8 Prayers For My Son

Therefore you are no longer a slave, but a son; and if a son, then an heir through God

Galatians 4:7

For all who are being led by the Spirit of God, these are sons of God.

Romans 8:14

Children are gifts from God. Like all gifts from Him, we are supposed to cherish, nurture and care for them. Sons are also children of God just like us, but we as parents are supposed to teach them the ways of God so that when they grow up they can take our place and continue to fulfill the purpose of God.

Sons are supposed to be raised to protect and care for their people just like daughters are supposed to preserve God’s generation. Mortal sons are people we give birth to through our blood, body, and spirit.

As Christians, sons are those who share the spirit God gave us. A son should allow himself to be led by the spirit of God and not be led astray by the snares and glamour of this physical world. We have a responsibility to raise our sons in the spirit, strengthening and admonishing them each day to seek the Lord God first in their lives.

Jacob loved all his sons and he taught them about the Lord. God blessed Jacob and the twelve tribes of Israel came from his sons. When you have a son it is an opportunity for you to inspire a different generation. Because of the love Jacob had for Joseph, he grew up to be a leader of an entire generation.

He saved his people through the revelations of God when it came time for him to have compassion on his brothers after what they did to him, he did just that.

The good traits that we instill in our children should be manifest in them even when we are no longer alive to witness them. That is what God expects from his children. We as Christians must raise our sons to be responsible members of society. They should respect their wives, care for and protect their children from harm.

Prayers for my son

Prayer for grace and favor for my son

Dear Lord in heaven
Let your favor follow my son all his life
Let him stand out wherever he goes
Let his actions give hope to others
Let his utterances bring peace amongst others
Let whatever he touches turn into a blessing

Cause him to rise wherever he finds himself
Grant him your grace in Jesus’ name
Even when he is not worthy of your love let him have it by grace
Do not let his sins follow him
Forgive his transgressions and cause him to repent
Let him not hurt others to get ahead but let him wait on you in humility always

Prayer for grace and favor for my son - prayers for my son

Prayer for wisdom and understanding for my son

Heavenly Father
I pray for wisdom for my boy
Grant him the understanding to make good choices
Help him go through this life with wisdom
Let his actions lead to good and not evil
Help him relate well with others
Cause him to move from blessing to blessing

Help him discern between good and bad company
Give him the foresight to not fall into any traps
Help him grow in abundant grace and favor
Let his words settle disputes and not stir up conflict
Pet him apart amongst his peers like you did Joseph
Fill his heart with love and humility
In Jesus’ name,

Prayer for wisdom and understanding for my son

Prayer for my son’s education

Dear Lord
I commit my son’s education to your care
Please help him learn and understand whatever he is taught
Grant him the wisdom to focus on his studies
Help him excel in all his courses
Keep him healthy and strong to make it through his entire education

Keep him away from bad company
Help him not be distracted by anything trivial
Let him not be drawn away by this world
Help him not be addicted to any vices
Preserve his life and let him be drawn to you always
Help him resist evil and follow good
Let him leave school with distinction in Jesus’ name

Prayer for my son’s education - prayers for my son

Prayer for my son’s Christian life

Father Lord in heaven
I pray for my son’s life in you
I ask that he constantly be drawn to your word
Let him take delight in dwelling in your house always
Let every decision he makes be based on your guidance
Cause him to work in your church

Help him live an exemplary life
Help him show qualities of meekness and humility always
Grow his faith and use him as your instrument
Let him heal and spread your word wherever he goes
Let him be a shining light in the darkness
Help him grow to make you proud
I dedicate him to, please use him for your work

Prayer for my son’s Christian life

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Prayer for my son’s marriage

Heavenly Father
Thank you that my son has found himself a partner for life
I ask for your grace and blessing in their marriage
Help them to love each other forever
Grant them all their hearts desires
Let their house be filled with laughter always

Let them put you at the center of their marriage
Be their comforter, mediator, and provider
Grant them fruits of the womb
Give them happiness with no limits
Open the floodgates of blessings on their marriage
Let them settle any issues that arise themselves
and let their marriage be a shining example to others

Prayer for my son’s marriage - prayers for my son

Prayer for my son’s relationship

Dear Lord
I pray for guidance for my son’s relationship
Help them make good choices
Help them find love for you
Let them live their lives to please you
Prepare their future for them

Order their steps into success
Keep them together in harmony and peace
Let them truly find love and patience for each other
Let them be good to each other
Give them the strength to fight for each other’s happiness
Prepare them for each other so they are a positive influence on each other’s futures

Prayer for my son’s relationship

Prayer for my son’s job

Dear Lord in heaven
Thank you for this opportunity for my son
I pray for favor in the workplace
Help him excel in every task
Help him overcome any challenges that will come against him

Help him rise through the ranks to the very top of his profession
Grant him the wisdom to open doors for himself
Let him rise from grace to grace
Do not let him get discouraged no matter what
Bless him in all he does
Help him resist any temptation to put him into trouble
Take greed away from his heart and let him seek to please you always

Prayer for my son’s job - prayers for my son

Prayer for protection for my son

Heavenly Father
Please protect my son
Protect him from my and his enemies
Protect him from diseases and accidents
Save him from situations that may claim his life

Warn him if his next steps will be fatal for him
Save him from evil people
Forgive his sins and transgressions
Keep him under your feet and light
Save him from thieves and murderers
Rest his head on your shoulder and calm his soul always

Prayer for protection for my son

The love we have for our children is unconditional. Sometimes we set such high expectations for them, completely forgetting that they are only human too. They need us to believe in them and love them no matter what their flaws, imperfections, and faults may be.

We have to shelter them when they run into trouble. We have to encourage and make them feel happy even when the whole world turns its back on them. That is what God expects us to do because he does the same for us.

Hebrews 12:5-6 says and you have forgotten the exhortation which is addressed to you as sons, “My son, do not regard lightly the discipline of the Lord, Nor faint when you are reproved by Him; For those whom the Lord loves He disciplines, And He scourges every son whom He receives.


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