Reflection – Psalm 8:2 – Children Matter To God

Verse – Psalm 8:2

Verse – Psalm 8:2

Through the praise of children and infants, you have established a stronghold against your enemies, to silence the foe and the avenger.

Reflection – Psalm 8:2 – Children Matter To God

God values the praise of children and infants. One would ask how a child or a baby knows to praise the Lord. In the kingdom of God, there are no children or infants. The spirits and souls of man are equal in the spiritual measure in the eyes of God.

God moves with joy and ecstasy when he sees children come to worship him. Christ delighted in the presence of children for theirs is the kingdom of God. Do not leave your children out of worshiping God. Make sure they are present during every praise and exaltation of God.

Their mere presence is praise to God. It establishes our faith in him and makes him secure our strongholds against the enemy. It shows God that not only are we willing members of his loving kingdom but our descendants will be too to his glory.

This is how he will strengthen your foundations and bless your children to grow up in his glory. When you care for a young seedling and tender it with care in a way that it should grow, it will not depart from it when it gets big and is difficult to control.

Reflection - Psalm 8:2 - Children Matter To God

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Declaration - Psalm 8:2


My infants and children are a testament to your goodness and mercy and their very existence is to praise your Holy name.

Prayer - Psalm 8:2


Dear Lord,
Thank you for blessing me with these kids
I dedicate them to you
Let their very existence reflect your greatness
Bless them in every step of their lives
Let them praise you in all things
Strengthen their foundations in you
and let them remain grounded in your grace and favor

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