20 Short Prayers For Healing

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These prayers and more can be found in the book “Release Healing”. You can buy the physical copy here or buy the downloadable copy instead.

Three years ago, my grandfather got seriously sick. He was in our hometown at the time and he seemed to get worse by the day. My mom decided to bring him to the city where she worked, so she can be close to him and be there for him.

She took him to the hospital and after the doctor ran some tests on him, he told my mom that my grandfather’s kidneys were failing. He said one of his kidneys was totally gone and the other one which is sustaining him, is also in a very bad state that it’s a miracle he’s still alive.

He told my mom, he was going to try his best but he can’t promise anything. So all that is left is for my mom to pray for a miracle. We were all so devastated by this news. Because from the way the doctor spoke, and looking at how sick my grandfather was, it was as if he could even die the next day. So we all turned to God, to pray for him and ask for healing for him.

We all fall sick or face some hardships in life at one point. And when this happens, what we really want is healing. We just want to be strong again. Now while we do turn to doctors and medications for healing, the true healer is God. And that is why sometimes, your doctor can tell you, it’s gonna take a miracle, or you need to hold on to faith, or pray for divine intervention.

Now saying a healing prayer, doesn’t automatically solve your problems, you still need to take in your medications and do as your doctor says. But saying a prayer for healing gives you comfort, saying a healing prayer gives you strength and courage to keep fighting, it gives you hope and we all need something to hold on to.

So, if you are suffering from any sickness or affliction, go to the Lord in prayer. If it’s a friend or a close relation or even a coworker or a client, you can say a prayer to God on behalf of them. God hears your prayers and he will give you strength and comfort if you ask for it.

We highly recommend our prayer book – Release Healing, which contains 50 prayers for healing and strength.

The Bible says in James 5:14 that “Is anyone among you sick? Let them call the elders of the church to pray over them and anoint them with oil in the name of the Lord”.

So if you are sick, pray to God. If you are tired, pray to God. If you are distressed, pray to God, if you are in pain, pray to God. He will restore you to health and heal your wound. (Jeremiah 30:17).

There are so many accounts in the Bible about God’s healing power. So aside from prayer, you can read some bible verses about healing. Below, we’ve shared 20 short prayers for healing you can say for yourself, family, or a friend.

May the Lord hear your prayers. May he have mercy on you and heal you from all your pains and afflictions.

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Short prayers for healing

Prayers for healing – Make me whole again

Merciful Lord,
I come to you in prayer today for my health
Lord, my health seems to be failing by the day
And I feel weaker and weaker with each passing day.
I pray that you, Oh Lord will have pity on me and save me

Fill me with your healing power and console me in my sufferings.
Touch me Lord, and make me whole again
In Jesus’ name, I pray,

Prayer for healing - Make me whole again

Healing Prayers – Deliver me from this sickness

Dear God,
I’m sick and my body is in pain
I come before you in prayer for healing
Please stretch forth your mighty hands on me
Deliver me from this sickness that is tormenting me

When fear begins to creep into my heart,
Fill me with confidence in the power of grace
When I begin to worry about this sickness,
Calm my inner thoughts and give me peace.
In Jesus name,

Healing Prayer - Deliver me from this sickness

Healing prayer – Take my pain

Merciful Lord,
Thank you for waking me up to see this beautiful day
I know that it is by your grace that I’m able to see this day.
Lord, you know what’s happening to my body
And the pains I suffer every day.

Let your healing power stream into the depths of my soul and restore my health
Take my pain and sustain me by your grace
Give me strength and courage as I wait on you for my restoration
In Jesus name, I pray,

Healing prayer - Take my pain

Prayer for faith and trust during illness

Heavenly Father,
I come before you today to surrender my all to you
I pray for your grace and your healing to fall on me
Forgive me for all the times that I doubted you and wanted to give up

Please strengthen my faith in you and remind me of your unfailing love
Help me to trust in your divine providence
So that in your time, you will restore my health according to your will

Prayer for faith and trust during illness

Prayer for strength and healing

Almighty Lord,
I look up to you for strength and healing
Shine your face on me and fill me with your life-giving powers
Calm my fears and bring comfort and peace to my body.

