5 Important Prayers For When Going Through Divorce

In Matthew 5:32, Jesus explains to us the implications of going through a divorce. Immorality is the only leeway he gives for the necessity of divorce. Some people still choose to be together even if their partner has been sexually immoral.

For those who have to go through the unenviable traumatic experience of divorce, know that God wants you to be fine. When a marriage fails there is disappointment, sadness, regret, time wasted, and resentment. Christ encourages us to forgive each other of our shortcomings just as the father in heaven forgives us for ours.

During a divorce, it is important to stay with God in prayer. Thoughts of malice and revenge will plague your mind if you do not fill it with the peaceful thoughts of Christ through the Holy Spirit.

When you focus too much on what you may be losing you may never forgive your former partner and you might take it out on your innocent children. Keep a list of prayers for when going through divorce to keep you grounded in God’s wisdom.

The devil puts asunder. The love you once shared eventually turned sour and became toxic and hate. More than 50% of all marriages end in separation but know that you don’t have to go through it alone. Divorce is a terrible thing and is not of God.

God wants to see us happy and in love just like he loves us. When divorce comes, you need to strengthen yourself in the Lord. Let go of all the pain and hate in your heart and be the best individual you can be. Do not allow your divorce to destroy you. Be strong and persevere in wisdom.

Do not hate your ex-partner but let the word of God be your counsel. Seek the Holy Spirit at all times and let it guide you in everything you do. Pray always for strength and courage to face yourself and society. Don’t feel judged by anyone, hold your head up high and move on with your life.

Prayers for When Going Through Divorce

Prayer for Strength when Going Through Divorce

Dear Lord
I need you in this very difficult time in my life
I am going through something I never thought I would go through
My marriage has broken up
My home is in ruins
My life is about to change dramatically
The one I called my partner is no longer here

I pray for your strength today
I pray for your loving kindness and mercy
Help me figure this out
Give me the wisdom and strength to go through this separation
Let this process not drain me of my faith in you
Only you know the future and what is right for me

I surrender to your will
Wipe my tears away
Let me be steadfast and firm in your love
Help me resist all evil plans and plots of the devil
Help me not do anything rush that will destroy my future
If I lost anything to this marriage please restore it upon me

I need your guidance
Throughout the court processes and movements help me hold my own
Be my lawyer
Be my shoulder to cry on
Thank you, everlasting father

Prayer for Strength when Going Through Divorce - Prayers for When Going Through Divorce

Prayer for Children when Going Through a Divorce

Dear Lord
My home is breaking
You gave us children in your infinite wisdom
I want to pray for these kids today
Please give them a resting place in your heart
Do not let this separation destroy their lives

Help us still raise these children under your care
Be their strongest influence through their lives
They were dedicated to you when they were born
Continue to be their shepherd
If there were bad behaviors and habits that we portrayed in front of them

Please make them resist it
Do not let this separation in any way have an effect on their own marriage life
Teach them tolerance and understanding
Bless them with grace and peace in their hearts
Do not let them feel guilty or at fault for this separation
Let them have love in their hearts always

Protect them from any evil stepmothers, stepfathers, or guardians
Continue to sustain them in your wisdom and love
Let their education go on without trouble
Help us love these kids even in separation
Thank you, Lord, for answered prayer

Prayer for Children when Going Through a Divorce

Prayer to Forgive when Going Through a Divorce

Father Lord,
Thank you for this journey that we embarked on
It has ended unfortunately
I come to you today to say that there is so much hate in my heart
I have gradually grown toxic, neglectful, and hateful

My marriage has turned me into a distrusting person and a nervous wreck
I offer my heat to you today so you can purify it|
Through all the fights, screaming, and shouting, I picked up habits that I am not proud of
I said words that I would not normally say
I disgraced myself and my family
Today, I ask for your forgiveness

I ask for my children’s forgiveness
I pray that you help me forgive my partner
Help me let go of all the hate and pain in my heart
Do not let me project the toxicity that is in me on other people
Bless me to say each day that it is well with my soul
Grant me the patience and wisdom to not drag my family name further into shame

Let me stand firm and look up to you
Help me forget all the unpleasantness that riddled my marriage all this while
Strip me of the burden of blame
I accept my faults and I pray that you forgive them
If there is any way I contributed to this failure help me forgive myself
Thank you, Lord

Prayer to Forgive when Going Through a Divorce

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Prayer to Move On after Going Through a Divorce

Father Lord in heaven,
Thank you for the gift of life today
I pray for my life after this divorce
I pray that you stay with me
Help me not project any hatred in my heart on anyone
Bless me to move on without looking back

Clear my path and open doors for me
Replace anything I have lost in this marriage
Push me to look for new challenges to get my mind of this unfortunate time of my life
Grant me the wisdom and fortitude to withstand any criticism from society
Do not let me feel judged or sorry for myself for what has happened
Let me stand tall and overcome any challenge in front of me
Let my next engagements be one that will be fit for me and not make me repeat past mistakes

Give me the strength to move on with my life
Let me embrace new adventures with anticipation and open arms
Let my children have the strength to move on
Do not let them feel objectified or teased for coming from a broken home
Grant them your spirit to fortify and uplift them in their times of sorrow
Be their parents
Help them cope,
In Jesus’ name,

Prayer to Move On after Going Through a Divorce - Prayers for When Going Through Divorce

Prayer to mend your Heart when going through Divorce

Heavenly Father,
Thank you for preserving my life and that of my family
We give thanks to you for your protection
We pray that you mend us after this divorce
Replace all that we lost and mend our hearts

Fix all that we broke and make us new again
Renew our hearts and our spirits
Cleanse us of any impure thoughts about revenge
Let us love again like we were never hurt
Mend our broken hearts
Let us learn lessons that will help us in future
Bless our lives

Let the sun rise on our future
Let us forget any evil that was done to us
Help us retain our trust in you
Help us to never lose faith in you
Grant us your favor and let your love replace where pain used to be in our hearts
Thank you, Lord, for hearing our prayer

Prayer to mend your Heart when going through Divorce

A divorce is a terrible experience for anybody but let God be your light. When two people decide not to marry anymore a vow has been broken and God does not like it. Pray for his forgiveness and try to move on with him. He has all the answers and he knows the way forward.

People going through divorces are sometimes very vulnerable and feel a false sense of freedom initially but eventually, they try to remove that freedom by getting with anyone they meet. Let God guide you in your next step. Let him order your steps forward and pray for his presence always.


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