Reflection – Matthew 11:25 – Seek Spiritual Wisdom

Verse – Matthew 11:25

Verse – Matthew 11:25

At that time Jesus answered and said, “I thank You, Father, Lord of heaven and earth, that You have hidden these things from the wise and prudent and have revealed them to babes.

Reflection – Matthew 11:25 – Seek Spiritual Wisdom

A baby is without sin because it doesn’t have the knowledge of sin. When a child sees a criminal, they do not perceive that they are in danger. Also when a child sees an electrical socket, they do not know that it is capable of causing them serious injury or death so they innocently try to play with it. The knowledge of the law or sin is in itself sinful.

We become knowledgeable to sin because we are taught the ways of the world and how God expects us to behave through his commandments. The moment you have the knowledge of right and wrong it becomes a sin for you when you intentionally break the laws of God.

When Christ explained the concept of being born again, it was challenging for them to understand that but what he meant was that it would be impossible to enter the kingdom of heaven if one doesn’t wrestle with the ways of the Lord and humble themselves as a child would. In modern times there are those who try to challenge the word of God through their own limited mental capacities.

There are those who will only believe in things they can prove or make sense of with their mortal minds. However, what they fail to realize is that the kingdom of heaven is not of a physical make that should be fathomable or broken down by a physically conceivable mortal mind. If that were the case, then God’s creation of man would have been enough for him.

God pushed for man to transcend the physical walls of their being and be together with him in his place of holiness. This is why Christ died to bridge that gap. Wisdom is created by God to help man survive on earth. Trying to understand the ways of the Lord with your physical wisdom is not going to get you to heaven.

It is only through God’s revelation that one would be able to please him. God is not physical. We therefore cannot use physicality to understand him. Be like a baby that only understands the joy of existence and has no knowledge or acceptance of sin.

Reflection – Matthew 11:25 – Seek Spiritual Wisdom

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I will not challenge the ways of the Lord with what only makes sense to me.

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Prayer- Matthew 11:25


Dear Lord,
Please reveal your wisdom to me
Speak to me when I pray
So that I will not dwell on my own understanding
Help me understand your word
Teach me through revelations
Let me receive your word in a good heart
And let me not be deceived by the ways of the world

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