Reflection – John 10:11 – You Are Worthy

John 10:11

Verse – John 10:11

I am the good shepherd. The good shepherd lays down his life for the sheep.

Reflection – John 10:11 -You Are Worthy

A good shepherd is one who returns home with all his sheep unharmed or lost. They account for each and every sheep and they will lay down their own lives to do so.

God loved us so much that he made the ultimate sacrifice with his own son just to save our souls from destruction. Look at your own life and name the people or things that you can die for.

Something you wouldn’t mind losing your life for is something you love above all else. Nothing should be able to separate you from that thing. That is what God feels for us.

Whenever you feel empty inside or unworthy just remember what the son of God went through to save you. You are worth everything to God. Let him be your light in the darkness and let him be your life. The Lord is an ever-living, ever-loving God and he will be that way until the end of all things.

Reflection - John 10:11 - you are worthy

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Declaration-John 10:11


I know that I am loved and protected against all evil. My Lord is a God of action and truth and I will forever love him.

Prayer-John 10:11


Dear Lord
Thank you for saving me
Thank you for wiping away my transgressions
guide my ways
Let me never lose my faith in you
Let me not doubt my importance to you
Let me know of your love always
and let me forever hold your grace and favor


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