Reflection – 2 Peter 3:11 – Get Out While You Can

Verse – 2 Peter 3:11

Since everything will be destroyed in this way, what kind of people ought you to be? You ought to live holy and godly lives.

Verse – 2 Peter 3:11

Reflection – 2 Peter 3:11 – Get Out While You Can

Waiting for the Day of the Lord has become a bore to some people. And why not? There are billions of people who have perished waiting for the Lord. Some of these people are saved already because they did not die in sin. Others are doomed to go to hell because they died without accepting Christ.

Life is like being born into a prison whose door remains open. You can either get out anytime you want to, or you could die in prison and remain imprisoned by the devil. You can also die outside the prison and be taken away by your Maker.

The prison gate will however not remain open forever. There will come a time when the keeper of the prison will come and shut the gate at which point you will remain imprisoned forever. God keeps the prison door open through His grace through Christ our Lord.

Death may occur at any time, and wherever you find yourself at the time of your death is where you will belong forever, whether outside or inside the prison. The day of the Lord comes when the prison door is shut. At this time there is no more grace for those inside the prison.

If we want proof that this day will come then we must remember the days of Noah when the Lord destroyed the world with water. There are those who believe that the world has existed too long for the Day of the Lord to still happen.

This is not the case. We are still in the time of grace where the prison door remains open. The day the door will close is a mystery to everyone. because if we knew, we would have lived our lives anyhow and only repented when the gate was about to close. the Day of the Lord will surely come and we must be prepared for it.

Reflection - 2 Peter 3:11 - Get Out While You Can

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I will not allow the prison gate to close with me inside it.



Dear Lord,

Thank you for your grace
Thank you for your patience with me
Please do not let me die in sin
Help me live to please you
Please keep me on the path of righteousness
Let me not slip into destruction
Never let me grow tired of waiting for you
And always let me be true to you, to myself, and to others


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