8 Important Prayers For The Country

Then the Lord raised up judges who delivered them from the hands of those who plundered them

Judges 2:16

A leader is like a light on top of a dark hill that shines for all to see the right path to take. God makes leaders and appoints them to deliver his children out of turmoil.

God has put special leadership traits and qualities in certain people. This gives them the ability to be charismatic and influential. They also have the ability to give their people strength and hope for the future. God does this so that we know that he has not neglected us and that he always wants the best for us.

Our country is our home. It is no accident that you were born where you were born. God has a reason for everything and he had ordained you even when you were in your mother’s womb to fulfill your potential.

Even though God chooses our leaders, some of them become corruptible and forget the reasons why they were chosen in the first place.

God does not inspire and bless leaders so that they can enrich themselves. He chooses them to make life better for his people who pray to him every day. Bad leaders bring war, famine, hunger, and strife. Good leaders bring prosperity, blessings, comfort, and protection

As Christians, we should not neglect to remember our leaders in prayer. We must ask God to always guide and direct them to make the best decisions for their people.

Do not forget that leaders are human as well and have their own weaknesses. The difference between a leader and someone who isn’t is that a leader’s actions or inactions can affect an entire nation of people.

David was a good leader for Israel and he led them to many victories. Saul was not a good leader and God punished him for it because he led his people astray.

When a leader is corrupted, it is the people who suffer. This is why we must constantly intercede for them so that they do not impose laws that will cause us to lose God’s favor on us. Leaders need strength and wisdom to be able to govern God’s people to his satisfaction.

Prayers for the country and its leaders

Prayer for peace in the country

Dear Lord
We pray for peace in this country
Let our shores be blessed with peace and harmony
Secure our future with tranquility
Resolve all festering conflicts that threaten to boil over
Let this country be a shining beacon of understanding
Let there be peace between tribes, religions, and families
Let your love be the cup we drink from every day
and help us forgive each other for our trespasses

Prayer for peace in the country

Prayer for wisdom for the country’s leaders

Heavenly Father
We pray for wisdom for our leaders
Let them realize that you chose them
Let them know to put their people first
Remove all arrogance and selfishness from them
Make them incorruptible
Let their dreams be consistent with yours
Give them the strength to take this country forward
And restore all the strength they lose to service of this country every day

Prayer for wisdom for the country's leaders

Prayer for blessings for the country’s economy

Dear Lord
We commit this economy into your hands
It is currently going through dips and difficulties
This has caused a lot of hardships for your people
We ask that you cause a breakthrough
Just as the water came from the rock Moses struck
Let there be a miracle to release your people from strife
Let milk flow where it hasn’t before
and let water flow through deserts
In Jesus’s name

Prayer for blessings for the country's economy

Prayer for the hungry

Heavenly Father
We pray and ask that you feed the hungry
Give them hope of a better life from now on
Open doors of abundant grace and blessings for them
Let their names be no longer associated with poverty
Fill their mouths with never-ending manna
Fill their pockets with riches
Let their sowed seeds sprout and bear fruit
and let them glorify your holy name forever

Prayer for the hungry

Healing prayer for the sick

Dear Lord
We ask for divine healing for the sick
We pray that you restore their strength
Let the lame walk and the blind see
Remove all tumors and cancers from the sick this instant
Let their infirmities disappear from them
Let them rise from their death beds and sing praises to you
Remove all curses and demonic entanglements from them
and renew their lives with hope and grace

Healing prayer for the sick

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Prayer for direction for the youth

Dear Lord
We ask for guidance and direction for the youth in this country
Help them find the ways you have set before them
Let them not be overcome by the attractions of the devil
Let them see the future you have planned for them and strive for it
Strengthen them with knowledge and wisdom
Bless their bodies and stretch their boundaries
Prepare them for leadership in the future
Open their eyes to see your works in their lives
and let them hear good council and live accordingly

Prayer for direction for the youth

Prayer to remove selfish leaders in the country

Father Lord in heaven
We pray that you strip leadership off selfish people
If any leader has been corrupted and ignore your people
We pray that you renew their minds
Let them see the true purpose of them being leaders
Rebuke those who laugh at the poor
Correct leaders who only look after themselves
Open their eyes to see the true light
and let them change their ways to suit your people’s needs
In Jesus’ name,

Prayer to remove selfish leaders in the country

Prayers for the countryBless our natural resources

Heavenly Father
We pray that you bless this country
Grow minerals out of its shores
Let trees grow on fertile lands
Let gold be so abundant that we pick them off the ground
Let oil be struck everywhere
Let diamonds be found in pits
Let riches encapsulate this nation
Smile upon us and bring us blessings and prosperity
and let us never know poverty, in Jesus’ name,

Bless our natural resources - Prayers for the country

Leaders are representatives of God and man in this country. They have a mandate to make sure that God’s people do not suffer poverty and strife.

When God chooses a leader for his people he chooses one with dignity and integrity. God will never choose someone who will bring his people pain.

We must continue to pray that our leaders are not corrupted by the devil and that God always sustains and renews them so they never forget why they are leaders.

Therefore, come now, and I will send you to Pharaoh, so that you may bring My people, the sons of Israel, out of Egypt.”

Exodus 3:10

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