8 Prayers For The Dead

Psalm 73:26 says that ‘My flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever. Amen. Death as we know is to the physical body that our spirits possess. God made us from dust and it is unto dust that our flesh longs to go.

When we jump we automatically come down. Science believes that there is an invisible force called gravity that pulls us down. However, we do know that everything has a source. The source of our bodies is the dust and the earth that we live on.

As long as we live on this earth or body will always miss its source and yearn for it each day. The spirit however was breathed into Adam’s nostrils and quickened his body to life. This means that the source of our life is God. The spirit enables the body to live. The spirit lives forever but the body eventually fails and returns to the earth. At this point, the spirit must also return to its source.

Prayers for the dead are meant to ask the Lord to preserve the spirits of those who die until the day that they can return to their maker. These prayers also edify the spirits of the living so that they are not corrupted by the devil.

As Christians, we mourn whenever we lose people physically. This is because we still live in a physical world and cannot see the spirits of those we lose. John 11:25, 26 recalls Jesus declaring himself the resurrection and the life. He goes on to say that if we believe in him even though we die (physically), we will never die (spiritually).

We have the responsibility as Christians to keep an incorruptible spirit. This is necessary for the Lord to recognize the spirits that he put in us when we see him again. A corrupted spirit is evil and does not have a place in God’s kingdom.

We should therefore spread the good news as far and wide as we can so that the Holy Spirit will bear witness with our spirits that indeed we believe what Christ did for us and we belong in paradise when we die. Death is therefore not the end for us because there is eternal life after death for those who believe and accept Christ as their Lord and Savior.

Prayers for the dead

Prayer for a dead father

Father Lord in heaven
We pray today with a heavy heart
We come to you with tears in our eyes
We have lost our father
We know that you are the father of all fathers
So we pray to you for consolation
Come and heal our broken hearts
Thank you for giving this man to us

Thank you for all the love and protection you gave him
From dust, he came, and to dust, he has returned
Please strengthen our mother
Carry her through this grief
Replace everything we have lost as a result of this
We pray for his soul and spirit
Forgive any sins he may have committed
And accept him in your bosom today

Prayer for a dead father - prayers for the dead

Prayer for a dead mother

Dear Lord
We are saddened for this day
We have lost our mother
The woman who carried us and nurtured us into this life
The woman who cared for, fed and protected us from harm all these years
She gave her life, time, and her love to us
She is no longer with us today but we want her to know that we are grateful for it all

You give and you take and only you know the reason why
We pray today asking for your courage
Fill our spirits with strength and let us be grateful for the life you gave us
Because of her, we got to live in this physical world
She sacrificed a lot for us
Let us learn from her selfless nature

We pray for her soul
Give her a resting place in paradise until we meet again
Let us learn from the good values she left us
Wipe our tears and help us move on
In Jesus’ name,

Prayer for a dead mother

Prayer for a dead friend

Father Lord in heaven,
Today we mourn a dear friend
They were a wonderful influence in our lives
They have contributed greatly to where we are today in life
We thank you for giving them to us
We pray for their family
We ask that you replace all the qualities that they have lost
Wipe away their tears and bring them solace and happiness in their hearts

Comfort them and strengthen them
We pray for the soul of the deceased
We know that only you can judge
We ask that you have mercy on their soul and spirit
Grant them a place by your side
Give them rest from all the toils and difficulties of this earth
Hold their hand and give them the crown of glory
Give them peace and eternal happiness
In Jesus’ name,

Prayer for a dead friend

Prayer for a dead infant/child

Heavenly Father
We are here sadly to pray for a life that had barely begun
We have lost an infant
We thank you for giving them to us
You answered our prayers and you blessed us with this child
Unfortunately, they are gone and we are left with limited memory
and the promise of what could have been

We are grateful that they were here in the first place
We pray for them
We ask that you care for them in the spirit world
Protect their souls and bless their spirits
Keep them in your bosom
Give us the strength to move on from this
Fill us with courage and help us recover from this

Prayer for a dead infant/child - prayers for the dead

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Prayer for a dead grandparent

Heavenly Father
We pray today with a heavy heart and a breaking voice
We have lost a grandparent today
We have lost a voice of wisdom and great direction
They were our comfort whenever we were mad at our parents
They spoilt us and made us happy for being in this family
They shared stories of great wisdom and advice with us
They were supportive of us when no one else understood what we were going through

We say goodbye today hoping that their good traits transfer to us
Thank you for giving them to us as gifts
Thank you for the long lives that they enjoyed
Thank you that we came from them
We pray that you give them a resting place
Keep their souls and spirits with you
Bless them with happy eternal lives
And let them live in glory forever

Prayer for a dead grandparent

Prayer for a dead sibling

Dear Lord
We give thanks for our lives today
We are in grief and great disbelief that this day has come
We have lost a brother, a sister, and a friend
They were our playmates, our laughter, our comfort, and our helper in times of trouble and need
They made the world bearable for us
We are in tears and great heartbreak
We did not expect this to happen so soon

But only you know what is best for your children
And so we pray that you heal our hearts and take away this pain
We will always remember their roles in our lives
We will remember all the good times we shared together
We pray and we thank you that you brought them into this family
We pray for their next journey
Make it a smooth one
Give their souls rest and comfort
And give them a new home in paradise

Prayer for a dead sibling - prayers for the dead

Prayer for a lost lover

Father Lord in heaven
I pray in deep sadness and heartbreak today
I have lost a dear friend and a lover
This person became a piece of my life and a piece of me
We had plans to live our lives together in future
We were together for a long time and we were so in love with each other
I had found the one that my soul loved
I never expected that I’d be on my knees today crying my eyes out

I pray for your strength
Please comfort my soul
Help me get over this torture and heartbreak
I pray that you heal my broken heart and mend it back together
Help me move on from this and go on to live a fulfilling life
Help me in my workplace and in my family
Help me get over this mentally
And help me recover from this
In Jesus’ name, I pray

Prayer for a lost lover

Prayer for a dead co-worker

Father Lord in heaven
I pray for the soul of my co-worker
I pray for their family and ask that you replace what they have lost
They were very accepting of me when I got the job
We have worked together for a long time now
We treated each other like family

I pray that you preserve their souls and grant them eternal life
Forgive their sins and give them the crown of glory
Thank you for his life and all that he did on this earth
Let us remember him for all the good that he did
Help us forgive them for any wrong things they did
Help us learn from his life and keep our own souls away from the corruption of the devil
Thank you, Lord, for answering our prayers

Prayer for a dead co-worker - prayers for the dead

When we die we depart our mortal bodies and enter into the spirit realm. This is where we meet our creator and we know where we spend our eternity after judgment. We have to preserve our spirits and souls on this earth in a way that we will stand blameless in front of the throne of grace when it’s judgment day.

God is a jealous God as it says in Exodus. He will not share our souls with anyone. If we truly love and need him we have a responsibility to live our lives in a manner that pleases him every day.


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