace, I have found a job to do
However for some time now I have been struggling
I feel completely unmotivated to go to work in the morning
I feel like I am stuck in a dead position and nothing I do matters there
I am always late for deadlines and I make a lot of mistakes
I feel I have been stepped over in terms of promotions and advancement

The relationships I have forged with my coworkers are toxic ones
There is no love between me and my subordinates
I have faced disciplinary actions a few times as a result of my behavior
I need your help, dear Lord
Fill me with some inner joy to appreciate the work that I do
Remove any psychological blocks that may be causing me more harm
Help me understand my roles better and bless me to accomplish them with excellence
Help me fulfill my potential and be a shining legacy in my workplace

Prayers for help in your job

Prayer for help in your education

Father Lord in heaven,
I commit my education to your care today
I am facing some challenges in school
Financially, I have been struggling
I am never able to pay my fees on time
My study life has taken a wrong turn

I find my mind clouded and crowded with irrelevant things
I am unable to focus in my classes
Everything I learn seems to be forgotten as soon as possible
I am not doing well in my exams and I always tread very close to the dismissal line
I keep praying about it but things do not seem to be getting better
I need your divine help
Help me conquer this patchy period in my school life
Help me achieve my goal of graduating with flying colors
Keep me by your side and help me focus on what is important

Prayer for help in parenting

Heavenly Father,
Thank you for the children you have blessed us with
We have watched them grow into beautiful young adults
We have always tried to raise them to be respectful and conduct themselves with dignity
A few influences have set into their lives and pulling them astray

They are forgetting most of the good values that we taught them as kids
They seem to be accepting the ways of the world more than the guidance we raised them with
They do not respect curfew, they are rule breakers and they do not have respect for anyone
This is not how we raised them
We pray for your intervention dear Lord,

Help them turn their lives around
Help us remind them of their upbringing and let them hold on to it
Help us lead them back to the light that we raised them
Help us show them that this world holds nothing for them
Help us bring them back to your glory
Grant us the strength to persevere with them and never leave them alone
Thank you for answering our prayer

Prayer for help in parenting

Prayer for help in your finances

Heavenly Father,
I bless your holy name today for everything you have done for me
Today I come before you with a concern about my finances
Every business venture I try to undertake keeps blowing in my face
Any risk I try to take ends up bleeding me out of a lot of money

I have a lot of responsibilities on my head as well
I find myself borrowing from people most of the time just to feed my children
There are times when I have to starve myself to sleep
My finances are a mess
I keep coming back to square one regardless of whatever I try to do
I have become a laughing stock in front of most of my peers
I am often disgraced when I can’t settle my debts.
The future of my children is in serious jeopardy
I need your help, dear Lord

Open doors for me and grant me opportunities
I speak your blessings on my finances
let whatever my hands touch, turn into profits upon profits
I resist any unseen losses that may be waiting for me in the future
Help protect my children’s future
Bless me with abundant riches and let me stop borrowing all the time
Thank you for hearing my prayer

Prayers for help in your finances

Prayer for help in a project

Dear Lord,
I am currently embarking on a project
I have a carefully drawn out plan that has been accepted and is being financially supported
I am expected to provide accurate results on a fast-approaching deadline
I am running out of resources and I am running out of ideas
I stay up all night thinking about ways to push through but the answers just don’t come to me
I am getting impatient and scared that I may not be able to deliver on time

Please help me, Dear Lord
Help me unblock webs that may be in my brain and prevent me from moving forward
Remove any distractions that may be stealing my focus away from the answers that I seek
Push me to realize my full potential in this project
Help me beat the deadline
Give me your divine assistance
Help me achieve the goals I set at the beginning of this project
Help me prove all my doubters wrong
Thank you, Lord, for answering my prayer

Prayer for help in a project

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Prayer for help in sickness

Dear Lord
I thank you for the breath of life that I still have
I have been in bad shape for some time now
Doctors and experts have tried their best but the situation is not improving
I have spent a lot of money on medical bills
I am on the brink of losing all of my property to the bills for these treatments
Father Lord, I need your help

I am on my sick bed crying to you to have mercy on me
Grant me your diving healing
Make me well again
You, almighty are the most powerful and you can command skin to wrap around dry bones
Fill my bones with your healing spirit
Let me rise up from my sickbed and tell your testimonies unto the world

Let those who wait for my death be put to shame and disgrace
Quicken my body to full health and recovery
Let your angels watch and protect me from getting sicker
From now on let my body respond to your spiritual treatment
Bring my smiles back to my face and take this gloom away from me and my family

Prayers for help in sickness

Prayer for help in forgiving others

Merciful Lord,
Thank you for sacrificing your son to die so that I might live
I have been forgiven for my many sins and saved by your mercy and your loving-kindness
And I know that I need to forgive my fellow man when they wrong me
I have been broken-hearted, cheated on, let down, downcast, and deceived

I have let people in my life who have only destroyed my trust, misled me, and used me for their own personal gain
I have harbored hatred in my heart for a long time because of this and I am unable to let it go
I sometimes find myself wishing evil on people because of what they have done to me in the past
I have on occasion refused to show mercy to others because of some past issues I have with them
I come before you today to help me let go
Help me forgive those who trespassed against me just as you forgave me

Wipe these tears from my eyes and take this bitterness from my heart
Please restore all the parts of me that I lost as a result of the sins of others
Restore the trust and love that I lost in my heart
Help me not project my insecurities on others who just want to help me
Pour your gentle kindness over me and help me experience your love every day
Thank you for hearing my humble plea
In Jesus name,

Prayer for help in forgiving others

Prayer for help to succeed

Dear Lord in heaven,
I come to you today in fervent prayer
I commit my life into your hands
Take charge of everything I do
I have seen that I cannot succeed with my own strength, I will fail if I try
Remove any traps that have been set for me in the future

If there are steps I am taking that will lead me to self destruct, please steer me away from that road
If there are people in my life that are influencing me the wrong way please help me remove them
Let your favor go before and follow me wherever I go
Where others have fallen, let me past
Where everyone doubts me, let me succeed

Let me a success story that will be spoken of long after I am dead
Help me speak boldly where I need to and stand firm
Let me exceed all expectations I have set for myself
Help me reach my full potential
Let my latter glory be better than my former
Thank you for answering my prayers

Prayer for help in kicking a bad habit

Dear Father in heaven,
thank you for preserving my life to this day
I have picked up a nasty habit that will surely end my life prematurely
I was led down a dark alley and I blindly followed the world into this misery
I have lost all my good friends and fallen into very bad company
I have done forbidden things that have landed me in a lot of trouble
I have narrowly escaped death on a number of occasions because of this habit

Today I lift up my hands unto you lord
I am tired, I don’t want to be an outcast anymore
bring me back among your sheep good shepherd
Keep me under your care and do not let me stray
Shine your light on me and feed me your holy word until I am full
Forgive my sins and help those I have disappointed forgive me also
I am full of regret dear lord and I lift up my hands to you in surrender
Please restore me from sin and make me whole again
I bless you with thanksgiving and praise for answering my prayer

Asking God for help makes him feel like you feel when your child comes to you for help. It makes you feel powerful like you can help them solve their problems. God is our father and he made us for his glory. He does not enjoy our suffering. He is always extending a hand to you. See him and reach out to him and he is always willing to help you (Gen.49:25).


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