House Hunting? Here’s How To Find The House That God Wants For You

As a believer, aligning your choices with the will of God for you will help you find a house where you can thrive, grow and serve following your purpose on earth.

But how can you find the perfect house that God will have you live in? In this article, we will walk through different steps you can take to find your God-given house.

House Hunting? Here's How To Find The House That God Wants For You
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Prayer is not overrated. In the Bible, it is written that we ought to pray without ceasing. This means praying about everything that concerns you including praying for financial provision.

God made the world and everything in it and it is said in this word, the book of Isaiah to be precise that he wants us to abide in a peaceful and secure habitation.

Begin your search by seeking the lord’s guidance through prayer and meditation. That way you become sensitive to his voice and his leadings.

Pay attention to your inner voice and any intuitive guidance you might get. It can be a still small voice or a nudge that you get when you enter a particular house or neighborhood.

Talk to Other Believers 

You can seek counsel by talking to other trusted believers like your pastor, mentor, spiritual leader, or advisor that can provide you with good counsel and support.

Choose people you can be honest with about your thoughts, concerns, and desires and seek their wisdom.

Through their experiences, you can gain clarity, avoid making some terrible mistakes and make informed decisions.

Consider The Impact of The House on Your Spiritual Life

You need to reflect on how the house you want to get will impact your spiritual life. 

Consider factors like location, size, proximity to your local assembly and social amenities, and other specific features you want.

Assess how the location will affect your availability in ministry and your ability to serve others. Also, consider how much influence you can have in your neighborhood.

While these are essential steps to take while house hunting as a believer, there are other practical steps that you can also take to ensure that you go about it the right way.

Gather Information By Doing Research Yourself

Conduct thorough research on the real estate market, neighborhood, and the community, in general, you’re considering getting a house in.

Contemplate factors like security and safety, the availability of good schools if you have children, access to social amenities, and the quality of life that align with your values at large.

Check out transportation options, proximity to your workplace, and community service. Also, visit the neighborhood at different times of the day to have an idea of the atmosphere at intervals.

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Financial Planning and Budgeting 

Pray for God’s provision and guidance concerning your finances when you’re considering buying a house and the ability to make wise use of the resources he has given you.

Create a realistic budget that aligns with your financial situation and stewardship principles.

It is important to ensure that whatever decision you want to make aligns with your financial capabilities and is within a responsible and sustainable budget.

Ensure that your house expenses are within your means, and will allow you to give generously to others around you.


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