23 Powerful Prayers For Your Family

One of the best things you can do for your family is to pray for them. Usually, we ask God to help someone in our family when we know what they are going through.

But it is important that we say a prayer for our family each and every day. You don’t have to wait for their time in need to pray for them. Sometimes, someone in the family might be fighting a battle you do not know of.

But if you say a word of prayer for your family every day, that will help build their faith in the Lord and help them through whatever they are going through.

This is the more reason why it is important for the whole family to come together at least once every week to have a family devotion. This will help unite you as a family whiles bringing you closer to God.

Acts 16:31 reveals the answer of Paul and Silas when they were asked about how one might obtain salvation. Notice that he includes them and their household. To truly live in the harmony God wants for us we must believe in Christ Jesus as a family.

It is important to bring up your children in Christ so that they will grow up in his strength and not be swayed by the deception of this world. When the entire family is strongly bonded in Christ you live in harmony and you act with self-discipline no matter where you find yourself.

The word of God will be a light unto your feet. It will guide you through any endeavor. Prayers for your family are important because it strengthens your spirit of togetherness and keep you under His protection. Remember he is the father of all families. Commit your family to him today.

How to pray for your family

1. Give thanks

It is important that you start each and every prayer with thanksgiving. So thank God for your family and the life of everyone.

2. Pray that they seek God

Seek the Lord and His strength;
Seek His presence continually!

1 Chronicles 16:11

Although you are all one family, each one of you as an individual has their own belief. So pray that God helps each one of them to realize that He is the Almighty and they need Him. Pray that they submit themselves to God and put their trust in Him. Pray that they find salvation in the Lord.

3. Pray for each member of your family

Pray for your husband, your wife, your children, your mother, your father, and also your extended family. Pray that they dedicate their lives to serving the Lord.

Pray for strength and guidance for everything they do. Pray that they find the courage to overcome their fears and their struggles.

Pray that God’s purpose for them be manifested in their lives.

4. For unity, love and understanding

I appeal to you, brothers and sisters, by the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, that all of you agree, and that there be no divisions among you, but that you be united in the same mind and the same judgment.

1 Corinthians 1:10

Every family has its own issues and as a family is made up of different people with different desires and different points of view, it is easy for misunderstandings and fights to occur.

So pray for love and understanding for your family. Pray that you live in unity and harmony no matter what. Pray that you learn to tolerate and forgive each other easily.

5. Good health and long life

Pray that God blesses your family with good health and long life. It can be very heartbreaking if someone close to you falls sick. So pray that God delivers all of you from any form of sickness or infection.

If there is a member of your family who is presently sick, pray for them too, that they may be healed in Jesus’ name.

6. Make good friends

Whoever walks with the wise becomes wise,
but the companion of fools will suffer harm.

Proverbs 13:20

Friends are a big part of our lives as they influence our behaviors and our decisions. So pray that you all make the right friends. Friends that will bring you closer to God and help you lead a righteous life. Pray that God delivers each and every one of you from bad friends that might corrupt you.

Prayers for your family

Be the center of our home

Father God,
Thank you for the life of my family.
I pray that You Oh, Lord will be the center of this home.
Forgive us our sins and help us to extend that forgiveness to each other.
Guide and protect us, Lord. Root us in your word.
Let our actions be ones that bring honor onto your Holy name.
In Jesus’ name, I pray.

Be The Center Of Our Home

Prayer for Family Protection

Heavenly Father,
We ask for protection for this family
We are nothing but sheep in your herd
We pray that when one of us gets into trouble, please deliver us
When one of us is in danger, please save us
When we travel, please carry us safely
And when we fall in the devil’s trap, please deliver us
Carry us on your wings and shield us with your armor
Thank you for answering our prayers

Prayer for Family Protection - prayers for your family

Be our strength

Dear God,
I come before You today with my family.
Be our strength and our guide.
Help us to overcome any bad situation that may come our way.
You are our safe place God, help us to trust in You.
Preserve us and deliver us from our sins.
Thank You for all that You do for us through Jesus Christ we pray.

