8 Powerful Prayers For Breakthroughs

These prayers and many more can be found in the book “Midnight Prayers”. You can buy the physical copy here or buy the downloadable copy instead.

For the weapons of our warfare are not of the flesh but have divine power to destroy strongholds.

2 Corinthians 10:4

It is simple to think that things are not going your way because of physical reasons. When we try to find a job without success we often convince ourselves that perhaps we are not qualified or good enough to be chosen. But then we find ourselves looking at people who are enjoying more grace and success than we are even though we may be smarter than them.

How many times have you thought to yourself ‘I am better than this employee and yet they didn’t even consider me?’ Well, God has given each of us gifts and freedom to walk upon this earth and enjoy the grace and favor won for us by our Lord Jesus Christ through his pain and suffering on the cross plus his eventual death and resurrection.

Imagine having all the weapons to survive a war in your bag but not knowing how to use them, you will not survive the war for very long.

God is spirit, and he has ordained and strengthened us to overcome any stumbling block that stands between us and our happiness. Yes, this means that job you cannot seem to get or that relationship that is always on the rocks and that bank account that is always empty can be changed to your favor if you use the tools in your spiritual arsenal well.

Psalm 127:1 says Unless the LORD builds the house, the builders labor in vain. Unless the LORD watches over the city, the guards stand watch in vain.

This means that your success or failure depends on your relationship with God. You cannot win with your strength because this world and all in it were made by Him. If you want breakthroughs that will change the course of your life, you need to sharpen your spiritual weapons through prayer and meditation.

Opening doors in spirit through prayer creates opportunities and breakthroughs in the physical world.

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Prayers for breakthroughs

Prayer for breakthrough in having children

Heavenly Father
We have been trying to have a baby for a while now
We have tried every physical solution
We have spent a fortune on doctors and tests
Nothing seems to work

We know that you are the God that made everything
You created from nothing
You make streams in desert areas
We ask for a spiritual breakthrough

Give us our miracle baby today
Strengthen, vitalize, and energize my sperms
Open her womb and deliver our bundle of joy
Give us a chance to be parents
Let your spirit remove any blocks preventing pregnancy from her body
Break any spiritual impediments that are working against us
We know that you have answered our prayer in Jesus’ name

Prayer for breakthrough in having children - prayers for breakthroughs

Dear Lord in heaven
I have been out here for a while  looking for employment
I have submitted letters and cv’s all over the place
I am starting to get weary and tired
I ask that you help me
Please let your grace and favor follow me in my quests

Help me get a  job
I know that I am qualified
and yet I am never given any opportunities
Please let your spirit lead me wherever I go
When they see my face let them see your face
Let favor go before me
Give me strength and wisdom to pass all my interviews
and let me be selected in Jesus’ name

Prayer for breakthrough in job search

Prayer for breakthrough in bad marriage

Dear Lord in heaven
We have not been married for very long
But the problems in this marriage are beginning to overwhelm us
All we do is argue and fight
We are not happy anymore
But your word says we should not destroy what you have put together

We need your breakthrough today
Help us rediscover the joy we once shared
Bring back the love and patience we had for each other
Help us build our relationship with respect and in strength
Be our mediator, protector, and comforter
Remove any spiritual evil working against our marriage
Strengthen our bonds once more
and make us a shining example to other couples

Prayer for breakthrough in bad marriage - prayers for breakthroughs

Prayer for breakthrough in wanting marriage

Heavenly Father
Please help me find a partner for life
I have been in many relationships that promised so much but delivered nothing
I do not how it happens but I always end up alone
I know that this is not a physical battle
I need your spiritual intervention

Open my eyes to see the right person for me not who I think I want
Help me prepare myself for this person
Shine your light on my path of darkness and let me find them
Don’t let me be deceived in my desperation
Let me be wise to any evil plan of the devil
Prepare someone good for me who pleases you
and let us build our future with you at the center

Prayer for breakthrough in wanting marriage

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Prayer for breakthrough in finances

Gracious Lord,
Please help me through this financial crisis
I am struggling to make ends meet these days
Every business I try fails
I am indebted to a lot of people
I can’t afford to pay my rent

Things have really gone bad for me
I ask for your intervention in this situation
Please create opportunities and open doors for me
Help me through this difficult period in my life
Help me reap all that I sow
Help me overcome this crisis in the name of Jesus

Prayer for breakthrough in finances

Prayer for breakthrough in fighting disease

Merciful Lord
I pray for a miracle in my body this instant
I have been told by doctors that there is no hope for me
But you Lord have the final say
I ask that you take this disease away from my body
Burn all traces of this sickness from my system

I break all physical and spiritual restraints in my body
Destroy all plans of the wicked one concerning my disease
Break all chains and traps that have ensnared my body
Only you can heal me oh Lord
Let your miracle leave a testimony on my lips forever and ever

Prayer for breakthrough in fighting disease

Breakthrough in conflict

Everlasting Lord
I pray that you settle this conflict
We have tried to put It to bed but we can’t seem to settle our differences
Each day that passes causes more hate to be in our hearts
Family members have become enemies as a result of this struggle
Please come and intervene before it is too late

Help us not dwell on what makes us different but on what unites us
Give us the power to resist rebellious people
Give us all gentle hearts to be able to listen and understand each other
Open our eyes to see what we truly mean to each other
Touch our hearts with compassion, humility, and forgiveness
Bring us together and make us stronger than we ever were

Breakthrough in conflict

Prayer for a breakthrough in travel plans

Heavenly Father
Thank you for how far you have brought me
I have been following my travel plans for a while now with no breakthrough
Agents have spent and misused my money for a while now
I have been to embassies countless times but keep getting refused
There seems to be something always wrong with my application

I am no longer depending on physical strategies
I pray for your spiritual intervention
Open this shut door for me and let me go through
Let all those who mock me fall on their faces in shame
Cause me to be victorious and let me travel
Let me have a testimony to tell others about you
Deliver me from disgrace and help me overcome this problem

Prayer for breakthrough in travel plans

Do not give up on yourself. Sometimes it is when solutions are very close that we throw in the towel. The Lord will deliver you from the troubles you need only to stay calm. Hold on to your faith and be strong in the Lord. Whatever seems impossible for man is possible for God.

As Christians, we must experience the breakthroughs of God so we can use it as a testimony to draw unbelievers closer to him. Pray today and seek spiritual help from God and see if he will not glorify himself.

No weapon that is fashioned against you shall succeed, and you shall confute every tongue that rises against you in judgment. This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord and their vindication from me,” declares the Lord.

Isaiah 54:17

These prayers and many more can be found in the book “Midnight Prayers”. You can buy the physical copy here or buy the downloadable copy instead.

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