10 Effective Prayers Against Sexual Immorality

Do you not know that your bodies are members of Christ himself? Shall I then take the members of Christ and unite them with a prostitute? Never!  Do you not know that he who unites himself with a prostitute is one with her in body? For it is said, “The two will become one flesh.

1 Corinthians 6:15-16

Sexual sins affect a person’s self and soul. When you unite yourself with a person or entity outside the guidelines of God through sexual immorality, you create a portal through which you accept impure things into your spirit and your soul.

Sexual immorality corrupts your judgment and causes you to be led away from the spiritual things of God. When your body takes dominion over you, nothing good can come of it. Your body only craves things that will satisfy it at the moment and not things that will benefit your spirit in the future.

As Christians, we should know that our bodies are temples that God uses to spread his word to unbelievers. When Christ found people using the Lord’s temple for trading and immoral things, it hurt him deeply and he drove out all the unclean things from the temple.

We must drive out all forms of immorality from our bodies if we want it to be used as a pure and clean temple of God. Sex is a unique act created by God to allow humans to populate the earth. We must not turn this gift into something unclean and unsavory. All forms of sexual immorality displease the Lord and he does not associate himself with those who engage in such acts.

Flee from sexual immorality. All other sins a person commits are outside the body, but whoever sins sexually, sins against their own body.

1 Corinthians 6:18.

The body is not to be defiled because it is our instrument of existence on earth. Without it, we cannot be able to live on earth and carry on doing the work of God here. Sexual immorality causes your body to be exposed to unclean spirits and beings that may destroy it or cause it pain.

This is why Paul advised that each person find someone they can marry so they can reduce the risk of causing destruction to our bodies otherwise, we must stay single. Sexual immorality can cause you to lose the treasures the Lord has prepared for you in your future. It can defile your body and cause you a lot of misfortune.

Demonic entities can enter your body and take control of your life through sexual connections. The devil uses sexual immoralities to destroy people and make them feel unwanted by God. It doesn’t matter how unclean you think you have been in the past though, the Lord is always ready to accept you. Do not continue along the paths of sexual immorality so that it will not be too late for you after death.

Prayers against sexual immorality

Prayer against fornication

Heavenly Father
I rebuke the spirit of fornication
I pray that you give me the strength to resist this temptation
Let me not be led by my flesh into sin
Let my body not be conformed to this world
Grant me a clean and pure mind
Help me not lust after what is not ordained for me
Let me stay true to my values
Help me not debase myself to the levels of filth
and let me the honor and follow your words always
through Jesus Christ, our Lord

Prayer against fornicationb- 10 Effective Prayers Against Sexual Immorality

Prayer against adultery

Dear Lord in heaven
I ask that you focus my mind on my partner
Present them perfect in my eyes
Cancel any thoughts of cheating in my life
Keep me from the tentacles of those who wish to destroy this union
Strengthen my hand against the evil one
give me the wisdom to know when I am falling into trouble
Alert me when there is a danger of adultery around me
Keep me in your bosom
Grant me self-control and let me protect my marriage from any evil entries

Prayer against adultery - 10 Effective Prayers Against Sexual Immorality

Prayer against homosexuality

Father Lord in heaven
I ask that you remove the spirit of homosexuality from this family
We know it is not by your design that anyone follows that path
We rebuke and cast out any confusing spirit in Jesus’ name
We ask that you cleanse our children from this immorality
Let your holy ghost break any demonic relationships
Let our home be full of your blessings
Help us resist this evil from our mists
Help us resist any evil company that tries to introduce this in our lives
Clear our paths of homosexuality
and grant us restoration and forgiveness if any of us has ever done it

Prayer against homosexuality

Prayer against bestiality

Dear Lord in heaven
I pray that you destroy all tendencies and urges of this nature
Break all curses and desires of bestiality from us
Sanctify our spirits and bodies from this uncleanliness
Fill us with your healing spirit
Grant us the willpower to resist this evil
Destroy this act from amongst us
Seal off any evil spirits that cause this evil sin
Cover us with your protective blood
Heal our hearts and prevent these evil bonds in Jesus’ name

Prayer against bestiality - 10 Effective Prayers Against Sexual Immorality

Prayer against pedophilic behavior

Father Lord

We cast out all pedophilic tendencies from us
We break all desires of this act in this family
Protect this family from all evil spirits that cause this immorality
We cast out all demons that seek to destroy this family
We destroy all agents of disgrace and shame from this family
Let this house be filled with morally upright people
We destroy all childhood links with this demonic behavior
We burn all lustful desires toward minors
and we ask that you sanctify us and keep us from this disgrace

Prayer against pedophilic behavior

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Prayer against prostitution

Father Lord in heaven
Keep my path away from prostitutes and prostitution
Let me be always content with what I have got
Do not let me be found in the midst of prostitutes and sexually immoral people
Let me keep good company that strengthens my spirit
Strengthen me so I am not tempted by them
Make my paths straight
Do not let me stumble upon any prostitution
Keep me close to you and never let me stray
And help those already on this path find their way to you

Prayer against prostitution

Prayer against sexual predators

Dear Lord in heaven
We ask that you protect our children and us from sexual predators
Do not lead us into any place where we could be victims of them
Let your angels watch over each step that we take
Let us not fall into any traps that they set for us
Let them fall into their own traps
Give us the wisdom to see and flee from them when we spot them
Protect our kids on the internet and in school
Do not let them be subjected to any sexual abuse
Keep them under your umbrella and protection forever

Prayer against sexual predators

Prayer against sexual exchanges

Dear Lord
Bless and keep me so I do not trade my body for anything
Let me stay dignified so I never debase myself sexually in exchange for anything
Let me receive your gifts in your own time
Let me not prostitute myself out for anything
Feed me when I’m hungry
Let me not be desperate
Let me be content with all you do for me
Let me never find myself trading my body for material things
Grant me joy and contentment
so I don’t dishonor you with sexual immorality

Prayer against sexual exchanges

Prayer against premature pregnancy

Dear Lord in Heaven
I pray for my kids today
I ask that you guide them away from sexual immorality
Let them concentrate on your plans for them
Let them meditate on your word always
Let them not be conformed to this world
Let your spirit lead them always
Keep them clean and honorable
Let them not rush into adulthood
Let them love and honor you
so they can be proud of themselves in future

Prayer against premature pregnancy

Prayer to resist temptation

Father Lord in heaven
I pray for strength and favor
I ask that you strengthen my foundations
Let me be a pillar of faithfulness and uprightness
Let me not be overcome by any sexual desires
Grant me divine self-control
Let me not fall into any traps set for me
Cleanse me of all unclean thoughts
Let my ways be straight in your eyes
Grant me the power to stay strong in the face of all sexual temptations
and let me not defile my spirit and body in Jesus’ name

Prayer to resist temptation

Sexual immorality can destroy the plans God has for you no matter how big. When your flesh begins to lead you and make decisions for you, it means that the spirit of the Lord in you begins to shrink out of neglect.

The physical amusements of this world should never come between you and your love for the Lord because it doesn’t last forever. Only the word of God will last forever. As Christians, we should resist sexual temptation and be filled with the spirit of God so that he can use us to accomplish what he made us for.

If anyone turns a deaf ear to my instruction, even their prayers are detestable.

Proverbs 28:9
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