Be Our Strength

Help us seek more of You

Thank You for giving me a family of my own.
Help my family to realize that they need You.
Let them seek more of You each passing day.
Guard their hearts and help them make choices that will bring honor to your name and this family.
Keep them safe under your shelter.
In Jesus name,

Help Us Seek More Of You

Prayer for Family Business

Dear Lord,
We commit our family business into your hands
Please take control of it
We do not know what we are doing
Give us the wisdom to run it properly
Help us sustain it and make it successful
Help us rise above and overcome any challenge that we face
Give us abundant grace and favor to boost our sales
Sanctify our workers and remove any secret agents of the devil
Let this business grow and grow
Let it know no bounds and let all of us benefit from it with enough to spare
Thank you for answering our prayers
In Jesus’ name,

Prayer for Family Business

Prayer for Family Members

Dear Lord
We commit every single family member into your care
Be their guide and their light wherever they are
Steer them clear of any danger that awaits them in the future
Let every endeavor they attempt be a successful one
Bless their families and their businesses
Let them hold the family name in high esteem and pride
Deliver them from any disgraceful behavior or activity
Grant them the wisdom to excel anywhere
Grant them divine health and wealth
May all their dreams be realized in your name

Prayer for Family Members - prayers for your family

For the head of our home

Dear God,
Thank You for the life of my husband.
Help him to open his heart to You and put his trust in You.
Establish him as the head of our home.
Give him the strength and courage to overcome any difficulties that may come his way.
Direct his mind and help him lead this family in a way that will glorify your Holy name.

For The Head Of Our Home

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For our children

Father Lord,
Thank You for the gift of motherhood.
Give me the wisdom to be able to bring up these children in the admonition of your name.
May your plans for them come through for them.
Help each one of them find their purpose and be their guide.
Help them live in peace and harmony as a family all the days of their lives.
In Jesus’ name, I pray.

For Our Children

Prayer for Family Conflicts

Dear Lord,
Thank you for bringing us together as a family
We are a family but not all of us are at peace with each other
There are conflicts and quarrels between some of us
Whenever we meet we are at each other’s throats
We ask for your peace, dear Lord
Soften every hardened heart and grant us the spirit of forgiveness
Let us not hate each other but love and respect each other because we are your children
Whatever bitter seeds the devil has planted within us, we destroy in Jesus’ name
Let your harmony forever reign in this family

Prayer for Family Conflicts  -prayers for your family

Prayer for Family Unity

Father Lord,
We pray for unity in this family
We ask that you bless us with the spirit of togetherness
When we speak, let us listen to each other
Let us treat each other with respect
Let us not start unnecessary quarrels with each other
Help us remain grounded in your love
Help us be here for each other always
Help us love each other unconditionally
And let us live in peace and harmony forever

Prayer for Family Unity

Help us be unified

Dear God,
I come before You with my family today.
Be our guide in whatever we do.
Help us to live in unity.
I pray that each one of us will grow in understanding.
Help us to love and accept each other as we are,
with all our strengths and our shortcomings.
I pray that no ploy from the wicked to divide us will prosper.
Keep us unified in Jesus’ name I pray.

Help Us Be Unified - prayers for your family

Prayer for Broken Family

Dear Lord
We pray for our family
Our parents have recently gone through a divorce
We thank you for all these wonderful years
We pray that you keep this family together
Let us not be like lost sheep
Be our shepherd and don’t let any of us fall by the wayside
Continue to sustain the love that we share and let us not hate each other
Give us a forgiving and understanding heart
Let us understand each other at these difficult moments
Help us stick together and be there for each other
In Jesus’ name,

Prayer for Broken Family - prayers for your family

Guard our minds and our hearts

Thank You for my family.
Thank You for the blessings and all that You do for us.
Guard our minds and our hearts,
Help us to make the right choices when it comes to
friends and people we associate with.
Help us to connect with like-minded people
that will bring us closer to You.
In Jesus’ name.

Guard our minds and our hearts

Prayer for Extended Family

Dear Lord,
We commit our extended family into your hands today
We pray that you extend your favor unto them
Be their protection and their provider
Help them through any difficult times
Bless them abundantly
Grant them their hearts desires and keep the bonds between us stronger and stronger
Let there be perfect harmony between us
Give us your living grace to always love each other
Let your peace always exist between us and our grandchildren forever
In Jesus name, we pray,

Prayer for Extended Family

Prayer for Sick Family Members

Dear Lord
Thank you for the lives of everyone in this family today
We pray that you heal the sick amongst us
Please take away their sufferings
We burn all chronic and long term illnesses with the fire of the holy spirit
Where doctors have failed, you succeed, Lord
Help them overcome their illnesses
Give them the power and strength to battle through their diseases
Bring them divine healing
We declare that they will have long healthy lives in Jesus’ name
Thank you for answered prayer, Lord

