Reflection – Luke 1:13-14 – He Answers Prayers

Luke 1:13-14

Verse – Luke 1:13-14

But the angel said to him: “Do not be afraid, Zechariah; your prayer has been heard. Your wife Elizabeth will bear you a son, and you are to call him John. He will be a joy and delight to you, and many will rejoice because of his birth,

Reflection – Luke 1:13-14 – He Answers Prayers

Let us imagine ourselves in Zechariah’s shoes. Imagine asking God for something so dear to your heart for so long. Zechariah and his wife were very old and did not expect such a miracle to happen to them. When he came face to face with his response he was startled and doubted because he did not have the physical abilities to fulfill the answers to his prayers.

We should remember that God is spirit and he works in ways we cannot see or understand with our physical brains. Not only was his prayers answered but the angel even told him his son’s name and his future.

When you pray remember that God hears you no matter how long it takes. When God gives he does with conviction and without permission. These things happened so we would know him well and understand that nothing is impossible for him to do.

Reflection - Luke 1:13-14 - He Answers Prayers

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Luke 1:13-14 Declaration


I will never doubt God because of my physical shortcomings but I will trust in Him and claim my answers even before they happen.

Luke 1:13-14 Prayer


Heavenly Father
Thank you for hearing my prayers
I pray that you remove all doubts from my heart
Let me claim my answers in the spirit
Let me be convinced within me that you have already done it
Let me walk in my miracle even before it is manifested physically
Let your name be glorified in my life
and let the impossible be possible


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