9 Prayer Declarations For 2022

2 Peter 1:21 ‘For no prophecy was ever produced by the will of man, but men spoke from God as they were carried along by the Holy Spirit.’ and Job 22:28 ‘You will decide on a matter, and it will be established for you, and light will shine on your ways.’

As sons and daughters of God, we are Princes and Princesses. That means that the words we say carry a lot of power just like a prince or a princess in an earthly kingdom. When Jesus ascended into heaven he left us with the Holy Spirit. The spirit guides us in our daily lives and teaches us how to live and what to ask for.

The Lord has given us the power to lose and bind and also declare things into being just like he spoke things into life during creation. Prayer declarations for 2022 are meant to create and establish all the things you want for your life in 2022 through prayers of faith.

When you look at your life now, I am sure there are things you would love to see change. There are spaces you would want to see filled. There are some blessings you want in your life. As a child of God, know that you have the power to speak and create things into your life.

Declarations have no compromise or apologies. When you declare in the name of God, it must come to being. Outline all the things you want in your life by the end of 2022 and declare them in prayer. Have the faith and assurance within you that every target you set for yourself will come to pass. Accept within you that your life will change and circumstances will lead you to those declarations in 2022.

Prepare yourself for God’s miracles and turn off the voices of negativity. A declaration is a spiritual request mail sent to God. Believe that as long as you have life, you will get your reply.

Prayer declarations for 2022

Declare Good Health

Dear Lord,
Thank you for your grace and love this year
Thank you for your protection through my sickness and ailments this year
I fell ill and you made me well
I was bedridden at times but you took me by the hand and you gave me strength
I declare this day that 2022 will be a year free of diseases, ailments, and accidents in my life

I pray that 2022 will be a year free of pandemics in Jesus name
We will live in divine health and peace without hearing any bad news
We declare our bodies as holy temples
Our children will be free from illnesses whether spiritual or physical
All evil plans concerning our health are dead and buried in Jesus name
We declare that we will all be fully fit and whole by the end of 2022 in the name of Jesus

Prayer declarations for 2022 declarations of good health

Declare Divine Protection

Dear Lord
Thank you for protecting me and my family this year
We are grateful for your traveling mercies and for rescuing us from impending doom
We declare today that 2022 will be a year of divine protection
Through all my movements and travels, I declare that I shall go and come in one piece
Through our daily interactions, let us be shielded by your grace and love
We declare that any curses, incantations, or spiritual wars thrown our way, will be sent back to where they came from

We declare that we shall receive nothing but good news every day in the next year
We declare that your love will shield our children from any evil plans of the devil and his followers
We declare that we shall stay under your blanket of divine love, grace, and peace
We shall walk over snakes and scorpions and not be hurt
We will be protected from evil in our professional lives
And we shall live to see the good things you have planned for us this year
In Jesus’ mighty name

Prayer declarations for 2022 - declaration of divine protection

Declare Financial Growth

Heavenly Father
Thank you for the gracious gifts we received this year
Thank you for giving us food and water for ourselves and our families
Thank you for growing our businesses and making them strong
We speak financial blessings into our lives next year
We declare that our businesses will boom and soar to unexpected limits

We proclaim that we will unearth riches upon riches in 2022
We declare that every venture we enter into will reap more and more gain
We cancel any spirits of debt and poverty
We reject all negativity that will collapse our businesses
We elevate ourselves unto lives of financial independence
We declare that all our financial goals will be exceeded
In Jesus’ name, we pray

Prayer declarations for 2022

Declare Unending Blessings

Dear Lord
We declare blessings upon blessings on our lives in 2022
We speak physical blessings into the lives of our children and friends
Our marriages are blessed in Jesus’ name
Our businesses and jobs are blessed in Jesus’ name
We receive promotions in Jesus’ name

We receive blessings in our friendships
We receive blessings in our homes
We turn all curses on our lives into blessings
We receive blessings in our daily encounters
Let every word that comes out of our mouths be blessed words
We will breathe in and breathe out blessings in 2022
Our lives will be transformed by your blessings in Jesus’ name we pray

Declare Unending Blessings

Declare Abundant Grace

Dear Lord
Thank you for taking us through the past year
We declare that your grace and favor will follow us into 2022
Everything we touch will be a blessing
All our endeavors will be favored and will produce great results
We shall never be shortchanged in the next year

We will run and not be tired
We will reap all the goodness we sow
We will be highly favored everywhere we go
We will always be first and never be last
We shall always be renewed by your spirit
And all our goals and dreams will be achieved

Declare Abundant Grace

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Declare Children in your Marriage

Dear Lord
I pray today in faith and conviction
I declare that there will be children in my marriage
I proclaim that my womb will bear abundant fruits
I declare that there will be children in every childless marriage
All families that have lost members will have their replacements in 2022
It will be a year of replacements
A year of abundance in harvest

I declare that there will be a sound of a newborn baby in my home
I declare that all my tears will turn to joy and laughter
All barren grounds will turn to fertile lands and they will bring forth plentiful fruits
There will be new life
The smell of death will disappear
And our families will be rich with life
In Jesus’ name,

Declare Children in your Marriage

Declare Marriage

Dear Lord,
I thank you for all that you have done for me
I’m at a stage in my life where I desire to be married
So I declare that in the coming year, I will find someone to share my life with
I open doors of opportunities to suitable partners in my life
I declare that I will find the one that you, Lord, has chosen for me

I receive my life partner in Jesus’ name
I receive my marriage in Jesus’ name
Let 2022 be my year of testimonies
Let 2022 be my year of unending blessings
Bring me to the one that you have prepared for me
And seal our union with the holy blood of Jesus Christ

Declare Marriage

Declarations for the singles in my family

Almighty Father,
I speak for the single people in our family
I declare that in the next year they will find their partners
Cause them to receive their families and their children
We open doors of possibilities for them
We declare that they will get married

We see unions in their future
We see husbands and wives in their future
Let them receive their partners for life
Make their lives change for the best
in Jesus name, I pray

Declarations for the singles in my family

Declare Long Life

Heavenly Father
We declare that next year will be a year of life
We speak against death next year
We receive abundant health and protection
We shall multiply and not diminish
Death will not be in our midst next year
We shall live to proclaim your name all year

Our sicknesses will be taken away
Our weaknesses shall be strengths
Our shortcomings will be bridges
Evil plots and plans will turn into blessings
We shall live long and healthy lives
in Jesus’ mighty name

prayer declarations for 2022

Proclaim the things you want to come to pass next year. Speak with authority as the Child of God you are. Your inheritance is in God through Jesus Christ. You are already victorious, it is now time to claim your victory.

Jeremiah 29:11 ‘For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope.’ And God is able to make all grace abound to you so that having all sufficiency in all things at all times, you may abound in every good work.(2 Corinthians 9:8)


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