Reflection – Psalms 55:22 – He Cares For You

Verse – Psalms 55:22

Cast your cares on the LORD and he will sustain you; he will never let the righteous be shaken.

Reflection – Psalms 55:22 – He Cares For You

Never feel forsaken by the Lord. Never feel like God brought you on this earth just to suffer or toil till death. You must cast all your burdens unto him and let him help you out. Do not resort to sinful deeds that will send you into destruction. Pray to the Lord in faith and listen for his response.

When you pray, believe that you are speaking sincerely to the Lord. Let him know that you truly believe he can save you from any predicament you may find yourself in. It is not his wish for anyone to suffer. He wants a glorious future for all his children but the wickedness and the greed of this world are causing his children to suffer in poverty and wretchedness.

Do not curse your life or relinquish your soul to the devil because you want to spend this temporary time we have on earth in riches. Stay faithful to the Lord and let him order your steps. Let him know that in everything you will give thanks to him and call on him.

He knows the future and everything you need in your life. He is always there for you and will not leave or forsake you. Do not feel too insignificant with your prayer thinking that it cannot change anything for you. the Lord hears the cries of the righteous and he answers them. Put your faith in him and let his wonders manifest in your life.

Reflection - Psalms 55:22 - He Cares For You


I will put my trust in you to deliver me from my wretchedness.

Declaration - Psalms 55:22 - He Cares For You

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Dear Lord,
Thank you for being my Lord
Thank you for creating me
Thank you for all the blessings you reign on me each day
I pray that you meet me at my point of need
Take away all my burdens
Save me from the trials and travails of this life
Preserve my soul from the claws of the evil one and give me a listening heart to hear you when you speak to me

Prayer - Psalms 55:22 - He Cares For You


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