Release Healing – 50 Prayers For Healing And Strength

Faith can move mountains as Jesus hinted to his disciples. Our biggest weapon against disease and sickness is our faith in the healing spirit of God. Illness can change someone’s whole life. The strong can become a beggar overnight because of illness. Naaman was struck with leprosy and lost his strong command.

God wants us well and strong so He has freely implanted His spirit into ours and given us everlasting life. We must transfer that strength and immortality our spirit enjoys into our mortal bodies.

The Bible says in Romans 8:11 that the spirit that raised Christ from death is what dwells in us and that same spirit gives life to our mortal bodies. Isn’t that wonderful to hear? Now fill your heart with that good news and build your faith from it.

When you are sick, or someone close to you is sick, you need to believe that by the spirit that dwells in you, your prayer can Release Healing.

God heals. There are so many accounts in the Bible about God’s healing powers. And that God in the Bible is the same God we serve today. He is an everlasting God, an Almighty One, who is capable of healing whatever ails you or your loved ones. All you have to do is to hold on, keep trusting him and keep praying with faith.

This 50 Prayers For Healing And Strength contains;

  • Healing Prayers for Yourself
  • Intercessory Prayers For Healing
  • Prayers Against Illnesses And Diseases
  • Prayers For Mental Health
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