9 Prayers For My Daughter

When a woman is in labor she has pain because her time has come. Yet when she has given birth to her child, she doesn’t remember the agony anymore because of the joy of having brought a human being into the world. Now you are having pain. But I’ll see you again, and your hearts will rejoice, and no one will take your joy away from you.

John 16:21-22

A daughter is a beautiful gift from God.

May our sons flourish in their youth like well-nurtured plants. May our daughters be like graceful pillars, carved to beautify a palace.

Psalm 144:12

When God made Eve, He was thinking of a helper for Adam. Someone to keep him company and sustain him through all times. The Psalmist talks about daughters as being graceful pillars that beautify a palace. Pillars are responsible for holding up a building. A strong pillar can hold the biggest of buildings for a very long time.

Women are responsible for our continuity. They hold us in their wombs, they nurture us; they feed us and provide us with comfort and stability. When we bear daughters we are certain that we have created a bigger family. They are the pillars of the family and they make sure that generations are sustained.

As Christians, we have to raise them into strong and beautiful pillars of society. They have to understand the roles they play and the significance of their existence.

God knew that Adam would be useless by himself and so He made him someone gentle, kind, tender, graceful, strong, and longsuffering who could help Adam take care of the creation of God. It is our responsibility to raise our little daughters into virtuous and strong women who can hold firm, protect their families and keep generations together when we are not there.

As we see from Eve’s responsibilities, God made women a certain way so they can handle the stresses and pains of life and at the same time take care of their families. Women were made stronger and have a higher tolerance for pain as we see during childbirth. We must pray for our daughters so they are not led astray and lose sight of their purpose in life.

Prayers for my daughter

Prayer for my daughter’s education

Dear Lord
Thank you for my daughter’s life
Thank you for giving her to us as a gift
We pray today for her education
We pray that you grant her the wisdom and understanding to stand tall in her classes
Make her as strong and courageous as you made Esther
Let her not be fearful of her competitors

Open her mind to focus on her studies and not fall into bad company
Blind all evil eyes that look at her and wish for her downfall
Protect her life and help her achieve her goals without falling into any traps
Help her pass all her tests and keep her healthy throughout her education
When she travels keep her safe and let success be her constant companion
In Jesus’ name,

Prayers for my daughter's education

Prayers for my daughter’s health

Dear Father in heaven
Thank you for my daughter’s life
She is a beautiful gift
I pray for her health today
Strengthen her body and give her bones fresh life each day
Keep her away from evil people who want to destroy her life

We reject premature deaths and injuries in her life
Through her travels and commutes please protect her steps
Order her steps away from premature pregnancies and health complications
Purify every ounce of blood in her body
Give her the strength and wisdom to handle all psychological and physiological changes in her body
Make her as strong as an ox and let divine healing be her portion

Prayers for my daughter's health

Prayer for my daughter’s friends

Dear Lord
Today I pray for the company my daughter will keep
Please guide her in her friendships
Cause her to resist the evil company
Let her turn her back on liars, fornicators, thieves, covetous and jealous people
Let her steps lead to you at all times

Let her avoid people who reject your word and teachings
Let her choose the company that she keeps wisely
Make her wise and brave enough to turn away from evil friends
Let her not be led astray by people who claim to like her
Let her please you with her choices
And let her stay under your light all her life

Prayer for my daughter's friends

Prayer for my daughter’s safety

Dear Lord in heaven
our world is a dangerous place for a woman these days
there are evil people lurking in shadows waiting to hurt women
I pray for your divine protection and grace wherever they go
I destroy whatever evil plans people may have for my daughter in Jesus name
Whether it comes from her friends or family I pray that you keep her safe in Jesus name

Let her not be lured by any deceiver in Jesus name
I reject any attempts to rape, impregnate or disgrace my daughter in Jesus name
I pray that you are her protector at all times
keep evil people away from her
Let her not be tricked into eating or drinking any contaminated food or drink
Give her the wisdom and awareness to steer clear of danger in Jesus name
Thank you for answering my prayer

Prayer for my daughter's safety

Prayer for my daughter’s relationship

Father Lord in heaven
I pray for my daughter’s relationship
She has found someone she wants to build a future with
I don’t know the intentions of this person concerning my daughter
I pray for your grace and guidance for her

Help her see him for who he truly is
Open her eyes to know him well
Order her steps in that relationship
Keep her from doing anything she will regret in future
Fill them with values that are acceptable to you, dear Lord
Bless them and let them have a wonderful future in you

Prayer for my daughter's relationship

Prayer for my daughter’s profession

Heavenly Father
Thank you for my daughter’s job
I pray that you help her conduct herself appropriately
I pray that you help her work hard and achieve all her goals
Help her climb up the corporate ladder and receive all the merits she deserves
Watch over her work and help her relate well with her co-workers

Protect her from any evil that may be awaiting her at work
Let everything she puts her hand to be a success
Keep her away from trouble
Let her skip any traps that have been set for her
Let her achieve all her goals and be fulfilled in her profession
In Jesus name, I pray,

Prayer for my daughter's profession

Prayer for my daughter’s marriage

Father Lord in heaven
I cover my daughter’s marriage with the blood of Jesus
I pray for her and her husband to continue to dwell in you
Let them look to you for all answers concerning their marriage
Help them depend on you and confide in you
Be their protector and provider

Help my daughter with humility and strength to care for her family
Help her raise her children in your word and with your values
Be their companion and refuge
Grant them peace and serenity in their marriage
Be their hope and their light in the darkness
Sustain them and bless them
In Jesus name

 Prayer for my daughter's marriage

Prayer for my daughter’s children

Dear Lord
I pray for my daughter’s children
I pray that you give her the patience and strength to raise them
Help her understand them and be there for them
Help her be a great mother to them
Help her provide for their every need
Help her understand their decisions and love them the way they need to be loved
Bless her family and keep them safe
Help her build them up and not tear them down
Help her improve their talents and keep their confidence high
Let them grow up to be confident and helpful citizens in society

 Prayer for my daughter's children

Prayer for blessings for my daughter

Heavenly Father
Thank you for my daughter’s life
I pray that you help her hold on to the values we brought her up with
Help her grow up to be a virtuous woman
Keep her strong and let her protect and keep her family together
Help her resist the devil and all his diabolical plans

Let her keep her eyes on you and all you have planned for her life
Grant her peace in all her endeavors
Bless the work of her hands
Fill her with the holy spirit and let her steps lead to prosperity and success
Let her have positive effects on everyone she encounters
Order her steps into riches and blessings
Let her make her family proud with all her actions
And keep her under your light and protection forever

 Prayer for blessings for my daughter

I have not stopped giving thanks for you, remembering you in my prayers. I keep asking that the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the glorious Father, may give you the Spirit of wisdom and revelation, so that you may know him better.

Ephesians 1:16-17

We have to pray fervently and unceasingly for our daughters no matter how old they may be. They have lives of their own and will always need council and protection from us. Never make your daughter feel like she cannot count on you for protection. When the whole world is mean to her you have to be her one bright spot.

From the time they lie in your arms as babies till the time you die, it is your responsibility to nurture and make them feel safe just like God does for you. That means you should not be judgmental or stop giving them your love no matter what they do to you. Being a parent is a privilege from God, do not abuse it.


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