Prayer for Sick Family Members

Prayer for Family Members going through hard Times

Dear Lord,
We pray for all our family members today
Especially those who feel lost, alone, and going through terrible times
We know that your grace is abundant in this family
We ask that you strengthen their faith so they don’t give up on you
Fill them with your divine strength to pull through this
Let them feel free to talk to us and not alienate themselves
Give us a strong bond to be able to help each other go through tough times
Give them the companionship they need so they don’t feel alone in this
Help them stay strong

Prayer for Family Members going through hard Times

Help anyone fighting a silent battle

Thank you for my family.
I pray that you draw them closer to you and
they submit to you with all their hearts and all their minds.
Help them in all their doings.
Father, you are the only one who knows what each one of us is going through and what weighs on us.
I pray that You Oh Lord will give my family the strength to overcome whatever problems that will come their way.
Help anyone fighting a silent battle.
Let them find peace and comfort in You,
through Jesus Christ our Lord,

Help Anyone Fighting A Silent Battle

Prayer for Family in Debt

Heavenly Father,
We pray for our financial problems
Our businesses don’t seem to thrive
Whenever we try to make money we fail miserably
We have sold a lot of property but we still remain in poverty
We ask that you grant us your divine favor
Take us from our poverty to riches
Meet us at our point of need
Remove any curse that is making us poor
Replace our misfortunes with divine glory and abundance
In Jesus’ name, we pray

Prayer for Family in Debt

Prayer for Estranged Family Members

Dear Lord
We pray for our family members who do not feel like they are part of us anymore
We also pray for those who are missing
Please bring them home
Let them realize that they belong with us
Show them the way home
Deliver them from whatever trouble they find themselves in
If they are alone, please be their companion and their comfort
If they are homeless, please give them shelter from the rain
Be their shepherd and guide them every day
Preserve their lives and love them
Walk with them and be their provider

Prayer for Estranged Family Members

Prayer for Family Member in Prison

Father Lord,
Please help our relative in prison
Forgive them for their sins to you and humanity
We know that they have already repented and submitted to your will
We pray for their life in there
We pray that your angels protect them and sustain them
Help them keep their will to live a full life
Grant them your favor as you did for Paul and Silas
They are still part of us, please never let them forget that
Grant them grace
Help them hold on to their faith in you
Keep them out of trouble
Grant them a miracle
And let them be saved from there

Prayer for Family Member in Prison

Prayer for Evil Family Members

Dear Lord,
We pray that you protect this family
If there are people in this family who are spiritually fighting others
We pray that you repent them immediately
We pray that you keep their evil plans in the ground and never let them manifest
We destroy all evil ploys and incantations that have been pronounced on anyone living in this family
Please bury all evil in this family
Let them realize your love for them and the love you have for this family
Let all evil plans turn into blessings and prosperity
Remove all hatred from our hearts and bless us with forgiving spirits
In Jesus’ name,

Prayer for Evil Family Members

Prayer for Family Loss

Dear Lord,
Only you can give life
We are grateful that you gave us this life
Thank you for all the memories we shared together
We know we have to say goodbye
Even though we are sad we know that it is part of your plan
We pray for their soul
Keep them, in your bosom
Forgive them all their sins and grant them the gift of your salvation through your son Jesus Christ
Let them know that we will forever remember them
We commit the rest of us into your hands
Keep us and protect us from evil
Thank you for giving us the strength to go through this

Prayer for Family Loss

Prayer against Family Curse

Almighty Lord,
We come against any family curses today
Any generational curse in the form of diseases, misfortunes, or poverty is destroyed today in the name of Jesus
We disconnect ourselves from any link with a generational demonic spirit
We seal all lines that have carried these curses this far
We break all chains of despair and sickness today
We unlock all prisons of drunkenness and bad luck today

Christ has paid all our debts and we will not suffer any longer
Deliver and free us from all oppression, dear Lord
Let us live our lives in abundant grace and prosperity
Let your riches be plentiful on us and generations to come
Thank you covenant-keeping God, for setting us free
In Jesus’ mighty name,

Prayer against Family Curse

You have to protect and love your family. Be there for them at all times. Pray for them and never neglect them. God wants us to take care of each other the way he takes care of us. Let love lead you and your family and you will live in harmony (1 Corinthians 13:4-8).


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