How To Get Back Up In Life – 5 Prayers To Get Back Up When Life Knocks You Down

In their hearts, humans plan their course, but the Lord establishes their steps.

In their hearts humans plan their course, but the Lord establishes their steps.

Proverbs 16:9

One thing we can all agree on is that in life nothing goes as planned. It doesn’t mean you didn’t try hard enough. It doesn’t mean that you are a bad person, it just means that, sometimes, things just don’t work out.

Everybody is bound to stumble and fall at a point. It happens to everyone. You see that mentor you look up to? Yeah, it happened to him. You see all these successful people you are inspired by? Yeah, they all stumbled at a point.

But do you know why they are successful now? It’s because stumbling didn’t stop them, falling didn’t stop them. They didn’t quit because things didn’t work out. Instead, they got back up and kept pushing forward until they made it.

That’s life. Life is not a smooth ride upwards, you are bound to stumble at a point, you might even fall. But what matters is that you don’t give up, you get back up and you keep fighting.

It can be very heartbreaking when you work so hard towards a goal or a dream, only for it not to work out. It makes you want to give up, and sometimes, the pain you feel even makes you think and believe that things are never going to work out.

But one thing I want to tell you is that, whether things work out or not, depends on you. If you give up and just wallow in self-pity, that won’t change anything and you will still be on the ground where you fell. But if you get back up and you keep pushing forward, that’s what will change the outcome.

So if you are at that point in life where it feels like life is just kicking you up and down, left and right, then this article is for you. Below, we will see some steps to help you get back up when life knocks you down.

5 steps to get back up when life knocks you down

For though the righteous fall seven times, they rise again, but the wicked stumble when calamity strikes.

Proverbs 24:16


Sometimes when things don’t work out, it can be difficult for us to accept what has happened. A lot of people feel like accepting it makes it real, so as long as they refuse to accept it, it means nothing has gone wrong.

Well, the harsh reality is that what’s done is done. You refusing to accept it won’t change anything. Your refusal of acceptance won’t make anything better. All that will do is keep you from moving forward. So the very first step to getting back up is to accept what has happened and also accept that you can’t control everything.

It’s okay to grief

Once you’ve accepted what has happened, it is now time to allow yourself to feel whatever it is that you are feeling. If it is pain, open yourself up to it. If it is anger, that’s okay too. Whatever emotion it is you are feeling, just let yourself feel it – sad, pain, anger, feel it all.

Remember, anger is only an emotion, and there’s nothing wrong with feeling angry. It is what you do in your anger that matters. So allow yourself to feel the emotions, but don’t let your emotions control you. Don’t let your emotions control your actions. It’s okay to cry if you want to, it’s okay to scream if you think that will make you feel better.

Don’t be so hard on yourself

Everybody is going to fall at a point in life. Even the most successful people have had their own bumps on the road. So this happens to everyone. You don’t have to be so hard on yourself because things didn’t turn out the way you were hoping.

Be kind to yourself. Remember, that you gave it your all but you can’t control everything and so sometimes, things just don’t work out.

Don’t overthink, learn and plan

You might be tempted to spend your days thinking of what could have been and how things could have turned out. But don’t do that. Thinking too much about what is already done won’t change anything. The past is done and it’s not worth wasting your present thinking about it.

What you should rather do is learn from what happened. So instead of thinking of what could have been or thinking of what you wish should have happened, focus on the lessons you can learn from this experience. Take these lessons and put them into action. Based on the lessons from your past experience, you can plan a better outcome for the future.


Pray, pray, pray, and when you think you’ve prayed it all, get up and pray again. There’s a reason Jesus Christ encouraged us to pray always. When you fall, prayer comforts you, it strengthens you, it encourages you, and it gives you hope. Having hope, in turn, gives you resilience, and that is the ability to bounce back when you fall.

Everybody falls, it’s the ability to get back up that matters. A lot of people have hit rock bottom in life. Some were able to bounce back but others couldn’t. So pray to God to give you the strength and resilience to get back up and push forward.

For the bible says that although, the righteous shall fall, they shall rise again. So don’t lose faith when life knocks you down. Just hold on to your faith in God and in his time, he will lift you up.

Below are some prayers you can say to get back up. May the Lord be your strength through this difficult time of your life and give you the strength and courage to bounce back.

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5 Prayers to get back up

Prayer to begin again

Dear God,
I’m tired. So I come before you today to ask for strength.
I’ve been knocked down in life
And this time around, it feels like I can’t keep going
So, Father, I need you. Please be my strength when I’m weak and weary.

Father, when I feel defeated, please remind me that I am more than a conqueror
Fill me with your spirit and help me to get back up again
Renew my hope in you and help me trust in your process
Lift me out of this dark pit in which I’ve fallen into
Take my hand, Lord, and help me to begin again
Thank you for always been close to me
In Jesus name, I pray,

Prayer to begin again

Restoration prayer for when life knocks you down

Everlasting Lord,
I come before your throne today to lay down my struggles at your feet
Things seem to be getting worse for me by the day and there’s nothing I can do
So I come to you in prayer to surrender all my problems to you
Please come and take control of everything in my life and give me rest

I’m struggling Lord, and things seem impossible for me right now.
But I also believe that you are the Almighty God, and there’s nothing you can’t do
So I know that no matter what life throws at me, you can deliver me
Give me patience as I want on you for my restoration
Thank you for your grace and glory in my life

Restoration prayer for when life knocks you down

Prayer to get back up

Almighty Father,
Thank you for your guidance and protection
Thank you for being by my side throughout the changing seasons of my life
Because you are with me, I know and believe that no matter what comes my way,
I will always pull through.

Father, things are going wrong in my life again and I feel like I’ve been struck down
But because I have you, I know that I need not fret or panic
Instead, I come before you in prayer to humbly ask that you help me stand up on my feet again
Please refresh my soul and renew my spirit
Grant me wisdom and guide my steps as I try to find my way up again
Calm my heart and fill me with strength and hope

Thank you for never forsaking me
Thank you for renewing my strength
Thank you for making me soar up high
Thank you for helping me get back up again
In Jesus mighty name,

Prayer to get back up

Prayer to rise again when you fall

Dear God,
Life hasn’t been easy lately and it feels like I’ve hit rock bottom
Nothing I try seems to work out and everything is just falling apart.
I feel defeated and it makes me want to give up
So I come before you in prayer, to please come to my aid

Help me Lord, for I’m tired
Save me, for I am drowning
It feels like I can’t do this anymore
Please be my strength and help me to rise again
Please give me the courage to keep on trying
Strengthen my hope in you and help me persevere in Jesus name,

Prayer to rise again when you fall

Spiritual warfare prayer to bounce back

Heavenly Father,
I thank you for my life
Today, I come before you to pray about the setbacks in my life
No matter how hard I try, things just seem to be going downhill for me
So I come to you in prayer

I receive the power of divine restoration in Jesus name
I decree and declare that no weapon fighting against my life shall prosper
I fire back any evil arrow that has been shot at me
By the blood of Jesus, whatever evil arrow fired against my destiny, backfire
Any evil power working against my life be consumed by the Holy Spirit
I decree and declare that by the power of the blood, I shall bounce back
I declare victory over my life and everything I do in Jesus name,

Spiritual warfare prayer to bounce back


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