10 Prayers For Thanksgiving Day

How often do you thank God for all He does in your life? Saying thank you seems like a simple thing to say but it’s something that we usually don’t do as often as we are supposed to.

It is important that you make it a habit to give thanks to God for all that he does for you, not just on Thanksgiving Day, but every day. It doesn’t matter if you had a bad day, find something to be thankful for.

Note that every time Jesus prayed he begun by praising the Lord and giving thanks. We are admonished to do the same. Giving thanks helps us to remember everything the Lord does for us so that we can continue to trust in him.

There are things we see and give thanks to God for, and there are things we don’t see that the Lord still does for us. All of these things should be credited to God. Whenever you give thanks to God, remember to thank him for the things He protects you from that you are not even aware of.

Whatever occurs, we must always be grateful to the Lord since he is the only one who can replace whatever we lose. Here are a few prayers for thanksgiving day to help you thank God for everything he has done for you and your family this Thanksgiving Day.

Prayers for Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving prayer in remembrance of those we lost

Dear Lord,
We thank you that you have brought us together once again
We are thankful for your watchful eye on each member of our family
Thank you for being with us through all our endeavors
Thank you for keeping us healthy and fit during the past year
We bless you for your traveling mercies and guiding hand through all decisions we made as a family
We are sheep and you are our shepherd
Thank you for keeping us together under your love

We are also thankful for the lives of members you called up into your bosom
Thank you for giving them as a gift to this family
We are truly grateful for their time with us
Even though we are sad that they left we know that they are resting in your eternal glory
Bless their souls and keep them with you till we meet again
Continue to watch over us and bless us
Thank you, Lord, for answering our prayer

Thanksgiving prayer in remembrance of those we lost

Thanksgiving prayer for our jobs

Heavenly Father,
We are grateful that we are here in your company once again
Thank you for our lives and for preserving our souls
Thank you for the jobs we do
Thank you for finding work for our idle hands
We thank you for protecting our jobs
Thank you for all the promotions and appreciation we received
We bless you for being with us through our tough assignments and travels

We bless you for keeping us out of trouble
Thank you for preventing us from falling into traps set by the devil and our enemies
We thank you for all the resources we have received as a result of our jobs
Thank you for your sustenance and guidance
We pray that you will continue to guide us in what we do
Help us to always be successful in whatever we do
We bless your holy name today with thankful hearts

Thanksgiving prayer for our jobs

Thanksgiving prayer for protection

Dear Lord,
Thank you for our lives and our health today
We are very thankful for all your mercies and blessings upon our lives
We are especially thankful for your protection during the past year
We traveled, walked, run, slept, worked and you protected and preserved us from any dangers or accidents
We are truly grateful and thankful for that

Thank you for shielding us and our children from all evil
Thank you for saving us from all the dangers we may have faced in the past year
You shielded us from shootings, bombings, robberies, diseases, and the evil in this world
We bless you for your mercy for we are not special
As David said, what is our place that you love us?
Who are we that you continue to protect us the way you do?
We want you to know with every breath in our body that we are truly thankful for your never-failing love

Thanksgiving prayer for protection

For Salvation

Heavenly father
Thank you for being on our side during our spiritual warfare
We thank you that sent your son to save us
Thank you for loving us despite all our imperfections
Thank you for giving us your spirits and saving our souls
Thank you for filling us with strength to overcome the evil plots of the devil
Thank you for the gift of righteousness you have imparted upon our spirits

We know we cannot please you with our works
We know we are sinners and unworthy of your love
Thank you for cleansing our spirit through the blood and love of our Lord and Savior
Thank you for your spirit that continues to inspire, love, guide, protect and teach us
Thank you for covering us and protecting us with the blood of Jesus
During our weak moments, your spirit strengthens us
When we fall you lift us up
Thank you, Lord, thank you

thanksgiving prayer for salvation

Thanksgiving prayer for good health

Father Lord,
We bless your Holy Name on this Holy day
We want to thank you for our lives today
During the past year, there were times of ill health, hospital visits, headaches, injuries, colds and coughs
There were moments of weaknesses
There were times when we felt our bodies would give up the fight
Through it all, you have been faithful to us and our loved ones

