14 Good Prayers For My Business

Starting a business can be a hectic experience. It is essentially like having a baby. You get to watch it crawl, sit up, stand up, walk and finally run. Like a baby, a business needs to go through all these stages. You should pray for your business.

Do not forget that the good Lord wants us to prosper (Joshua 1:8). And just as we need Him every step of the way when we raise our young ones from the ground to the time when they can stand on their own, we need Him every step of the way when we build our businesses. We need his guiding hand through each stage.

We need to let Him in from the start. Our businesses will entail a lot and involve a lot for it to be successful. So we should visualize our business prospering in the future and go with the faith of our Lord through it all. Let’s go through a few important prayer points that can help you through the life span of your business.

Prayers for my business

Prayer points for starting business

Pray for the right business idea

You need the right idea to start a business that will prosper. You need to meet people at their points of need and at the right time. Make sure to do all your research on the necessity of your service and how it will highly benefit people in your target location.

Make sure the need you are filling is something that will be beneficial to God’s people. The Bible mentions in Galatians 6:2 that “carrying each other’s burden fulfills the law of Christ”. The more you think of others, the more chance your business has of succeeding. The more people you help, the more blessed you will be.

Prayers for business idea

Please give me a business idea

Heavenly Father,
I come to you today in prayer that you will help me find something to do.
Father, You said in Your Word that the idle hands are the devil’s workshop.
I don’t want to keep being idle all-day
I don’t want to be the devil’s workshop

It is my desire that I find something profitable to do
I pray you to help me with an idea to start a business
Please direct me on what to do so that I can earn a living
Thank you for being my provider
In Jesus’ name, I pray,

Please give me a business idea

Prayers for my business – business idea prayer

Dear Lord,
I want to start my own business
I have an idea about how I can make the lives of your people easier
I want to commit myself to this business
I pray that you speak to me about this idea

I pray that you open my eyes so I see the shortcomings of my plan
What is difficult for man is easy for you, Lord
Open my heart and my mind so I hear your word concerning this business
Help me make the right choices as I get this business off the ground
Thank you for answering my prayer
In the name of Jesus have I prayed

Business idea prayer

Pray for funds

Sometimes, even with a good business idea, it can be hard to start the business due to a lack of funds. So it is important that you pray to God, to help you get the funds for your business. He is the one who gives riches.

Prayer for funds to start a business

Almighty Father,
I thank you for my life
I thank you for your goodness and mercies in my life
Lord, I pray today that you will help me get the funds to start a business
Father, as you have blessed me with a business idea,
I pray you bless me with the funds to implement this idea.
Please have mercy on me, Lord

Guide me to my helpers and investors
Help them to locate me, Lord
Father, put me on their minds and their hearts
Let them be restless until they help me
You alone can bless with riches adding no sorrows.
Help me, Lord, so that I can finally put my business idea to work
Thank you for always hearing my prayer,

Prayer for funds to start a business

Pray for the right business location

Choosing a business location is a very important step in the success of your business. Whether or not your business can prosper, can depend on the location of the business. A lot of people didn’t succeed in their businesses because they chose the wrong location.

So when choosing the business location, you have to make sure you choose the location that is right for your type of business. A location that will help you reach your target audience.

Prayer for business location

Dear God,
Thank you for blessing me with an idea for a new business.
I pray for You to lead me to a place where my business will grow and make an impact.
I pray for a  location where I can attract the right people who’d be interested in my products and services.
Lead me to a place where my business will thrive
Help me not to choose a place that will contribute to my failure
Please remove any obstacles and distractions from my path
And teach me to hear your voice when you speak to me,

Prayer for business location

Prayer points for business success

Pray for Motivation

It is not uncommon to be put off by certain things that may initially stunt our progress. Remember that fear is all around us ready to creep into any decision we make. But the Bible admonishes us not to give in to fear (Deut. 31:8).

Sometimes we are dismayed and discouraged by our competitors or certain setbacks we may initially face. When God assures you in your heart of success, you need not look left or right. All you need to do is head straight and not be swayed by evil voices. When God is with you it is not possible to fail (Matthew 19:26).

