5 Prayers Against Bullying

Deuteronomy 31:6 tells us to be strong and courageous because the Lord goes with us and will never forsake us. The reason God constantly tells us in the Bible to not be afraid and be strong is that He knows of the struggles that we go through in our lives.

When we set ourselves apart and do not engage in things others do we are often targeted and demoralized. When we think of bullying we sometimes think of a little kid in school whose lunch money is being taken by bigger kids or a kid who is being pranked and picked upon for being different.

Bullying exists in adulthood too. Perhaps even more serious than childhood bullying, many adults have been alienated and weakened because of bullying. This has even caused some to take their lives or resort to substance abuse just to fit in. Prayers against bullying strengthen us and let us know that God wants us liberated from social and mental prisons.

Bully victims find it hard to reach their potentials because they are kept in small boxes by bullies. They are made to feel ashamed by whatever trait they are being bullied for.

Bullies sometimes project their own insecurities unto others just so nobody will be looking at them. They point fingers at other people and tell the world to do the same so that nobody will realize their own imperfections.

As said before, Christ liberated us when he died on the cross and rose again. We are no longer prisoners and slaves to the devil and his minions. We have been perfected in the spirit and are not indebted to anyone anymore. We must therefore not allow anyone to bully us.

The Bible calls those who have accepted Christ the right to be called sons and daughters of God. That means we are princes and princesses to God’s kingdom. We are royalty and made perfect in every way.

Prayers against Bullying

Prayers against Bullying at Work

Heavenly Father
Thank you for giving me this employment
I have however been facing some problems here
I am being bullied
I am being made to feel inferior
My ideas get shut down and I get no respect
People belittle my achievements and call me names

People take advantage of me because of my personality and tag me as a weak person
I am often excluded from important meetings and my complaints fall on deaf ears
I have been alienated and made to feel very small
I have often considered skipping work and resorting to substance abuse
I have lost all my confidence and have also lost control over my own kids
I pray that you come and strengthen my spirit

Help me show courage and stand up for myself
Even if people don’t see my worth I know that you do
Help me restore my confidence and keep fighting for my pride
I don’t want to give up so take my hand and walk with me
In Jesus’ name, I pray,

Prayers against Bullying at Work

Prayers against Bullying at School

Dear Lord,
I pray for my kid’s education
Help them through their journey
I know that you made everyone special and we love them for it
I pray that you grant them the mental power and fortitude to stand up to bullies
I pray that you lift up their self-confidence and you make them feel proud for who they are

Do not let anyone make them feel inferior
Do not let them feel small or ashamed to be different
Bless them to accept themselves and not base their happiness on whether people like them or not
Make them know that you made them perfect and they have no obligation to please anyone
Let them celebrate their differences and not be made to feel bad about it
Let them not feel victimized by their teachers or their schoolmates

If they are going through something in school grant them the courage to tell us about it
Let them not accept bullying and let them resist it
Let them not be pressured into accepting themselves as mediocre
They are your children and we love them very much
Let them feel this love and go through their lives with confidence

Prayers against Bullying at School

Prayers against Cyber Bullying

Father Lord in heaven
Thank you for my life today
I have recently been targeted by someone on the internet
I have been on the end of unwanted messages and death threats
My online account has been hacked into and is used to make countless enemies
People are using my name to spread hate and mischief on the internet

I feel really small and afraid right now
Every time I turn on my phone I fear that I am going to be at the end of a hateful text or call
My whole family has been put in danger as a result of this
I am afraid to show my face at work or anywhere
My life has been made a living hell
I am scared and I am shaken

Dear Lord, I need your strength right away
Please give me the courage and strength to fight this
I am not a hateful person and I am not capable of the things being written about me
Let my true identity be revealed through you
Let my mind not be burdened by this terrible episode
Let me keep my sanity and not do anything terrible to myself
Hold me close to you and give me the ability to free myself

Prayers against Cyber Bullying

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Prayers for Victims of Bullying

Dear Lord,
I pray today for the victims of bullying everywhere
Help them rise above this unpleasant experience
Give them the mental strength to fight for themselves
Block any paths that will lead them to abusive substances
Lead them to a company that will help restore their faith in you and their confidence to live
Lead them away from people that will take advantage of their struggles

Give them a listening ear and a shoulder to lean on when they are feeling neglected and alone
Give them the courage to say no to the devil and his accomplices
Let them go close to people who will want to help them
Draw them closer to your word and your light

Give them the grace to understand your love for them
Grant them peace when they close their eyes and let them take comfort in your word
They are your children and they need you now more than ever
Be their rock and their salvation
Protect them against toxic people and abusive environments
Bless them with your holy strength and your love

Prayers for Victims of Bullying

Prayers for Mental Health

Heavenly Father
I pray for people in poor mental health today
We are surrounded by hateful people who victimize and abuse others because of their own insecurities
There are people who are really struggling mentally today
They feel small and insignificant because they have been targeted by certain aspects of society
This beautiful earth you created for us is supposed to be a home

But there are people who have been made uncomfortable here
They are being made to feel inferior
They cannot express themselves confidently because they are afraid of being ridiculed or victimized
Some of these people end up taking their own lives
Some resort to drug abuse and wayward lives just to be able to fit in
I pray for these people

Save them from this mental bondage
Cause them to know that your love for them is unconditional
Let them feel your sacrifice for their salvation
Cause them to live for you
Let them get the help that they need
Bring them closer to you each day
Let them overcome this hurdle with success

Prayers for Mental Health

Bad mental health affects a lot of people these days. Saying something mean to somebody may stick with them for the rest of their lives. As Christians, we are responsible for bringing people to God and not driving them away. The love you show is what will attract these souls to the throne of glory.

Do not be the reason someone turns away from God. Encourage people who are being victimized to love themselves first. Teach them what Paul teaches us, that though we were yet sinners God loved us anyway.


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    I was bullied at school before now in Cornwall Ontario from 2 person at center 105

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