Bible Reflection – John 15:13 – A Love Like This

Verse: John 15:13

Verse: John 15:13

Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.

Bible Reflection – John 15:13 – God Loves You

Having love means being prepared to forgo your own life for others. It is this kind of love God has for his children. Without this, it is impossible to please God. When you have this kind of love, you will give the clothes off your back so another person will not sleep in the cold. You will give unconditionally and always be willing to open your heart to others.

A true child of God always looks out for others in the kingdom. There always seek to bring others into God’s kingdom. When others are in trouble, they feel for them and want to alleviate their pain just as Christ does for us. It is only through this affection that one can lay claim to the kingdom of heaven.

Look at your life and name the things you cannot live without. Are they things of God’s spiritual kingdom or things of physical earth? Some people cannot imagine life without their property, honor, or riches. These things do not last forever. Love the things of God. Love his commandments. Let them be the things you can lay down your life for. When you forsake this earth for the spiritual gifts of God, you have love in your heart.

Bible Reflection - John 15:13 - God Loves You

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Declaration - John 15:13


I will give up everything for you, dear Lord, because without you I am nothing.

Prayer - John 15:13


Dear Lord
Thank you for loving me
Help me love others the way you love me
Let me find love in the things of heaven
Keep me from loving the world
Let me have love in my heart
Take all selfishness away from me
and let me forgo myself in love for others

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