Reflection – Luke 9:23- Take your Cross

Verse – Luke 9:23

Then he said to them all: “Whoever wants to be my disciple must deny themselves and take up their cross daily and follow me’’

Verse – Luke 9:23

Reflection – Luke 9:23- Take your Cross

Jesus’s followers must have been in disbelief after he told them everything that was going to happen. This is a man who had done nothing wrong. He had recently fed a lot of them miraculously and they were hanging on His every word. What Jesus was describing was daunting and deeply disturbing. He was telling them about how he was going to be killed by those who hunted him.

He made sure that his followers knew what to expect even if they didn’t believe him when he was saying it. Being a Christian means knowing the journey ahead and still being willing to take that road. Jesus knew what was going to happen but he did not back away from it.

He was determined to do as his Father had sent him to do. He carried the cross and died for the sins of mankind. We must be willing to do the same. We must carry our crosses in his name and do as he has commanded us to do.

Christ expects us to make disciples out of all the nations and bring people closer to him. In doing this there will be a lot of obstacles in the way. We will be hated and treated horribly. There are people who have lost their lives because they spread the gospel of God.

Knowing all these things are a possibility, we must still be prepared to do as he has commanded just as he did. Without doing this, we cannot call ourselves true followers of Christ

Reflection - Luke 9:23- Take your Cross

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I will do as Christ has commanded me no matter the obstacles and impediments I may be facing.

Declaration: Luke 9:23


Dear Lord,
Thank you for dying to save me
Thank you for going through it despite the Pain and disgrace
I pray for the strength to pick up my cross And follow you
Take the spirit of fear away from me
Let me be courageous and do as you have Commanded
Teach me what to say when I’m lost for words
Help me find my way when I am lost
And bless me with strength and wisdom to Follow you always

Prayer - Luke 9:23

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