Reflection – Love Openly -Proverbs 27:5

Verse – Proverbs 27:5

Better is open rebuke than hidden love.

Verse - Proverbs 27:5

Reflection – Love Openly -Proverbs 27:5

When your parents rebuked you publicly as a child you felt embarrassed by them. Although it was more effective in stopping you from repeating what merited that open rebuke next time. Because you were shamed in public, the humiliation you received will stay with you and always prompt you the next time you are close to repeating the same mistake.

Do you often hear the phrase; ‘I tell you this because I love you’? The logic behind this phrase is that it is only those who care a great deal about you that will tell you the most difficult truths.

These people do not care whether you feel offended or cut them from your lives as long as they know that what they are telling you will help you in the future. They also do not care what they stand to lose from you if they tell you the harsh and painful truth.

Hidden love is silent. It does not help you realize the evil of your ways. Because of what people stand to gain from you they encourage you to walk in sin even though they know what you are doing will not help you in the future.  

There are some parents who feel like the best way to show love to their children is to allow them to do whatever they want even if it is not helpful. They fear that they will lose their children when they try to correct or save them from impending doom.

There are those who pamper their children into destruction by not counseling or admonishing them to do the right thing. This kind of love isn’t helpful to any child. If you do not stop a child from going the wrong way, how can you point them in the right direction?

Also, if your children do not learn the right way to behave now, they will grow up crooked and bring shame to you. Do not stay silent when something is going wrong with your neighbor’s behavior. Do the right thing and rebuke them so they turn from their evil ways.

Reflection - Love Openly -Proverbs 27:5


I will muster the courage to rebuke those I love openly so they do the right thing even if it means they hate me.

Proverbs 27:5 - Declaration

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Dear Lord,
Thank you for teaching me right from wrong
Thank you for blessing me
I pray for the courage to always do the right thing
Grant me a divine discerning spirit
Help me help others to be on the right path
Don’t let my selfishness cause me to lead others into sin
Open my eyes to see the right path
and always let me be true to you, to myself, and to others

Prayer Proverbs 27:5


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