You have preserved our lives and given us good health
During every test, you have kept us strong
You have cured and healed our diseases
You have taken away our crutches and removed our bandages
In times when we felt our spirits die, you woke us up again
You commanded life and strength into our weak bones

We are thankful for your healing hands
Thank you for being our doctor
Thank you for filling us with your healing spirit
We bless you, we praise you and we love you
Thank you for answering our prayers

Thanksgiving prayer for good health - prayers for thanksgiving day

Thanksgiving prayer for your children

Dear Lord,
Thank you for the lives of our children
Thank you for blessing us with them, we are truly grateful
In the past year, they have been in school
they have traveled, met new people, and learned new things
We thank you for getting them through all of it
We bless you for the good health and traveling mercies they have enjoyed

We thank you for keeping them away from bad influences
Thank you that they have not fallen into bad company
Thank you for helping them hold on to the good values they have grown up with
Thank you for the strength you bless them with
thank you for keeping them healthy and strong to focus on their studies
Thank you for the love you give them each day
Please be with them and help them not depart from your word

Thanksgiving prayer for your children

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Thanksgiving prayer for friends

Dear Lord,
Thank you for giving us this day
We want to thank you for our friends
Thank you for our neighbors, co-workers, and all the people in our lives
Thank you for their lives, their health, and their influences on us
Thank you for all the help they give us
Thank you for working through them whenever we were in trouble

Whenever there was an emergency you had somebody come to our aid
We are truly grateful for the people you brought into our lives
They enriched our lives in ways we could not imagine
Thank you for the gift that they are
They shared our sorrows and they shared our joy
We thank you and bless you for them
We ask that you continue to give them all they need and answer all their prayers
Let us be a blessing unto them just as they have blessed us

Thanksgiving prayer for friends

Thanksgiving prayer for your spouse

Gracious Lord,
I am grateful today for the partner you have given me
I am thankful for his/her life
Thank you for giving me a companion in this life
Thank you that I have somebody to share my life and my love with
Someone to create beautiful memories and children with

I’m happy and grateful for the spouse you have given to me
Thank you for leading my partner into my life
Thank you for protecting them and preserving their life
Thank you for all the sensitivity and emotional support I receive from them
I thank you that my partner has not made my life unbearable but has enriched my life in every way
I bless the day they were born and I thank you for our union

Thanksgiving prayer for your spouse

For the country

Heavenly Father,
Thank you for this country
We are thankful for all the treasures and beautiful things in this land
Thank you for the food and water you continue to bless us with
Thank you for the peace and prosperity we continue to enjoy
Thank you that we are not involved in any conflicts and wars that will destroy us

Thank you for the wisdom and guidance you give our leaders
We bless you for the protection you give us every day so we don’t fall into the hands of the enemy
Thank you for keeping our country under the watchful eyes of your angels
Thank you for protecting the future of our children
We pray that you continue to guide and protect us all
In Jesus name,

Thanksgiving prayer for the country - prayers for thanksgiving day

Thanksgiving day prayer for the coming year

Everlasting Lord,
We pray and commit the next year into your hands
Thank you for bringing us all together
We pray that we will all be together again next year
Be our guide and our protector
Be our leader through the coming year
During our travels, our weak times please be with us
Cover us with your mighty wings

Let your divine favor and mercies be with us
Give us your grace in anything we set our minds to
Grant us your peace and protection
Be with our children when they go to school and help them grow up with your values
Protect us from death and accidents
Give us your divine health and let your guiding hand guide us so we don’t stray
Thank you for answering our prayer,

prayers for thanksgiving day - for the coming year


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