Reflection – Deuteronomy  6:4 – One God

Verse – Deuteronomy  6:4

Hear, O Isreal: The Lord our God, the Lord is One’’

Verse – Deuteronomy  6:4

Reflection – Deuteronomy  6:4 – One God

The Oneness of God is a representation of where all life on earth originates. God is the source of life. He created the world with his powerful words and he holds them in his hands. When we say something is unique in oneness it means that there is nothing quite like that thing. There can be imitations but realistically nothing can be similar to a unique entity.

The source of life and light cab a single source that spreads over a dark alley. Through that source, anything hidden in that alley will be revealed and cannot be hidden anymore. Those who move away from that light source can no longer be protected by it because they will be in a dark place.

When we journey through the Bible, we come across the oneness and uniqueness of God in some of the things he did. His walk with Abraham and Moses, as well as the prophets of Israel, show us that those who dwell in the light of the Lord will not be lost.

There are those who wonder about the earth looking for power from other gods. The reason for this is that they feel within themselves that they are connected to something far greater than the normal human body can fathom. They feel extremely limited and reduced by their physical state.

This is why they consult with spirits in the underground and the sea to try and find other abilities that will satisfy their thirst and need for power. God is the source of our lives. That means only he can fill the need we feel for power. He has already given those who believe in him the power to be called his children.

That means if we want to be able to have dominion over the things of this world then we must stay close to him. We must obey his commandments and never stray from his feet under any circumstances.

Reflection - Deuteronomy  6:4 - One God

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I believe in one God and he is the Alpha and Omega.

Declaration- Deuteronomy  6:4


Dear Lord,
Thank you for creating me
Thank you for filling me with the power to be your child
Help me stay close to you always
Grant me the grace to be in you
Let my life reflect your power
Let me lean on you in my adversities
Show me your light in times of darkness
And let your favor abound in me and my Family always

Prayer - Deuteronomy  6:4


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