Prayer for motivation

Father Lord,
I know in my heart that you are beside me in this business
I started with you and I continue with you
I have started to doubt myself a little bit
I have been stunned by the voices of the evil one
I have allowed fear to enter my heart

I pray for your strength once again
I pray for your strong hand in mine
Just as you did for Moses, help me win this battle and prosper in this business
I have faith in you, My Lord. I know you will deliver me from this crisis
Order my steps, Dear Lord and I will be victorious
In Jesus’ name,

Prayer for motivation

Pray for wisdom and guidance

The Bible says that if any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask from God. (James 1:5). God is the one who gives wisdom. Solomon asked God for wisdom and God made him wise. Pray for wisdom to run your business and wisdom to make the right business decisions.

Prayer for wisdom and guidance

Almighty Father,
I thank you for all that you have done and you keep doing for me
Thank you for blessing me with a business to do for income for myself and my family
You said that You would bless any hand that works diligently and fairly
I pray You to bless the works of my hands, Father
Father, I pray for wisdom and guidance to be able to succeed

Please help me run this business in truth and in a Godly way to please You.
Please show me the right decisions to make that will make my business prosperous
Bless me and my workers with a sound mind and good health
So we continue to grow this business 
Thank you for sustaining my business in Jesus’ name,

Prayer for wisdom and guidance

Pray for the right business partners

Proverbs 13:20 admonishes us to keep the right company. Parents are to be very careful of the kind of company their children keep. In your business ask God to lead the right people your way.

Greedy people might collapse your business before you even take off. The success of your business depends on the kind of people you partner with. Make sure your partners have the best interest of your consumers at heart.

Prayer for your business partners

Heavenly Father
Thank you for sustaining my business until now
I am grateful for all you have done for me in this business
I pray that you help me differentiate what is evil from what is right
Grant me divine judgment when I am choosing people to do business with
What may be right in my sight may not be right in yours

If any partner has been sent to collapse my business, I pray for that plan to fail
If any partner wants to retard my progress, I bind them in the name of Jesus
Let my business be a place of good intentions
Help my business reach people who need my services
Help me resist any evil plan that looks good on the surface
Only you know the end from the start
I pray for your divine scrutiny on anyone I do business with
In Jesus’ name,

Prayer for your business partners

Pray for Protection

God is your business’ protection (2 Samuel 22:3-4). Do not think of going for protection from anywhere else if you believe God to be the source of your business. People naturally start to feel unsafe when they start prospering. They start to panic and go for other forms of spiritual protection completely forgetting that the Lord’s mercies are infinite (Isaiah 43:19).

The God of Moses made water spring from rocks and protected his people from evil throughout their journey to Canaan. This same God is your portion in your business. Rely on only Him for your protection. He will not fail you.

Prayer for business protection

My Lord,
Thank you for your blessings today
I pray for my business this day
I pray for your protection from any evil eyes
Send your angels to guard every endeavor we undertake in this business
Guard our vehicles and money against robbers and thieves
Guard us when we travel, when we walk, when we deliver.

Walk, drive and fly with us no matter where we go
Deliver us from any evil that lay in wait for us
Protect us from evil people who claim to be our friends
Cleanse the food we eat and the water we drink in this business
Help us not break any laws that will drag us down
Bless this business, O Lord, and make it thrive
Thank you for answering our prayer

Prayer for business protection

Pray for foresight

In Jeremiah 29:10, God talks about how He knows exactly what we need in our future and how His plans are not evil ones. In any business, you need to ask God to give you the foresight to stay in business and stay ahead.

Do not forget that God gave a lot of prophets His visions about the future of His people. This was to enable them to prepare themselves for what was coming or protect themselves from evils that were to come. He expects us to be prepared too.

In your business, you need to move with the trends. Do not also forget that the needs of your consumers are your priority. Ask God to keep you on your toes so you know what your people need at all times.

Prayer for foresight in business

Heavenly Father
Thank you for the gift of life today for me and my business
I come to you in prayer today and ask you for wisdom and foresight
Help me move with the times in this business
Let me not be archaic
Keep my business afloat through all times
Let me meet the needs of my consumers no matter where

Grant me the foresight to make decisions that will keep my business ahead
Grant me your wisdom to spot any weaknesses in my business
Help me plug up any holes that may be hindering my progress in this business
Help me steer this business on the right path through any stormy winds
Help me sense danger quickly when they appear
Continue to be my pillar in this business, dear Lord

Prayer for foresight in business

Pray against laziness

When things start to prosper in our businesses, we normally abandon most of the values that helped us prosper in the first place. Proverbs 19:15 talks about laziness resulting in hunger for the soul. The Bible treats laziness as cancer to the human spirit.

