5 Spiritual Warfare Prayer Points And Prayers

A war can be described as a struggle for anything essential by using the strongest abilities that entities involved in war possess. Things fought for in war may include power, territory, riches, a powerful symbol or strength.

From the moment you were born you have been involved in a war whether you know it or not. When you die the war initially ends but after judgment it will be clear who was victorious in that war. 

Spiritual warfare is a battle between God, the devil, and the world for your soul. However, you can choose who wins this war by what takes precedence over what in your life. Are you more concerned with personal gain and riches in the physical world rather than making disciples out of all nations God has created?

Do you believe that the reason you were created was to become the richest person alive? The battle for your soul is a daily one. Are you sometimes confused in your mind which makes you question the words of God himself? Do you find yourself doubting the things in the bible because they do not agree with your reasoning? If you do, this is normal.

It is all part of the battle you are involved in. There are certain times that the things in this world can sway you one way or the other sometimes toward God and other times away from God. Don’t forget that the devil never sleeps but he keeps on finding different ways to win your soul (1 Peter 5:8).

Whatever is taking precedence in your life is where your heart is. When you die, your soul will go to whoever has it at the time. God will only collect souls that belong to Him. He will not recognize those who do not know Him. As you walk through life, guard your heart carefully and make sure you are not stolen by the devil through the beautiful and attractive things in this world.

Put God first in your life and get to know Him more and more. Stay close to Him always as a young sheep stays with its shepherd for fear of being stolen or devoured by a wolf. Below we’ll discuss 5 spiritual warfare prayer points that can be your guide when praying with sample prayers to help you in the ongoing battle for your eternal soul.

5 spiritual warfare prayer points

1. Pray to be steadfast in the Lord

One thing you always have to remember is that so long as you keep trusting in the Lord, he will not fail you. God is a faithful God and he says in Jeremiah 29:11, that he know the plans he has for you and they are plans to make you prosper.

The things we face in this world can make our faith waver. But no matter what happens, you have to hold on to your faith in God and trust him. And honestly, it can be difficult to do that during difficult times, although it is even more important to hold on to God in such times.

So you have to pray to God, to strengthen your faith in him. Pray to God to teach you how to hold on to him when times are hard. Pray to God to teach you how to be patient and trust in his timing.

2. Pray to quench worldly desires

The downfall of a man is usually a result of worldly desires. When we let the desires of the world consume our minds and our thoughts, we go after those things and that is what slowly pulls us away from the Lord into the world.

So pray to God to quench any worldly desires you may have. Pray for self-control. Pray for the will to be able to overcome temptations (Matthew 26:41).

3. Pray against worldly values

The world we live in now can be very confusing. We live in a world where people see nothing wrong with wrongdoings. We live in a world where people see doing the right thing as being stupid. And if you are not careful you will find yourself conforming to these things just for the reason that everybody is doing it.

So pray to God to give you the strength to always do what is right in his sight. Pray to him to give you the spirit of discernment to help you differentiate between right and wrong. So that when everyone is doing the wrong thing, you won’t do it too. Pray against the pressures of this world and negative influences.

4. Pray for the Holy Spirit

In John chapter 14, Jesus Christ talks about the Holy Spirit. He says that the Holy Spirit will be with us forever and help us. So pray to God to send down His Holy Spirit to live in you. The Holy Spirit is our guide, our strength and our comforter.

If you allow the Holy Spirit to live in you and direct you, then your life will go according to God’s plan. So instead of trying to do things by yourself, don’t! Instead lean on the Holy Spirit for wisdom and guidance.

5. Pray for protection

Pray to God for protection. Pray for protection for everything. Yourself, your family, your home, your friends and your country and the world as a whole.

Life can be difficult and scary but with God as your protector, there’s nothing that can harm you. The Bible says in Psalm 91 that “a thousand may fall at your side, ten thousand at your right hand, but it will not come near you”.

If you go to the Lord for protection, evil can’t come close to you, not to talk of harming you. So seek refuge in the Lord and pray for protection.

