10 Prayers For Mental Health

These prayers and many more can be found in the book “Release Healing”. You can buy the physical copy here or buy the downloadable copy instead.

John 16:33 says ‘I have said these things to you, that in me you may have peace. In the world, you will have tribulation. But take heart; I have overcome the world.’

1 Corinthians 10:13 also says No temptation has overtaken you that is not common to man. God is faithful, and he will not let you be tempted beyond your ability, but with the temptation, he will also provide the way of escape, that you may be able to endure it.

Mental health is an important issue in today’s world. There are a lot of people who have been overwhelmed by the pressures and stresses of this life that we live. When the worries of this life become so much for our physical bodies to bear we may eventually break down.

Our brains have been made special by the almighty to be able to handle any challenge that we may face. He says in his word that he will never allow anything to come our way that will be too much for us to handle. Our relationships and interactions in this life can cause us to break down if we are not careful. Also, the financial struggles that we face can also cause our mentalities to be overwhelmed.

As Christians, God has given us the power to withstand any challenge that we face on earth. We need to build ourselves to be mentally strong by fixating and meditating on his word day and night so that we will not break down when things get hard for us.

No matter how many times we fall we are strengthened by the Lord to rise again and enjoy better glories in our latter years than the former years. Do not allow the issues and worries of this world to overwhelm you because he has already overcome the world on our behalf.

Whenever we face distressing and depressing situations it is important for us to remember that we are already victorious and need not drive ourselves crazy thinking about it.

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As Jesus said, the birds in the sky do not think about where their next meal is coming from but even they live happily how much more we who have been called by name. We are already victorious and need not let worldly issues get us down.

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Prayers for mental health

Prayer for mental strength

Almighty Lord,
I come to you today for the strength of the mind
I worry most of the time and this causes me to have panic attacks often
I fear the unknown and it causes me to be anxious
This breaks me down every day and causes me to be afraid to live my life
I pray today for your divine strength
Please strengthen my heart and my mind

Help me to overcome any fears that give me anxiety and panic attacks
When I begin to worry about what I can’t control,
please remind me that you are the one in control
Help me put my faith in you always
When I begin to doubt myself and the panic begins to set in
Please remind me that my confidence is in you
Thank you, Lord, for being my strength and my strong tower

Prayer for mental strength

Prayer for a friend’s mental health

Dear Lord in heaven
I pray for my friend who is going through a difficult time
she seems to be overwhelmed by what she’s going through presently
This makes her anxious and causes her breakdown
I know that you are the Lord that strengthens us in times like this
I pray that you help her overcome this challenge
Let your words echo through her body
Touch her heart and let her feel your strong arm on her shoulders

Open her eyes to see your love and strength
Heal her mind and bring her out of this mental prison
Break the shackles on her feet and on her hands
Help her conquer the devil that has turned her life upside down
Let her open herself up to be helped
Help me get closer to her so she doesn’t feel alone
Let her loved ones be like a warm blanket on a cold morning
Please shield her from the overwhelming worries of this world
Help her realize how strong you made her
And make her well again in Jesus’ name

Prayer for a friend's mental health

Prayer for my parent’s mental health

Heavenly Father
I pray for the mental health of my parents
Having and raising children can be a stressful experience
Childbirth and child care can drive some people crazy
I pray that you help my parents get through any difficult times with us
Give them the strength and courage to raise us without any mental health issues

Show them your face when they seek it
Grant me and my siblings humility and obedience so we don’t drive our parents crazy
Heal us when we are sick and take away burdens of illness from our family
Do not let my parents face challenges they cannot handle
Give them the mental strength to withstand any unforeseen problems
Let them be strong for their children
Let them be a shining light and example to me and my siblings
Let them feel your presence and love in our home each day

Prayer for my parent’s mental health

Prayer for my husband’s mental health

Almighty Lord,
Thank you for my husband and all that you do in his life
I pray for your grace and goodness in his life
Please be with him in all he does and help him to succeed in anything he touches
When the pressures of work and home begin to get to him,
please help him to relax and take a step at a time
Grant him peace and serenity and help him not to worry

Always remind him that you are the one in control and he’s only
an instrument in your hands
When challenges overwhelm him, please give him rest and flood him with your peace
If he’s struggling with anything in his life or at work,
please remind him that he is loved and he doesn’t have to go through it all alone
Let him know that I am here to share in his pains and his worries
Help him to realize that you are his helper and in you, there is the abundance of strength and peace
Be his strength Lord, and hold him when he’s breaking down
Let him put his faith in you always,

Prayer for my husband's mental health

Prayer for my wife’s mental health

Dear Lord
I bless you for the life of my partner.
I pray for her mental strength.
Help me be there for her when she is feeling overwhelmed.
Help me see it when she needs me.
Make her strong enough to conquer any worry or adversity.
Empower her with your spirit and your holy word.
Let her feel your loving and guiding hand in our lives every day.

