6 Prayers Against Discouragement

‘When the righteous cry for help, the Lord hears and delivers them out of all their troubles. The Lord is near to the brokenhearted and saves the crushed in spirit. Many are the afflictions of the righteous, but the Lord delivers him out of them all.’

Psalm 34:17-19

Discouragement can occur when it looks like every door you try to open is shut tight. Trying is something we have to keep doing even if we don’t get a breakthrough. There is a point however, where the natural instinct of a human is to quit because they have been trying and trying with no breakthrough.

As Christians, we are assured that the Lord will always hear our cries for help and act at the right time. When your child asks you for very hot food, you do not give it to them right away. You wait for it to cool and make sure it is appropriate for them to swallow before you give it to them.

Prayers against discouragement are meant to encourage us to wait on the Lord even when it seems like things will never get any better. He knows what is best for us and his timing is also the best. Maybe getting what you want now might mean that you will drift away from him and lose your soul.

Many people sacrifice their souls unwillingly for things they believe they must have today. This is why God tells us to cast all our burdens and cares unto him. Remember God doesn’t only know what you ask him for he also knows what you need even before you ask.

Once you have told him what you need from him, wait for his time to deliver you. He will give you what your heart desires and he will do it in good time when your wealth will not put a strain on the relationship between you and God.

Prayers against discouragement

Prayers against discouragement in marriage

Heavenly Father
Thank you for sustaining my marriage for all this while
We have until now been able to solve all our problems with prayer and communication
We are facing problems we have never faced before this time
We are saying things to each other we never thought we would be saying
It looks like our marriage is on the brink of collapse
We have tried counseling and all known human interventions
Things are not getting better

We know we still love each other and we do not want to put this union asunder
We pray today for guidance and direction
In this darkness, we pray that you hold our hands and carry us through
We ask for divine strength and courage
Help us hold on to the love and affection that we once shared
Help us rekindle the flame we once had
Strengthen our weak arms
Let us hold each other till death
And help us resist the devil’s evil plans in our marriage

Prayer against discouragement in marriage

Prayers against discouragement when job hunting

Merciful Father
It has been a while since I left school
I have been trying to get a job for some years now
I have written a lot of application letters and been on a number of interviews
It really looks bleak now and I am not sure what to do now
Every place I try seem to reject me at the first glance
I believe that you have placed good things in me that I can share with the world

But lately, I have been feeling depressed and discouraged
I pray that you touch my life, dear Lord
Open doors for me and show me your plans for my future
I know that I have a purpose in this life
I am slowly losing the will to keep trying

I pray for a breakthrough
Help me find a way
Lead me to something new
Make a way for me
Help me stay strong and meditate on your word day and night
And make me victorious in the end

Prayers against discouragement when job hunting

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Prayer against discouragement when you are sick

Father Lord in heaven
Thank you for the gift of breath you give me every day
I have been sick for a while and things don’t look like they are getting better
Every day, I feel weaker and weaker
I have faith in your divine healing but my body doesn’t respond at this moment
I am falling heavily into debt as a result of my medical bills
I am losing hope and strength by the day

Today, I pray tearfully to you
Please strengthen my hand
Put your divine healing shield in front of my chest
Let me feel your healing spirit move inside my bones and my body
Let the echoes of your voice ring in my head every day
When I get weak and discouraged give me the courage and a strong will to leave
Help me fight my way out of this sickness
Let me be a living testimony of your good works and miracles
Help me live out all the years you planned for me
Thank you for answering my prayer

Prayer against discouragement when you are sick

Prayer against discouragement about your finances

Dear Lord in heaven
I pray to you today for mercy
I am on the brink of poverty
All the things I do for money have collapsed
My income is now at a serious risk
I am descending into some serious debt

I am almost homeless and I cannot take care of my family anymore
I have had to sell almost all my belongings just to buy food to eat
I am at your doorstep praying for strength, Lord
I have often contemplated ending it all just to escape this mess
I know that this is not your will
I pray for strength to carry on

Help me find a breakthrough
Make a way for me and help me out of this mess
Grant me strength and courage at this difficult time
and let me not fall into the hands of the devil
Help me stick to your word and
keep praying to you until you change my situation
Give me the patience to wait on you, Lord

Prayer against discouragement about your finances

Prayer against discouragement about marital status

Dear Lord,
I have been single for a while now
Every person I meet seem to take advantage of me and leave eventually
I have been in several relationships that promised some sort of future
They all eventually fall by the wayside
Sometimes I go to the extent of meeting their family members and being accepted into their homes
Something eventually comes along and tears us apart
Whenever it seems like we are about to get serious, I end up losing them

I know that you want the best for my life, but I am almost giving up
I don’t feel like I want to commit to anyone anymore
Please help me, I need guidance and direction from you
Show me the path to take
Help me meet the one you have prepared for me
I know your choice will be the final one
Help me stay strong and remain calm
I know there is someone out there specially made for me
Grant me the patience to stay as you lead us to each other

Prayer against discouragement about marital status

Prayer against discouragement and depression

Father Lord in heaven
Thank you for my life today
I am in deep hurt
I have currently gone through something that has shattered my world
I am going through depression
My life is not turning out how I imagined it
I find myself thinking suicidal thoughts most of the time
I do not want to do that

I want to live and fulfill the potential you have set for me
I pray for your loving hand to guide me today
Help me out of this emotional turmoil
Comfort me with your word and let me live for you
Console my broken heart and let me look forward to the future
Help me live in love and hope for the rest of my days
Let me count my blessings each day
And help me be victorious

Prayers against discouragement and depression

Do not get discouraged. As long as you are alive you have hope. God has already declared you victorious. This means that whatever path he sets you on is the path to victory. It does not matter what the twists and turns will be just know that all will be well with you in the end.

Do not give up. Keep holding on, it is the darkest right before the dawn. He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds (Psalm 147:3). Fear not, for I am with you; be not dismayed, for I am your God; I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you with my righteous right hand Isaiah 41:10).


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