8 Prayers For The Church

You therefore must endure hardship as a good soldier of Jesus Christ.  No one engaged in warfare entangles himself with the affairs of this life, that he may please him who enlisted him as a soldier

2 Timothy 2:3-4

As a leader of God’s people, you must see yourself as a soldier. A soldier on the battlefield of ‘winning souls for God’ does not concern him/herself with the cares of the world. They only focus on the tasks at hand.

There will be many adversities in the lives of those who dedicate themselves to leading in God’s church but they will receive their strength and direction from the Lord, their captain.

The church is a gathering of God’s people where they give reverence to him, admonish themselves, pray to him, ask for guidance and protection, ask for forgiveness and remind themselves of the reason for their being and the task they’ve been assigned on this earth.

Pastors are people chosen by God and man to lead God’s people in spiritually connecting to Him on a regular basis.

Leaders in the church are responsible for taking care of God’s flock and making sure that none of them are forgotten for any reason whatsoever.

These pillars in the church are responsible for maintaining God’s group up until the day they meet their Maker.

Just because you are a pastor or a church leader does not mean that you are not human. You have been chosen to lead God’s flock but do not forget that you are part of that flock. You are susceptible to the weaknesses a human has.

This is why you must never be disconnected from the favor and gracious love of God. It is only by this strength that you can continue to function as you should in God’s house. You must be vigilant always and not allow the cares and predicaments of this life to prevent you from doing your job.

When a member of the flock is going wayward, it is your responsibility to save them and bring them back on track. If you sleep on your responsibilities, you might not notice when a member of the flock starts to go astray. Also if you become weak you might lead a member of the flock the wrong way without even knowing.

Some members of the church are babies and calves and therefore need strict supervision and care so they do not lose their ways. As leaders in Christ’s church, we must be strong and never perturbed so that we can stand behind and motivate other members of the church to stand strong in their walk of faith.  

Prayers for the church, pastors, and church leaders

Prayer for wisdom for pastors

Heavenly Father,
Please grant pastors the wisdom to lead
Let them receive your grace and favor
Let them know your voice when you speak to them
Let not the cares of this world take away their mission towards the flock and you
Be their guidance and protector in all things
Keep them grounded in your spiritual communication
Give them the gift of healing and ministration
so they bless the flock with all your special blessings

Prayer for wisdom for pastors - prayers for the church

Prayer for members of the church

Dear Lord in heaven
I ask for your grace upon this flock
Let their decision to live for you be never reserved
Care for them daily and guide them so they do not get lost
Protect them from the claws and talons of the evil one
Let them live in peace, prosperity, and blessings
Feed them spiritually so they never hunger or thirst
Keep them strong and together for you no matter what
Continue to shine your light unto their paths so they never fall in the darkness

Prayer for members of the church

Prayer for strength for Pastors

Dear Lord
We ask that you strengthen pastors
Give them physical and spiritual strength
Help them resist any evil voice
Help them resist any presence that tries to destroy them
Let them focus on their calling and never let them fall astray
Strengthen their foundations
Make them into beacons of fire and leadership
Protect their faith from any adversity and let them sustain their love for your work

Prayer for strength for Pastors

Prayer for strength for church leaders

Dear Lord
We pray for the leaders of the church
We ask that you continue to bless and guide them
Let them continue to see your light
Let them remember their calling every day and not take it for granted
Teach them to lead the flock and care for each one of them
Make them lead exemplary lives so they do not lead anyone astray
Bless their lives and their family
Let their work never know failure
and let them reap all the rewards of their sacrifice

Prayer for strength for church leaders

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Prayer for harmony between church leaders

Heavenly Father
We ask for perfect peace and harmony between the church leaders
We pray that you help them settle all differences
Teach them to be humble and always look out for your flock
Help them work diligently together for the growth of the church
Let love lead them in all that they do
Let them not be tempted by any agent of the devil
Let them find joy in all the work they do for you
Bless their daily lives and let them be fruitful in your church

Prayer for harmony between church leaders

Prayer for acceptance in the church

Dear Lord
We pray for those who enter the church for the first time
We ask for guidance for them
Help them be received with love and acceptance
Let them not feel unworthy
Let them know of your love for them
Let them know the purpose you have for their lives
Keep them grounded in your church
And let them never turn back on their decisions to come to you

Prayer for acceptance in the church

Prayer for the church to win souls

Dear Lord
We ask that you grow this church
Teach us what to say when we go out on evangelism
Let us lead people to your light
Let this church be flooding with souls for you
Open these gates to lost souls
Let them find you here
Restore them here
And let their spiritual journeys begin with you here

Prayer for the church to win souls

Prayer for the church’s spiritual growth

Heavenly Father
We ask that you grow these members spiritually
Open their eyes to do what pleases you
Let them know your word when they read it
Let them meditate day and night on your word
Strengthen their faith daily
Let their commitment to you grow stronger each day
Let them never lose their way
In Jesus’ name,

Prayer for the church's spiritual growth

Christ is the head of the church and that means we must mimic his behavior and follow his directions. The members of the church are the flock of God and so the leaders must lead them well so they do not get confused or fall astray.

Praying for the church is very essential for every Christian. We must always intercede for them so that they do not backslide or lose faith in God because of the cares of this world. We must do all we can to support and appreciate them and God will bless us.

When you take care of God’s work, your own work will prosper. If we seek first his kingdom, all other things will fall into place for us.

And my God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus. 

Philippians 4:19

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