Some people cut corners when they become desperate either to increase production or reduce labor. The Bible condemns this in Proverbs 13:4. If God is your business then do not compromise on your quality because God does not cut corners.

Prayer for my business – against laziness

Dear Lord,
Please remove sloth from me
I want to stand for quality
Help me not abandon the values that helped me start this business
I do not want to be lazy, dear Lord
Push me to stay on my toes

Remove from me the spirit of laziness
Let me strive to be the best at all times
Help me not compromise on my quality
Remove greed from me
Grant me contentment
Thank you for answering my prayer through Jesus Christ,

Prayers for my business - against laziness

Pray against cheating

Greed is a sin that should not be entertained. Greed can separate the best of friends. 1 Corinthians 6:10 vividly excludes the greedy from the kingdom of heaven. God does not keep company with the greedy. You must remove all greedy tendencies from your business. Greed leads to cheating. Children of God must not cheat others. Remember God does not cheat you so do not cheat others.

Prayer against greed

Heavenly father
Thank you for your protection this day
I pray that you guard my heart against greed
Help me resist the temptation to cheat anyone I do business with
Give me the spirit of fairness
Let me not make enemies along the way because of greed

Let me look at my humble beginnings and accept what I am today
You took me from nothing and brought me here
Help me appreciate all you have done for me in this business
I do not want to be a hindrance to anyone else’s business
Let me not covet anyone’s property
let me be satisfied with all I get
In Jesus’ name,

Prayer against cheating and greed in business

Pray for your workers

When you are blessed with employees in your business you need to take care of them like God takes care of you. They are the tools that move your business and they need proper attention. Any discontentment or evil plans on the part of your employees may stall your business.

Treat them as you would want to be treated (Matthew 29:34). Do not cheat, bully or misuse your employees. Learn to know their needs also because without satisfaction they will not give you 100% productivity.

Prayer for your workers

Dear Lord,
I pray for my workers today
I pray that you meet them at their point of need
Take care of their families and all their requests
Use them as instruments of productivity in this business
Help them improve every aspect of this business

Grant them the grace to withstand any negativity
Give them the strength to undertake their day to day activities
Give them the wisdom to overcome any challenge they may face in this business
Help me take care of their needs and their grievances
Help them grow this business in prosperity
Thank you for answering my prayer,

Prayers for my workers

Prayer for customers and workers

Dear God,
Thank you for this business that I do
You have blessed me with the most calmest and respectful people as workers and customers.
May I never forget that without my workers and customers, my business is nothing
May I forever be humble and treat them with love and respect
Bless me with good leadership skills, so that I can serve as Jesus served
Fill my heart with joy and love, so that I can work with them in peace,
Thank you for hearing my prayer
In Jesus’ name,

Prayers for my business - for my customers and my workers

Pray for business Sustenance

In Isaiah 46:4 the Lord talks about sustaining you even in your old age. Let Him sustain your business too. Pray that God keeps you afloat through any storm, tsunami, economic crisis, inflation crisis, stock market crashes, and so on.

When your business is built on God it is like building your house on rocks (Lk. 6:48). When God is your foundation you should never fear for your business.

Prayer for business sustenance

Dear Father
I pray for sustenance in this business
I pray that you protect it from the plans of the evil one
Motivate me to sail through difficult times
Help this business stand strong in times of turmoil
Give me the foresight to adapt in troubled times

Sustain my business O Lord
Grant it stability
Give me the peace of mind to run this business
Help me fill the needs of all my customers
Bless my business Dear Lord
Let not my toil be in vain

Prayers for my business sustenance

Treat your business as your baby. Sustain it with the constant meditation of the word of God. Be prayerful during every important decision. Let God be the pillars of your business. With God in your business, everything will be fine.

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  1. Tonny ssentume k
    June 2, 2023 / 11:11 pm

    We blessed in our Lord Jesus christ

  2. Beinomugisha Elly
    September 26, 2023 / 9:48 pm

    Blessed are those whose faith is in God,we shall never lack.

  3. Beinomugisha Elly
    September 26, 2023 / 9:50 pm

    Jesus Christ is the same yesterday today and forever.
    Trust in him, you will never regret.
    Oh I love the only Lord our God.

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