When bad news comes, help us deal with it together.
Don’t let her feel alone in anything that she faces.
Let us share our lives and problems together.
We resist nervous breakdowns and mental illnesses in this family.
Give her conviction about your grace
and let her faith in you be enough to carry her through any mental blocks.
Let your light shine in our marriage and
let us handle any situation with your holy strength and love

Prayer for my wife’s mental health

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Prayer for mental and physical healing

Dear Lord
I come to you today for mental and physical healing
I am overwhelmed by the recent changes in my life
and it’s draining me physically, mentally, and emotionally
I pray for your strength and healing, Lord
Help me overcome the blocks that have put me in this state
Rekindle my spirit and make me whole again
Awaken me from dormancy
Let your holy spirit fill my heart with strength and confidence
to face the future with hope
In Jesus’s mighty name, I pray,

Prayer for mental and physical healing

Prayer for mental and emotional healing

Gracious Lord,
Come to my aid today because my soul is troubled and my heart is in pain
Embrace me in your loving arms and remind me that I am loved and adored
Help me overcome this challenging period in my life
I feel helpless and broken and because of that I cant seem to function properly
I pray for your strength, Lord
Strengthen my mind, my heart, and my body
Grant my mind peace and calmness
And fill my heart with joy and love
Bring smiles on my face once again
Thank you, Lord, for your grace that is abundant for all

Prayer for mental and emotional healing

Prayer for mental clarity

Precious Lord,
I am tired, I need you
Nothing I try seems to go my way and that frustrates me
I come to you, Lord, for wisdom and guidance
Help me rediscover the spark that gives my life meaning
Let me see the light in my life again
Help me rediscover my purpose again

Let my latter glories be greater than my former ones
Remove any burden that is causing me mental blocks and frustration
Clear my mind and give me clarity
Be my guide and order my steps into glory and victory
Hold my hand and make me cross this treacherous moment
Because I am confident that in you, Lord, I can do anything
Thank you for hearing my prayer through Jesus Christ, my Lord,

Prayer for mental clarity

Prayer for children’s mental health

Heavenly Father
I pray for the mental health of my children
Please help them communicate with us
Do not let them feel victimized or intimidated by anyone
Grant them the strength of character
Let them feel and appreciate our love for them every day
Let them never feel alone in anything they do or experience

Help us care for and love them unconditionally
Never let them feel like burdens to us
Grant them favor and grace
Fill their hearts with joy and bliss
Let them grow in strength and mental stability
Shape them into strong and responsible adults
Give them peace in their hearts
And draw them closer to you each day of their lives

Prayer for children’s mental health

Prayer for mentally ill people

Dear Lord,
Today, we pray for mentally ill people
They are your children too
We ask that you save them from this sickness
Reconnect the wires in their brains
Restore their former selves
Heal their mental wounds

Break all spiritual chains causing this disease
Touch their souls and bless them
Open their eyes to your wondrous miracles
Grant them peace in their hearts and souls
Clean them up and restore their former glories unto them
Take away their pain
Calm their souls and open their eyes in the mighty name of Jesus
Let the holy ghost burn any evil that is causing this
and make them a blessing unto their families

Prayer for mentally ill people

As Christians, we have to draw closer to people. We must hug and talk to them especially when they are going through mental challenges. God expects us to be our brother’s keeper which means our neighbor’s problems should be our problem. This is the only way people will do the same for us.

We should foster loving and warm relationships with people we meet and live with. Pray for those with mental issues. Give them a shoulder to cry on and a listening ear. Help them back on their feet with encouragement, love, and warmth.

Psalm 94:19 says when the cares of my heart are many, your consolations cheer my soul.

John 16:33 also says ‘I have said these things to you, that in me you may have peace. In the world, you will have tribulation. But take heart; I have overcome the world.’

These prayers and many more can be found in the book “Release Healing”. You can buy the physical copy here or buy the downloadable copy instead.

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