7 of the Easiest Vacation Destinations in the USA When You Have Young Kids

Most people think that family vacations are all about keeping the little ones entertained. While that’s not far from the truth, it’s vital to choose vacation destinations that allow you to have fun, too. 

Whether you prefer basking under Florida’s sunshine, exploring Pennsylvania’s sweet side, or experiencing Louisiana’s unique cultural blend, there’s somewhere perfect for you and your little ones. In this rundown, we will explore several vacation destinations for a memorable yet relaxed holiday within America’s borders. 

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  1. San Diego: A Family Paradise in Southern California

When it comes to family-friendly vacation spots, San Diego, California, is among the must-visit locations.

Commonly known as “America’s Finest City,” it offers plenty of attractions suitable for young children and adults alike. You can spend a sunny day exploring the renowned San Diego Zoo, home to a multitude of wildlife species, or dip your toes into the calm waters at one of its many pristine beaches. 

If your kids enjoy learning, they’ll love the interactive exhibits at the USS Midway Museum, where they can step inside a real aircraft carrier. 

  1. Orlando, Florida: USA’s Kid-Friendly Wonderland

When considering easy vacation destinations in the US for families with young children, it’s hard not to think of Orlando, Florida.

This city is synonymous with child-friendly fun, thanks mostly to its jaw-dropping theme parks. Foremost among them are Walt Disney World and Universal Studios Orlando. Here, your little ones will be enchanted by their favorite characters’ come-to-life and thrilling rides that cater to all ages.

Beyond the theme parks, Orlando also hosts the fascinating Kennedy Space Centre for aspiring astronauts and Legoland for creative builders. The best bit is that you can find many online resources, such as Park Savers, to help you plan your Disney World and even buy discounted theme park tickets and vacation packages. 

  1. Yellowstone National Park: An Open-Air Classroom in Nature

Another vacation destination known for its unforgettable family adventure and natural wonders is Yellowstone National Park.

Diverse and engaging, this park is an open-air classroom where your little ones can discover a lot. These include geothermal features, identify various wildlife species, and learn about Native American history. 

Also, the national park has no shortage of kid-friendly hikes, picnics sites, mesmerizing geysers, and richly colored hot springs that create a captivating ambiance. The best bit is that you can visit during winter or summer, with each season uncovering unique aspects of the park, allowing a different experience every visit. 

  1. Hershey, Pennsylvania: The Sweetest Vacation Spot

For a unique family vacation experience, consider Hershey, Pennsylvania. Known as ‘The Sweetest Place on Earth,’ Hershey proffers a delightful blend of excitement and education.

Undeniably, the center of attention is Hershey Park, offering heart-thumping rides catering to both thrill-seekers and those looking for lighter entertainment. Besides this, the park is also home to ZooAmerica, where you can spot some fascinating North American animals. 

But that’s not all. You can stop by The Hershey Story Museum, where you and your children can dive into the history behind Milton Hershey’s chocolate empire through interactive exhibits. 

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  1. New Orleans, Louisiana: A City Full of Surprises

New Orleans is another family vacation destination to consider in the US when you have young kids. Beyond its reputation for jazz and Mardi Gras, “The Big Easy” offers a distinct blend of educational and recreational options.

Here, you can take your young ones to the Audubon Zoo and Aquarium for an interactive learning experience about diverse marine life species. For history-friendly families, a streetcar ride or saunter through the colorful French Quarter will teleport you to another era.

Better still, you can immerse yourself in unique cultural experiences in New Orleans that both children and adults can enjoy. For example, you can savor scrumptious beignets at Café du Monde or explore historic sites like the Cabildo. 

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  1. Acadia National Park, Maine: An Awe-Inspiring Outdoor Adventure

Nature-loving families looking for a vacation destination should consider Acadia National Park in Maine. It’s a stunning expanse that offers varied landscapes and activities.

Your children will undoubtedly enjoy the park’s hiking trails, as they offer not just thrilling walks but also breathtaking vistas. There are also numerous glittering lakes suitable for picnics and rocky beaches to explore.

Close by is the charming town of Bar Harbor. The boat tours here provide exceptional sights of nearby islands and lighthouses. For vintage charm, get on one of the many horse-drawn carriage rides that show you around this beautiful island town.

  1. Maui, Hawaii: A Tropical Heaven for Family Fun

Finally, there’s Maui if your family desires a tropical getaway. It has plenty to offer families with young kids, making it an ideal destination.

Being home to numerous kid-friendly beaches like Baby Beach or Kamaole Beach Park III, you can spend your days lounging by the shore while your little ones play in the warm sand. Snorkeling is also a popular draw here, with diverse marine life visible in shallow waters.

Don’t miss visiting the Maui Ocean Center as well for more incredible underwater experiences. Here, your little ones will learn about Hawaiian marine life and even get an opportunity to watch sea turtles and colorful fish up close. 


From the child-friendly thrill of Orlando’s magnificent theme parks to Yellowstone’s open-air nature classroom and Maui’s tropical paradise, the United States offers a plethora of diverse and spectacular vacation destinations. 

Remember, it’s not always about finding the most popular vacation destination; it’s about making memories with your loved ones while enjoying valuable shared experiences. So take time to consider what each location has to offer and choose the one that fits your family’s interests best. Here’s wishing you an unforgettable family holiday!


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