5 spiritual warfare prayer points

5 spiritual warfare prayers

Prayer to not be swayed

Dear Lord
Thank you for my life today
Thank you for giving us your son as a sacrifice for our sins so we don’t have to die
His resurrection means that he has conquered death and the devil
That means the devil has already been defeated
I therefore know what God has said about me
I know that I am saved already
I pray that you remove any seeds of doubt the devil may be planting in my head
Don’t let the devil lead me astray from your word by deceiving me
Help me identify the lies of the enemy whenever he talks to me
Help me not be swayed by the riches and beauties of this world
Help me to hold on to my faith in you
Lord I give you my soul, I worship you alone
Bless me dear Lord to stay under your care
Your grace is sufficient for me
Thank you for answering my prayer

Spiritual warfare prayer - prayer to not be swayed

Prayer to quench desires

Heavenly father
Thank you for my life today
Thank you for saving me from eternal destruction
Thank you for all the strength you give me to walk through life unscathed
I pray that you help me control my internal and external desires today
Help me not obsess over anything that will take me into temptation
Let me get my due reward for all I do
Help me not covet another person’s possession
Do not let my desires provoke me to lose my soul
Let me not stumble in my walk with you because of an earthly possession
Let not my own flesh be weak and succumb to earthly attractions and possessions
Help me stay strong and walk with you hand in hand
Help me so I am not persuaded to follow any other deity
Let me be patient for you and not abandon my faith over a fatal attraction
Grant me your forgiveness and help me live according to your purpose for my life
Let me dwell under your feet all the days of my life in Jesus’ name

Prayer to quench worldly desires

Prayer against worldly values

Dear God,
Thank you for the gift that is my life today
Thank you for being my shepherd all these years
I am but a stranger in this world
This world is not my eternal home
I am only passing through this temporal abode
Help me not make the customs of this world my own
I pray that you fill me with your light so I am not in the darkness of this earth
Help me not follow the rules of this life
Remove the spirit of selfishness from my heart
Grant me the gentle spirit of Christ to live in this world
Spiritual and physical cultures in this world are not from you
I pray that I do not indulge in the sinful cultures and traditions of this earth just to blend in
Help me not focus entirely and solely on physical appearances and self-gain
These distractions make me walk in the way of the world and not in your light
Help me preserve my body and my heart only to do your bidding
Forgive me if I ignorantly followed a culture that displeased you
Onward please guide me and help me not fall into this trap anymore
I pray that you save my children from any practice that the world may see as normal but displeases you
Keep me and my family for your heavenly home
If I put any worldly custom ahead of you please remove it
Help me realize any evil that is preventing me from pleasing you today

prayer against worldly values

Prayer for the Holy Spirit

Heavenly father
I thank you for my life today
Thank you for the love you show me every day
Thank you for the Holy Spirit you sent for me
Help me understand the work of the holy spirit in my life
Help me feel the presence of the holy spirit in all my endeavors
Let me feel the comfort, the love, the correction, and the healing nature of the holy spirit in my life each day
Your Holy Spirit lives in me today
Let it be my protector and companion in my spiritual warfare
Let your Spirit give me the strength I need from within to stay strong for you, dear Lord
Let the Spirit be my teacher and my provider in times of confusion and struggle
Help me know the voice of the Holy Spirit so I do not ignore it
Let me not seek to use my own strength in moments of struggle
Let me rely on your spirit for strength and direction
Thank you for answering my prayer through Jesus Christ, our Lord

Prayer for the holy spirit

 Prayer for protection

Almighty God,
Thank you for creating me
Thank you for preserving me and my family until this time
I pray for your protection against spiritual and physical enemies
I pray for the strength to resist the devil’s attacks
Help me put on your full armor and your breastplate of righteousness
Protect me when I sleep and when I wake
Please remove all the traps that have been set for me that I cannot see
Please protect me from the eyes and snares of the evil one
Order my steps for me so I do not walk in the company of the wicked
Protect my family from any worldly cultures that will result in them losing their souls
Protect us from all evil attention from strangers and from those close to us
Block anyone with bad intentions from coming into our lives
Be a shining light unto our feet so we won’t walk in thorns or slippery slopes
Protect us from all evil including those we bring upon ourselves
Let us not wander away from your protection come what may
Give us the strength to walk with you
Guide us from dawn till dusk
Watch over us in everything we do
Be our companion wherever we go.
Thank you for answered prayer lord

Spiritual warfare Prayer for protection

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