When Forgiving Is Too Hard – 31-Day Forgiveness Bible Study Workbook

Trying to forgive although sounds easy, can sometimes be rather difficult to do. When someone you completely trusted hurts you, it can be very challenging to look past what they’ve done and move on with life.

But no matter how bad it is or how much it hurts right now, you can still let it go and forgive by finding strength in the Lord. We’ve all been there, we’ve all felt the pain and the heartaches of disappointments, betrayals, and sometimes even abuse.

All these things can be hard to let go of and forgive. Forgiveness is God’s gift to us and he expects us to extend this gift to others too. But we understand it is not easy to always do so. So if you want to learn how to forgive and how to move on with your life, then this “When Forgiving Is Too Hard” bible study workbook is for you.

This Forgiveness Bible study workbook is meant to;

  • Remind you of how God forgives your sins
  • Help you understand why you deserve forgiveness
  • Help you understand why it’s important to forgive others
  • Teach you how to forgive others
  • Help you to move on with your life after forgiving

This 126-page Forgiveness Bible study workbook contains;

  • A 31-Day Forgiveness Bible Reading Plan
  • Verse study sheets to help you gain a better understanding of the verses
  • Bible study journal with enough space to write down your thoughts on the scripture and how you can apply the scripture in your life.
  • Devotional to help you learn more about forgiveness and how you can forgive
  • 32 forgiveness prayers to use when praying for forgiveness and a heart to forgive others

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How To Use This Bible Study Plan For Maximum Impact

This forgiveness bible study tool workbook includes;

  • Bible reading plan
  • Verse study sheets
  • Forgiveness journal
  • Devotional
  • Prayers

How To Use The Verse Study Sheet

  • Read the verse carefully and write it down
  • Write down the keywords that stand out to you and what they mean to you.
  • Note the concept of the verse (Is it a promise, advice, or encouragement).
  • In order to better understand the verse, it is important to read the verses before and after it.
  • If you don’t understand the scripture, try reading other Bible versions and translations. (NKJV, GNB, ESV, KJV, NIV, etc)

How To Use The Bible Study Journal

  • Read the scripture again carefully. After reflecting and meditating on the verse, write it down as you understand it. (In your own words).
  • Write down what the scripture is trying to tell you about forgiveness.
  • Write down the important steps you need to take in your life right now to apply the scripture in your life.
  • Write down a prayer based on the scripture.
  • Say your prayer to God so that you are able to apply the scripture you read in your life, this will help you to let go and forgive anyone who has forgiven you
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