Why Everyone Should Give Online Dating A Chance

Dating has never been more complicated than it is now in the digital age. For a few decades now, dating online has been given a bad rap because people discredit it as not a true way to find a soulmate, but this is not true.

Online dating offers many opportunities that traditional dating does not, like an expanded pool of dating prospects, compatibility matching, and channels for safe conversations. If you have not tried online dating yet, read below for the reasons why everyone should give it a chance.

Why Everyone Should Give Online Dating A Chance
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Convenience and Accessibility

Most people live very busy lives and have no time to fit dating into their lives. Instead of being set up on blind dates or trying to find someone in a bar, online dating allows even the busiest people to swipe through a selection of potential matches every day. Online dating also allows people in marginalized communities to find each other. By accessing online dating, people in this community who live in small towns or conservative areas can safely browse their options and chat with people like them. 

Broad Opportunities

Online dating opens up a wide variety of dating options and allows users to meet people they would have otherwise never crossed paths with in their day-to-day lives. Any kind of casual dating app offers more choice in dates than any night out at the bar would offer. The opportunity to meet and date people who have different life perspectives and experiences from you can open up your eyes to the world in a different way, leading to a richer and more fulfilling life.

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Advanced Filtering and Matching

Many dating apps and websites offer prompts in which you can answer truthfully. With these responses, the apps use AI technology to filter through other users to find the people most compatible with you. This saves you a lot of time swiping left and right and then having the same surface-level conversations to find out if you are compatible.

By being suggested compatible matches, you can immediately dive deep into your conversations and plan in-person dates. This advanced filtering and matching is not as easy to do with traditional dating and is much more efficient than attending events like speed dating.   

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Going on a first date with someone who you have no previous knowledge of can be scary. Dating apps allow for an initial introduction stage where you can safely have a conversation with a match before deciding if the connection is good enough for a first date. This method makes people feel safer when talking to new people and allows them to narrow down the number of people to go on first dates with. Being able to meet people with a screen between you makes it easier to ask certain questions and determine whether or not someone is safe to go on a date with.

Online dating makes up a large fraction of the dating scene in our modern world, so there is no longer a stigma around it. Everyone should give online dating a chance for the reasons listed above and because you have nothing to lose by trying it out.


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