8 Prayers To Be Still

The LORD will fight for you; you need only to be still.

Exodus 14:14

When you try to cross the street with your child you make sure that they are still and keep their eyes on you the whole time. The reason you do that is to prevent them from getting hurt by an on-rushing vehicle. You do that to save them from the dangers ahead that they cannot see yet.

God does the same thing for His children. God warns us many times to keep our eyes on him so we do not fall into the dangers we cannot see. There is evil all around us that wants to destroy us.

God is our keeper and he expects us to trust and obey him all the time so that he can better protect us as we would our own children. When a mother hen protects her chicks from the pouring rain or the hawk, it is those who do not stay under her wings that generally end up being swept away by the rain or killed by the hawk.

God protects those who seek refuge under his wings. Those who seek refuge elsewhere end up being swept away and killed by hawks. This is why God tells us to be patient and still so we can understand his directions and instructions.

Be still before the LORD and wait patiently for him; do not fret when men succeed in their ways, when they carry out their wicked schemes.”

Psalm 37:7

The hawks and rains of this life may not necessarily look terrifying. They may be clothed or disguised as attractive and golden objects. God has warned his children to be careful about the beautiful things evil men can acquire through their wicked ways.

‘Not all that glitters is gold’ so we must be careful as God’s children not to be attracted to nice things that have been acquired through evil means. There are other times when life becomes difficult for a Christian.

These are times the devil will use to try and lure you from under the wings of God. There will be friends who will advise you to use other means to enrich yourself. If you follow these shortcuts to success and neglect God, you will end up being swept away by the storms of the devil and the evils of this world.

This will eventually cause you to surrender your soul in exchange for the riches of this world. You must be careful not to depart under the Lord’s guidance and protection no matter how wonderful someone else’s life looks. You must never be jealous of them but you must be proud to be called a child of God. This means that the Lord will cover and protect you from any storm or predator that comes your way.

Prayers to be still

Be still during money problems

Father Lord in heaven
help me be still and keep my eye on you during this time
my business is collapsing and my bank account is draining
there is no light at the end of the tunnel
I am going to be homeless soon
I cannot afford to fend for my family and my heart is troubled
I look left and right and no help seems to be coming

I am panic-stricken and my soul is troubled
my thoughts are filled with evil voices
voices that want me to disobey you
please calm my spirit
let me be still and hope in you alone
Strengthen my faith and let my trust in you not relent
Turn my situation around because you are the almighty
and make my heart smile one more time

Prayer To Be still during money problems

Be still during marriage problems

Dear Lord in heaven
I know that you put this marriage together
I know that your hand is upon us always

Lately, the devil has found a way into our union
There are times we can’t remember why we got together
Our children are growing up in a toxic environment
We cannot stand to be near each other

Our marriage is on shaky ground
Come and help us, Lord
Let us keep our eyes on you
Let us turn to you always when we are confused

Strengthen us to remain together
Let our union be sanctified in your eyes
and let your calming spirit be our companion from now on

Prayer to be still during marriage problems

Be still during sickness

Dear Lord
My life is in your hands
I am troubled and terrified
My strength is fading by the day
I fear this may be the end
I have fought this disease for a long time
I fear I may not have much time yet
The doctors are not telling me anything encouraging
The drugs are not working anymore and I am afraid I will lose my life

Come and fill my spirit with strength
Help me stay calm and believe in you
Calm my soul and show me your grace and divine healing
Let my devotion to you be rewarded in heaven
If my time is up please forgive my sins and receive my soul into paradise
If my time is not up, fill my bones with newborn strength
and let my testimony be a living one

Prayer to be Be still during sickness

Be still during heartbreak

Dear Lord in Heaven
I have been let down by someone I cared deeply for
My goodness was repaid with wickedness
My joy has turned to pain
I am in a bad place at the moment
I have lost something dear to me because I trusted the wrong person
There are thoughts in my head that want me to react
Thoughts that tell me to repay evil with evil

I pray that you calm my soul and my spirit
Grant me patience and serenity
Be the voice of peace in my head
Let me not do anything rash
Help me love my enemies
Let not the evil people do me stay with me
Let my focus be on you
and help me forgive those who hurt me as your word says

Prayer to Be still during heartbreak

Be still during unemployment

Father Lord in heaven
I have been jobless for a while now
I have tried in futility to find employment
I keep getting let down all the time
I am at a point where I can’t take it anymore
Every opportunity that opens up seems to close up before I get to it

I am at a crossroads here
the devil wants to find evil work for my hands
I am being pressured by friends and family
Some friends are enticing me with evil ways to get rich

Help me focus on you dear Lord and not forget what you teach me
Help me resist evil and stay patient for you
Let me keep my eye on only you dear Lord
and grant me peace in my heart to stay still and wait for your time
I know your time is the best

 Prayer To Be still during unemployment

Be still during bereavement

Heavenly Father
I am broken and hurt beyond all imagination
I have lost a very dear person to me
I did not know that it would hurt this much
this person was a very important influence on my life
I cannot imagine how my life will be now that they are gone

I know that everything that happens to your children happens for a reason
I also know that you know better than anyone
But I still cannot hold my tears back
I am heartbroken and cannot focus on anything
I pray for your divine intervention
Help me through this difficult time
Let my heart be calm and guide me through this storm
Receive their souls into your bosom and give me peace to be able to move on

Prayer To Be still during bereavement

Be still during false accusations

Dear Lord in heaven
I have been falsely accused
I have been blamed and punished for something I did not do
I am being disgraced from pillar to post and I am almost spent
There are so many thoughts in my head that tell me to curse my accusers
To swear on gods that are on earth
Please touch my heart and my soul
Let your peaceful words of redemption fill my heart day and night

Fill my tongue with songs of praise and vindication
Let those who have kept silent on my alleged crime be forced to confess
Let my accusers be proved wrong
Let my innocence be laid bare
Help me resist any evil words towards my accusers
Let me not put my faith in a lesser god to prove my innocence
But let me stay still and wait for your day of reckoning

Prayer To Be still during false accusations

Be still during testing times

Father Lord in heaven
I pray that you help me stay still during trying times
Do not let me follow paths you have not chosen for me
Do not let me live by my own understanding
Guide me to know when your appointed time for breakthrough is
No matter what I may be going through please never let me take rash decisions

Let me not be pushed or provoked into temptation
Let me not be enticed by the shiny things of this world
Let me stay strong in times of adversity
Give me direction and guidance in such times to know exactly what to do
Let me not fall prey to the hawks of this world
Keep my focus on your word and your promises for my life
Remove the spirit of impatience from me
and let my path be straight in you

Prayer To Be still during testing times

Being still implies patience. There are some who are so anxious to get on the bus that they don’t care who they have to step on to get on first. God’s time is the best.

When His time arrives nothing can stop you from fulfilling His promise. It doesn’t matter where you find yourself at that time He will find you and give you what He has for you. Never ever feel like you have been forgotten by God because he knows exactly what you need and the right time.

When your child complains of hunger do you just give them food in whatever condition it’s in or do you wait till it is in a condition that won’t hurt them when they eat it? You make sure it is warm, cooked, and ready to be served no matter how impatient they may be. God wants the same for you and be still and patient and wait on him.

Find rest, O my soul, in God alone; my hope comes from him.

Psalm 62:5

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