Reflection – Jude 1:21 – In God’s Love

Verse – Jude 1:21

Keep yourselves in the love of God, looking for the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ unto eternal life.

Verse – Jude 1:21

Reflection – Jude 1:21 – In God’s Love

What does it mean to keep yourself in the love of God? Imagine having an all-powerful king as your father. Knowing deep down that keeping his commandments and doing his will will keep you in line for his throne and under his protection.

Christ’s sacrifice means that we are once again in line for the kingdom of God after we were led astray by the devil. But keeping yourself in the love of God means living day to day under His guidance and direction.

The only way a prince becomes ready to mount the throne is if he has been trained and prepared his whole life on how to walk, live, and function like a king. That means you must live in a Christlike manner if you are to inherit the kingdom of God. It is impossible for unrighteous people to inherit heaven because they do not have the spiritual personality to live like Christ.

It is like a function where you do not have the tickets to enter. Once you get to the gate, you will be asked if you know the host of the party. Christ is the host of our party since it is through him that we can get into heaven. That means we must be one with him and live on earth as he did.

Reflection - Jude 1:21 - In God's Love

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I will live my life inside your light so I am not led into darkness.



Dear Lord
Thank you for saving me from death
Thank you for making me an heir to your kingdom
Please prepare me to be fit for your kingdom
Help me stay faithful to you
Keep me living in your light at all times
Keep me in your love and let me know how blessed and fortunate I am
Let me resist the devil and his mechanization and remain steadfast in my devotion to you
Do not let the difficulties of this world cause me to sway from you
Let every experience strengthen me
and let me stay faithful until the very end

Jude 1:21 prayer


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