6 Prayers For Grandparents

Gray hair is a crown of splendor; it is attained in the way of righteousness.

Proverbs 16:31

Grandparents are a symbol of good counsel and wisdom. They are gifts from God and are there to show us his goodness through the generations. They reveal to us the hidden mysteries of this life and steer us along the right paths to take.

A grandparent is a blessing to the family. They are a physical manifestation of God’s faithfulness and love. We should treat them with reverence and respect. We should hang on to their wise words and never look down on them.

The way we treat them is a revelation of how we want to be treated by our own grandchildren. We must love them with all our hearts and listen to pieces of advice they give us.

Imagine trying to travel on a road someone has already traveled. This would mean that they know about every curve and bump that may threaten to derail your journey or slow you down. They also know about the wrong turns that can land you in trouble or take you away from your purpose. They can tell you the early signs of danger if you stay close to them.

They can reveal mysteries to you that can enrich your life and give you advantages you couldn’t even imagine. We must plug their nuggets of wisdom and make sure we do not take them for granted.

We should pray for our grandparents every day so that God gives them the strength and power to give us wisdom. We should be kind to them each day and make them feel a part of our society. We should include them in decision-making processes and understand that their inputs are just as important as anyone.

We should not alienate them or ever make them feel ancient. Pray for their health, especially their cognitive abilities. We should care for the weak and sick ones. Treat them the same way you want to be treated in your old age. Cherish them always and never underestimate their wise words.

Only be careful, and watch yourselves closely so that you do not forget the things your eyes have seen or let them fade from your heart as long as you live. Teach them to your children and to their children after them

Deuteronomy 4:9

Being a grandparent will be your duty one day. You will be responsible for passing on God’s directions to your children as well as your grandchildren. This will be a privilege God will bestow on you only if you do as he commands you. 

Prayers for grandparents

Prayer for a sick grandparent

Dear Lord
Please have mercy on my granny
She’s not been in good health for a while now
Please make her strong again
Fill her bones with divine healing
Make her stronger each day
Remove every speck of impurity in her body
Fix every bad cell in her body
Let her strength be renewed day by day
Help her resist all diseases that threaten her health
Make her a beacon of strength and divine health
Thank you for caring for her

Prayer for a sick grandparent

Prayer for a deceased grandparent

Father Lord
I pray to you in deep sorrow
I pray for my granny’s soul
I pray that you find a place in your bosom for her
Forgive all her transgressions on earth
Accept her into your holy place
Let us forever cherish her memory
Let all the wisdom she passed unto us be never forgotten
Let her know every day that we are grateful for all she did for us
We thank you for her life
We celebrate her time with us with great joy
We know that you will replace her in this family
and let the memory of her be one that we always carry

Prayer for a deceased grandparent

Prayer for a long life for grandparents

Father Lord in heaven
Thank you for the life of my grandad
I ask that grant him long life with good health and prosperity
Let him enjoy the fruits of all his labor through the years
Let him reap all the good things he has sown
Let nothing bad follow him
Help him resist any traps set for him
Resist all evil from his past
Keep him under your grace and your favor
Let his life reflect your blessings and honor
Let him enjoy riches in his old age
Grant him more wisdom and understanding

Prayer for a long life for grandparent -Prayers for grandparents

Prayer for my grandparent’s marriage

Dear Lord
I pray for my grandparent’s marriage
Let them be each other’s comfort and companions
Sustain their marriage through all adversity
Let the promises they made to each other remain solid
Be their mediator and comforter through their quarrels
Strengthen their bond and never let them give up on themselves
Let them continue to dwell under your protection
Let their marriage grow stronger and stronger
Let them love each other even better than before
Let them set good examples for us with their union
Bless their love and let them grow in strength

Prayer for my grandparent’s marriage - Prayers for grandparents

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Prayer for a retired grandparents

Father Lord
I pray for my retired grandparents today
They are no longer going to be actively working
This is the time the devil finds diseases for them
I release my grannies from the grasp of the devil
I pray that you make their lives even more glorious and fruitful than before
Let them not feel like anything has been lost
Increase their productivity miraculously
Let their future be sorted
Let them receive any rewards that are due them
Let them never fall into poverty
Let them never be cheated out of their pension
and always guide them in everything they do

Prayer for a retired grandparents - Prayers for grandparents

Prayer for my grandparent’s birthday

Dear Lord
Thank you for adding another year to my granny’s life
Thank you for sustaining her in the past year
Thank you for healing all her diseases
She is truly grateful for all your loving mercies in her life
Let today be a day that she feels really loved
Let her know today that we truly appreciate her
Bless her to continue growing in strength and power
Look upon her with favor
Let her ways be truly blessed
Fill her with wisdom and divine understanding
Let her life reflect your riches and blessing
and let her faith in you never be diminished

Prayer for my grandparent’s birthday

Prayer for a depressed grandparent

Father Lord
Please help my depressed grandad
Take away the troubles in his heart
Let him cast all his cares unto you
Remove all depressing thoughts from him
Be his comfort and guidance in all things
Bless him to hold his own at all times
Let him open up to those who can help him
Bless his ways and do not let him feel alone
Let him know that he is loved and appreciated always
Calm him down when he is upset
Restore his faith in you and let him know he can count on you at all times
Help him resist his enemies and those who don’t want him well
and let his steps be ordered in you

Prayer for a depressed grandparent

Grandparents require around-the-clock love from us so they know that they are still relevant in our lives. God wants us to care for them and pray for them always. They acquire so much wisdom in their lives that they always share willingly with their loved ones. It is up to us to draw them closer to us so we can enjoy the benefits and wisdom they bestow upon us.

Teach your children to respect and adore their grandparents. Teach them to always honor and respect them so they shall live long on this earth in wisdom and in truth.

Honor your father and your mother, as the Lord your God has commanded you, so that you may live long and that it may go well with you in the land the Lord your God is giving you

Deuteronomy 5:16

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