Prayer And Spiritual Growth In The Academic Environment

The success of school education is not limited to the academic excellence of students. There are many other factors, like the psychological, social, and intellectual development of students in play. In addition to all of these, it is also essential to develop spiritually.

Once a child has developed in all these areas, it is then that we can say they have achieved academic excellence. This article explains how prayer and spiritual growth influence the academic environment. Let’s dive in!

Prayer And Spiritual Growth In The Academic Environment
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Prayer and Spiritual Growth

God is a loving Father who is ready to hear your supplications and give a helping hand at all times. With this understanding, you can always tend your worries to Him because you are aware that He listens and answers prayers. You can always pray about every little thing with no regard for importance.

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Prayer is vital to our spiritual growth because it helps build our connection with God. An additional advantage to praying is that it boosts confidence. God wants us to communicate with Him through prayer.

According to the Bible, you must first seek the kingdom, and all other things will be added unto you. Other things include success in academics and so on. One major advantage of prayer, besides making you grow spiritually, is that it offers peace. The more you learn about God’s plan for you through prayer, the more you get to improve your life.

Importance of Prayer as a Daily Routine for Students

Have you ever wondered why daily prayer is essential for you as a student? You don’t need to wonder anymore because you will find the answers below. Consistent prayers, whether in the morning or night, can channel you in the right direction. Below are reasons prayer should be a part of your academic journey.

It Helps Set a Tone

The day can turn out to be positive and productive or negative and frustrating, depending on you. Your effort is what makes the difference. Starting your day with prayer helps to generate some sort of innate strength and faith to combat the academic challenges of the day. Prayer provides an assurance that there is no need to worry because everything will be alright. This positive assurance helps put the mind in the right frame of mind all day.

Better Decision Making

Many students, especially adults in high school and college, often have to make lots of decisions. They include choosing majors, extracurricular activities, and many more. Prayer is an exercise that helps to relax the soul, mind, and body.

The key to making good and well-thought decisions that yield positive results is a relaxed and clear mind. No good decision can ever come from a troubled mind. Through prayer, it is possible to ask for wisdom and guidance concerning certain academic issues.

Get a Better Sense of Identity

A sense of self is important for students, especially in this confusing generation. Many students get confused due to various influences like peer influence, societal norms, family, etc. This confusion often leads to a misplaced sense of identity, resulting in mistakes that can cause harm.

Through prayer, it is possible to connect with your inner self and learn to find peace and self-awareness. Also, studies reveal that students who have the habit of praying are often more humble and respectful compared to others.

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Grows Confidence

Confidence is one of the essential needs to cope in any academic environment like the university. This is because the teachers assign various assignments in classes, and some may include presentations. Besides this, being confident enough to communicate with other students is also important. This way, you can also build and pick up other social skills to help cohabit and function in your society.


Inculcating spiritual values in students is as important as preparing them for academic and other activities. In any academic environment, spirituality and education must go hand-in-hand. Hence, students should be taught to encourage diversity and respect all religions. This way, you can develop a sense of acceptance, tolerance, and respect toward various beliefs and viewpoints. These are crucial to surviving in the digital century.


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