I trust and know that Jesus carried my sickness and my sins on the cross
So by the power of the blood, I decree and declare that any sickness in my body be gone
I rebuke and cast out any diseases and infections in my body
I lose myself from every infirmity and weakened immune system

Let your divine healing flow into every cell of my body
Let it flow through my veins and my blood.
Lord, I believe in your healing power
And I believe that by touching the hem of your garment,
I’ve received my healing through the blood of Jesus Christ,

Prayer for strength and healing

Prayer for a sick friend

I bow before you in prayer for _______
Please heal him of all that ails him
Grant him the desire to seek you and ask for your divine healing
Let him experience the healing power of your love

Let the warmth of your healing power flow into every cell of his body
And cleanse and purify him from any disease
Give him the wisdom to trust in you for healing
In Jesus mighty name,

Prayer for a sick friend

Prayer for the sick and needy

Today, I pray for the sick and the needy
Visit them with your supernatural peace and divine healing
You bore our sins on the cross and your word says that by your stripes we are healed.
So, Father, I stand on your words to ask for healing for the sick

It is your will that we have good health,
So please deliver them from their afflictions
So that their mind and body can function the way you created them to
Have mercy on them and comfort them in their sufferings
Guide them and deliver them from evil
Let them open their hearts to you and believe in you for their strength and healing

Prayer for the sick and needy

Prayer for a broken heart

Loving Father,
I come before you today with a broken heart.
Thank you for being the healer of the broken-hearted.
Please mend my broken heart and give me peace
I’m so crushed and my spirit is broken

My heart aches and every day I feel like I can’t do this anymore
Please take me in your loving arms and fill me with your love
Help me to let go of this pain and give me peace.
In Jesus name

Prayer for a broken heart

Prayer before surgery

Gracious Lord,
I thank you for my life
Thank you for being with me through this difficult time of my life
Lord, I bow before you today to ask that you have mercy on me

As I prepare for surgery, please give me rest and put my heart at ease
Please take away any fears and anxieties I may have
Be my shield and my strength through the surgery
Please take control of my surgeons and work through them

Father, you are the creator, the one who made me
So I trust that you alone can heal me
So please work through the surgeon to take away what ails me
Heal me and make me whole again,
In Jesus’ name

Prayer before surgery

Prayer for personal healing

Everlasting Father,
I surrender myself to you
Father, I feel there is something wrong with me but I’m not sure what
But I believe that you Lord knows whatever is wrong with me
So I come before your mighty throne to surrender myself to you

I humbly ask that you heal in me whatever needs healing
Please forgive my sins and cleanse my heart
I give to you, my mind, my soul, my body, and my heart
Please lay your loving hands on me and heal me
Grant me strength and wisdom to know your ways and acknowledge them
In Jesus’ name, I pray,

Prayer for personal healing

Prayer to heal the broken

Loving Father,
I come before you today in prayer for my best friend
Lord, she’s been through a lot these past few weeks
And there’s nothing I can do for her
She’s broken and helpless and all she does is cry

So I turn to you Lord, to do for her what I can’t do for her
Draw her close to you and comfort her
Fill her with peace and remind her of your love for her
Strengthen her and be with her through her healing process and recovery
Sustain her with your grace in Jesus name,

Prayer to heal the broken

Prayer to heal hurt and anger

Gracious Lord,
I’ve been hurt by someone I deeply cared for and trusted
And I can’t seem to let go of the pain and anger that this has caused me
But this is beginning to affect me as I can’t focus on anything
Lord, I pray that you help me to forgive and let go

I do not want to keep dwelling on this as it only angers and frustrates me
Teach me to not dwell on past hurt
Teach me to forgive just as you forgive me every day
In Jesus name, I pray

Prayer to heal hurt and anger

Prayer to heal from depression

Dear God,
Lately, everything around me seems to be falling apart
And I don’t know what to do
It feels like I’m drowning and I can’t scream for help
Because I don’t want to let the water in.
So I feel helpless, hopeless and scared.

Sometimes, it feels like I can’t keep going
Other times, it feels like I don’t want to keep going
Sometimes, I just feel numb and
Other times, I feel so sad within and my soul weeps.
So, God, I’ve come to you. Save me, for I am drowning.

