7 Financial Breakthrough Prayer Points

Everybody wants to be financially independent. But financial independence doesn’t just happen. It takes time, and hard work to be able to make enough money to sustain yourself.

But even when you’ve worked so hard for so long, it can be very difficult to be financially independent. So to truly be financially independent, you need the grace and favor of God. When you have God’s grace, new opportunities become available for you to make more money.

When you have divine favor, your business flourishes, you get the contract, and your clients find you and are willing to pay what you are actually worth. Everything works out for good for you. So it is very important to pray over your finances if you want a financial breakthrough.

A lot of Christians are reluctant to pray over their finances because they think doing that is wrong. So we’ve put together a resource for Christians to help them understand money and the riches of God. This is a 31-day bible study workbook on money to guide you through a daily study of what the bible says about money, how Christians should view financial success, and what God requires of us in exchange for His blessings.

Below are some important financial breakthrough prayer points you need to pray for your finances.

7 Financial breakthrough prayer points to pray for your finances

1. Thank God for your source of income

The first step to a financial breakthrough is having a source of income; which is your job or your career.

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Without a job, you can’t earn anything. But once you have a job, you are able to earn something to support yourself and your family.

Even if your earnings aren’t up to your financial goals, you still earn something and that’s what’s important.

So thank God for your job or business. Thank God for giving you the means to make some money. Thank God for every source of income in your life.

2. Pray and ask God for contentment and patience

We need money to survive in this world but greed and the love of money can do more harm than good. (1 Timothy 6:10)

So pray and ask God for contentment, so that even though you want financial blessings you don’t rush and do the wrong things for money.

Pray to God to be content with what you have and also pray to God to give you the patience to wait on him for your financial miracle.

3. Pray against anything working against your business and your finances

Most people find it hard to believe that spiritually anything could be working against them. But the Bible says in Ephesians 6:12 that our struggle isn’t against flesh and blood but instead it is against evil forces and principalities.

So you need to pray against any evil force that is fighting against your life, your business, and your finances.

Pray against anything whether spiritual or physical that is working against your finances. Seal every spiritual hole in your life that is draining your money.

4. Pray for your work or business to be prosperous

You also need to pray for your work or your business to excel. Since this is your source of income you need to pray to God to help your work flourish.

Ask God for wisdom on how to do your work right. Ask him for directions on how to run your business. Ask God to teach you the right ways to do your business to help broaden it.

Pray to God to make career opportunities available for you. Pray to God to help you meet the right people to help your business or career grow.

5. Pray for wisdom to manage your finances

Most people are broke, not because they don’t earn enough but because they don’t know how to handle money.

Money management is a very important skill to have if you want a financial breakthrough. So pray to God to give you the wisdom to manage your finances.

Pray to God to help you overcome any bad habits you may have that causes you to misuse money. Ask God to teach you the right way to use your money and help you save.

6. Ask for financial blessings

Now pray to God to bless your finances. Ask for his grace and blessings on your finances. Ask him to bless your finances abundantly. Don’t be afraid to tell God what you want. Don’t be afraid to ask for the blessings you want.

The Bible says to ask, and it shall be given unto you. Jacob wrestled an angel for blessings. So pray, pray and pray again for that financial miracle you want.

7. Pray for good health and long life

What is wealth if you are too sick to enjoy it or even dead? Pray to God for good health and strength to live a long healthy life, so that you can enjoy the fruit of your labor.

Imagine working all day, just to use the money you made to get drugs and treatments in order to be healthy.

So good health is very important. Pray to God to deliver you from any sickness or anything that will affect your health. Pray for a healthy long life.

