12 Prayers For Friends

One who has unreliable friends soon comes to ruin, but there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother.

Proverbs 18:24

The singer says:

‘What a friend we have in Jesus
All our sins and griefs to bear
What a privilege to carry
Everything to God in prayer’ 

Before we call someone a friend we should look for certain traits of Christ in them. Christ was the best example of what a friend should be. Always there for you when you need him, willing to sacrifice their lives for you and willing to walk with you and help you get through all the bad times.

A friend is someone who sticks with you no matter what the circumstances may be. A friend understands you more than an outsider and they can read you when you haven’t even said a word. A friend is willing to help you get out of whatever mess you may find yourself in no matter what hour of the day.

When you call a friend for help they come to you no matter where you are. It should be impossible for someone to separate two friends. Just like nothing can separate us from the love of God, nothing should be able to break a true friendship.

Just as we expect our friends to be there for us we should also do the same for them. We must not be selfish in our relationships, we must always be prepared to love and support them in the same way we expect them to support us.

A good friendship can be like a blood relation like the scripture says. We must learn to pray for our friends. We should ask for God’s protection and grace in their lives. Since we need their support most of the time we should ask God to strengthen them and smile on their lives so they remain healthy and happy for us always.

Prayers for friends

Prayer for a friend’s work

Dear Lord
I commit my friend’s work into your hands
Help them rise up and never go backward in their profession
Let everything they touch at their workplace be a blessing
Block any traps that the devil has set for them
I bind any spirits of expulsion and dismissal in Jesus name
Help them reach all the goals they have set for themselves
Grant them the favor and grace to please and honor their superiors
Let them be promoted and rewarded for their hard work in Jesus’ name

prayers for friends work

Prayer for a friend’s marriage

Heavenly Father
I pray for my friend and her marriage
I pray that you will be their protector, mediator, and counselor
Let them put you in the center of their marriage
Let them come to you in prayer whenever there is an issue with them
Let them not spread their issues to outsiders
Give them the grace and peace that they need in their marriage
Let them remember the love that they share always and never be tired of each other
Help them raise their children in you
Be their light always and never let them fall into the darkness

Prayer for a friend's marriage

Prayer for a friend’s relationship

Dear Lord in heaven
I pray today committing my friend’s relationship into your holy hands
They have met the person they want to spend their lives with
I pray that you sustain their relationship and help them learn more about each other
Let them share their hopes and dreams together
Give them direction and guidance about what to do next
Let their families be accepting of them
Let the love they share now carry them through their lives together
Give them a bright future and let every good thing they have planned come true

Prayer for a friend's relationship prayers for friends

Prayer for a friend’s health

Father Lord
I ask for your divine health for my friend
I pray that you keep them healthy always
I remove any contamination from their bodies in Jesus’ name
Let their families enjoy physical and spiritual strength always
Give them peace and harmony
Keep them away from accidents of any kind
Grant them a clean bill of health and let them enjoy their lives in strength and agility

Prayer for a friend’s health

Prayer for a friend’s children

Heavenly Father
I commit my friend’s children into your hands
I pray that you open their minds and give them the wisdom to learn and grow
Protect them and keep them from harm and the perils of the world
Prepare their future for them and give them abundant grace
Order their steps into glory and keep them away from bad company
Let them grow with good values that reflect well on their parents
Grant them the favor they need in their lives
Let them make their parents proud in all that they do

Prayer for a friend’s children

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Prayer for a sick friend

Dear Lord
I pray for an ailing friend this day
I come against any disease that is fighting against them
Be it spiritual or physical, I know that you have the power to clear it
Let your divine healing sweep through their bodies this instant
Give them a testimony about your loving kindness
Only you can create and destroy
Merciful Lord, grant them abundant life and take away death from them
Pour your strength into their bodies and make them well again
in Jesus’ name have I prayed,

Prayer for a sick friend prayers for friends

Prayer for a depressed friend

Dear Lord
I pray for my friend today
they are going through a difficult period in their lives right now
I know that only you can comfort them and make them well again
Be their strength and motivator
Be their shoulder to lean on and wipe away all their tears
Restore their faith in you and let them see hope for the future
Grant them a clean spirit and let them see a clear path forward

Prayer for a depressed friend

Prayer for a grieving friend

Dear God,
I come before you today with a heavy heart to dedicate my friend to you
Father, my friend has lost someone who was a very important part of their life
This has completely broken them and all they do is cry
God, at this point in their life, all I can do for them is to pray for them
So, I pray that you, Lord, will wipe away their tears and soothe their pain

Help them find meaning in their life
Give them the strength and courage to move on with their life
Be close to them through this dark period in their life
And lead them to your light and to a place where they can finally find
joy, peace, and happiness in life again
Thank you, God, for hearing my prayer,

Prayer for a grieving friend

Prayer for a jobless friend

Dear Lord
I commit my friend’s job search into your hands
They have been trying to get something to do for a while now with no luck
Please open doors and create opportunities for them
Grant them favor in their interviews and let them be selected
We remove any spiritual and physical blocks working against them
Grant them the strength and faith to not give up on themselves
I know you are the God of opportunities and breakthroughs
Let them sing a new song today
Give them glory and success in their lives

Prayer for a jobless friend

Prayer for hurting friend

Father Lord in heaven,
I come to you today in prayer for my friend because they are hurting
Lord, it’s hard watching them go through all this pain
And it even hurts me more to know that there is nothing I can do to help them
But even though, I can’t solve their problems,
I know that you, Lord can, and so I bring them to you
Hear their silent prayers
Mend their broken heart
Comfort their soul and sustain them by your grace
Let them know that, you are Lord and there’s nothing that’s beyond you
Thank you, Father, for being there for them when I can’t

Prayer for hurting friend

Prayer for a childless friend

Dear Lord
Thank you for the life of my friend
I pray and declare that there will be a new voice in her house soon
Open her womb and let them bring forth children
Turn their drylands into rivers
Turn their curses into blessings
Bless them abundantly with children and let them sing your praises each day
Let them dedicate children to you
Help them spring forth and fill their house with little feet to the glory of your name

Prayer for a childless friend

Prayer for a poor friend

Heavenly Father
I pray for my friend today
They are going through some bad financial times
I pray that you help deliver them
Help them overcome this terrible moment in their life
Open doors for them that will help them get rid of their debts
Cause a miracle to happen in their lives
Give them hope and let them sustain their faith in you
Bless them to remain strong in you and bring glory to your holy name

Prayer for a poor friend

Your friends are supposed to be your keeper and vice versa. Be there for them as you would for your child. Keep them close to you and let them know you love and adore them each day. Intercede for them always and let them know you will always be there for them.

God expects us to be our brothers’ keeper, which means that we are responsible for each other. Do not betray your friends rather you must be their hope and counsel in bad and sad times and the lord will bless you.

A friend loveth at all times, and a brother is born for adversity.

Proverbs 17:17

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