Lift me out of this depression
Fill my heart with gladness
Shine your light on me, God
Give me strength, give me hope,
Give me joy, give me peace,
Give me confidence, give me courage
Let me feel your love and your presence in my life
In Jesus name, I pray,

Prayer to heal from depression

Prayer for renewal

Father Lord,
I come to you today to humbly ask that you renew me with your love
Father, I know there’s nothing you can’t do
And that’s why I believe you can breathe new life into me.
Please lay your healing hands on me
And renew me with your love and strength

Father, please renew my mind, my body and my soul
When I’m weary, fill me with your strength
When I’m overwhelmed, remind me that you are with me.
Guard my heart and my mind, so I don’t fall into temptation
Draw me close to you and transform me with your Holy Spirit
Thank you for sustaining me with your everlasting grace,

Prayer for renewal

Prayer for healing a sick loved one

Almighty Lord,
I come before your throne today on behalf of my sick loved one
Father, they’re weak and their body is in pain and distress
Lord, I pray that you have mercy on them and heal them from this disease

You are Lord, The All-Powerful One, The Almighty One
And there’s nothing that’s beyond you
So I humbly ask that you touch them with your healing grace and restore them to health
Remind them of your love for them and help them to trust in you for their recovery
Show them your healing power and make them whole again
In Jesus ‘name,

Prayers for healing a sick loved one

Prayer for self-care

Dear God,
Thank you for taking care of me even when I forget to pray
Please forgive me that I let my busy life take the best of me
That I barely take a break to say a prayer or even rest
Please forgive me for trying to do everything by myself
Instead of leaning on you for strength and guidance

Lord, I’m exhausted and so I’ve come to you for rest
Please give me rest and help me to be gentle with myself
Teach me to slow down and cast my burdens on to you
Guide me to rest and meditate on your word
For your word is food for my soul
Let it fill me and refresh my spirit
Thank you for your love and your goodness in my life

Prayer for self-care

Prayer for mental health

Heavenly Father,
I come before your throne to seek healing for my mental health
Forgive me for letting the disappointments and frustrations get to me
When things don’t go my way,
Please remind me that your plans for me are better than what I think I want
Teach me to not let the pressures of this world get to me

Guide me to meditate and focus on you
When thoughts of worthlessness and insufficiency begin to plaque my mind
Remind me of all that I am and all that I have because of you
Calm my thoughts and help me to find peace
In Jesus’ name

Prayer for mental health - prayers for healing

Prayer to heal past hurts

Dear God,
I come to you with a heavy heart
I’ve been through so much pain and hurt in the past
These memories come back and haunt me
They frighten me and make me scared of the future

God, I surrender all of my heart to you
Fill my heart with your love
And heal all these painful memories and hurts from the past

Through the blood of Jesus, I ask that you cleanse me of my sins and pains
Please cast your light deep down onto the darkness in my heart
Uncover all the hurts that are deeply hidden and heal my innermost being
Through Jesus Christ, my Lord and personal Savior,
Thank you, God, for your love and faithfulness

Prayer to heal past hurts - prayers for healing

Prayer for divine restoration

Everlasting Father,
I thank you for this day
Thank you for my life and that of my family
Lord, I confess that I’m a sinner and I’ve sinned against you
Please have pity on me and forgive me

You are a compassionate God, please forgive my sins
And restore me to the joy of your salvation
Empower me by your loving spirit and transform me
Lord, you are my hope and my refuge
Give me strength, heal me, and refresh me
In Jesus’ name,

Prayer for divine restoration - Prayers for healing

Thanksgiving prayer after recovery

Heavenly Father,
I thank you for my life today.
I give thanks to you no matter what I go through
Only you know what is best for me

Because of your strength, I have made it through this situation.
You have renewed my strength for trusting in you
Thank you for making me anew
Thank you for your divine healing
Thank you for bringing me out of this predicament

Let my life onward be a constant testimony about your grace
I live for you, my Lord.
Thank you for being my shepherd
In Jesus’ name, I pray

Thanksgiving prayer after recovery

These prayers and more can be found in the book “Release Healing”. You can buy the physical copy here or buy the downloadable copy instead.

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