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Prayer to rebuke evil plans against your work and finances

Gracious Lord,
Thank you for your goodness and mercy
Thank you for blessing me with a job to do

Today, I come before you with my finances
I pray for a divine financial breakthrough
Teach me the right way to do my work so I can earn more

I rebuke any evil plans of the devil against my work
May any curses on my finances break by fire in Jesus’ mighty name.
I speak prosperity on my work
I speak riches on my life
Thank you for answering my prayer in Jesus’ name,

Prayer to rebuke evil plans against your work and finances

Prayer against evil forces working against your finances

Father Lord,
You know about my situation
And you know that I am in need of a financial miracle right now

I pray that your favor locates me today
Bless my finances oh Lord
Open doors of opportunity for me to be financially stable

I pray against any evil force assigned to hinder my wealth and prosperity
I pray against any spiritual leakages draining my wealth
I rebuke any spiritual blockages, blocking my financial breakthrough
I reject any curse of poverty on my life

I pray for divine intervention over my finances
Bless me, Lord, in Jesus’ name I pray,

Prayer against evil forces working against your finances

Prayer to cancel out debts

I come before you today with my financial situation
Things have been so hard for me that now I’m in a lot of debt
And I don’t know what to do.

I pray that you Lord will intervene in my finances.
Forgive me for all the times I made wrong decisions about my finances which landed me in these debts.
Please bestow upon me the wisdom to be able to manage money
Help me not to waste money on unneccessary things
Please teach me the secrets of prosperity

I pray against any spiritual forces working against my financial prosperity
I break every yoke of debt over my life
I rebuke every spirit of financial humiliation and embarrassment

I declare financial prosperity over my life
Please lift me out of all my debts
and bless me according to your riches in Jesus’ name.

Prayer to cancel out debts

Prayer for contentment and patience

Merciful Lord,
Thank you for your mercy and blessings on my life
Thank you for providing me with a means to be able to earn a living

I pray that you Oh Lord will help me to be content with my life.
I pray against the love of money.
Please remove every spirit of greed that will make me rush to get rich quickly by doing the wrong things.

Help me to wait on you and your timing
Give me the patience to wait on you to make my finances better
I know and believe that in your own time, you will bless me and make me financially stable in Jesus’ mighty name.

Prayer for contentment and patience

Prayer for your business to flourish

Heavenly Father,
I come before you today with my business and my finances
I pray that you help my business to grow so I can earn more to be able to support my family.

Please teach me the right moves to make in my business
Please show me when to invest and how to invest in my business to make it expand.
Please direct me on how to make my business a success

I pray that you let my clients locate me
I pray that you help me to be able to serve my clients well so they come back for more.
Please help me be prosperous in Jesus’ name,

Prayer for your business to flourish

Prayer for financial blessings

I come to you today for financial prosperity
Please bless me according to your riches

I pray against any financial hindrances in my life
I break every curse of poverty and financial bondage over my life
I set ablaze any evil forces caging my financial blessings in Jesus’ name
Please grant me divine opportunities to improve my finances

My finances are in your hands Lord, grant me a financial breakthrough
Make me prosperous in everything I do
And teach me to handle the money you bless me with wisely
In Jesus name, I pray,

Prayer for financial blessings

Prayer for financial wisdom

Almighty Father,
Today I come before your throne to ask for financial wisdom.
Lord, your word says that if we lack wisdom we should ask and you will give us.

Father, I lack wisdom on money management
I make money and somehow I find myself broke and in debt again
Because I make the wrong financial decisions and spend my money on useless things

Today, I pray that you bestow upon me divine wisdom to manage my finances
Help me not to waste the money you bless me with
Help me to avoid things and situations that make me waste money
In Jesus’ name, I pray,

Prayer for financial wisdom

Prayer for good health and long life

Thank you for your guidance and protection over my life
Thank you for my life and for taking care of me

I pray that you grant me divine health and a long life
Deliver me from any sickness or ill health
I don’t want to work hard only to use my money on drugs and treatments because my health is failing

So I pray that you bless me with a healthy long life
Let me be able to enjoy the fruit of my labor
In Jesus’ name, I pray,

Prayer for good health and long life

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