Are Merv 8 Filters Good For Homes?

Your home should always be a safe, clean, healthy place to return to. You should never have to worry about your home being less safe or, worse, damaging your health. Unfortunately, without the right air filtration, you may deal with allergies, respiratory issues, and even long-term health implications.

When looking for a filter, make sure you pick the right one for your needs. Unsure whether a MERV 8 filter is good for your home? Here is what you can expect when choosing a MERV 8 filter and how it can help keep your home fresh, clean, and comfortable. 

Are Merv 8 Filters Good For Homes?
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What Is a MERV 8 Rating? 

MERV stands for minimum energy reporting values, which refer to the efficiency of an air filter. This rating measures how efficient a filter is when filtering out larger contaminants, like dust or chemicals. The MERV rating on your air filter tells you that the air filter you are considering is certified to protect you from certain pollutants. These include the following: 

  • Dust particles 
  • Mites 
  • Allergens
  • Hair
  • Pollen 

This rating is between one and sixteen for every filter, with the highest possible option being the high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter. That tells you how robust this filter is and whether it can block some of the most common particulates. If you are unsure what rating you are looking for, our team can help. 

MERV 8 Vs. Higher Ratings

MERV 8 may be perfect for many households. It may offer exactly the right amount of filtration for you and your family. But what if a MERV 8 rating is not enough for your needs? When do you know you need a higher-rated filter? 

A MERV 8-rated filter is not enough if you have additional pollutants in your home. For example, while your pet may be your best friend, it may also shed hair that irritates your allergies. In other cases, you or a loved one may be a smoker, increasing the toxins in the air. In some cases, the pollutants may come from outside if you live in an area with significant smog and other hazards. 

In these cases, you may need an air filter to thoroughly remove these contaminants. These thicker air filters may be exactly what you need for those irritants that a MERV 8 filter cannot remove altogether. 

What Is a HEPA Filter? 

A HEPA filter is the highest level of filtration offered. These filters capture more than 99.97% of particles in the air, even the smallest level of particles. 

This type of filtration is typically used when hazardous materials may affect a person. For example, for those working with asbestos, you may need to wear a mask or otherwise prevent yourself from contacting the asbestos. 

These HEPA filters are more frequently found in healthcare spaces, like doctor offices and other buildings where hazardous particles must be removed from the air. If you believe you need something stronger than a filter with a better MERV rating, talk to a member of our team. We can help you find the proper filtration and size for your machinery. 

How Do I Choose the Right Filter for My Home?

When seeking an air filter, you want to know you are getting the best option for your family. While a MERV 8 rating is not the highest score your air filter can get, it may strike the right balance for your family. Choosing an air filter that is too strong can cause a strain on your HVAC system. That can lead to expensive repairs in the future. 

However, a MERV 8 rating may not be right for all situations. For example, your filtration needs may be higher. You may have a pet, or you or another person living in the home smokes. A higher rating may be recommended in these cases because it can efficiently clean these irritants out of the air, so you can breathe again.

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How Long Does a MERV 8 Filter Work? 

Changing out the air filter is an important part of your household upkeep. If you are not careful to always replace your filter on time, you may face major problems, like particle buildup on the mechanical parts of your HVAC system, blocks or clogs in the coil, and an increase in your monthly energy bills. 

Typically, these air filters last only three months. Once the ninety days pass, you must remove and install a new filter. That protects your home from a buildup of allergens that impact you and your family or guests. Give them all the gift of fresh air by using a filter that works to remove as many contaminants from your house as possible. While no filter is perfect, these filters can help clean your air.

If this seems like a short time, you may want to consider carbon air filters. These filters protect you from dangerous chemicals or particles, more than your traditional air filter, lasting up to six months. 

Get the Right Filter for Your Home

Your air filter is key to keeping your home clean, fresh, and—most importantly—safe. Harsh chemicals and toxic pollutants can damage your health, leaving you to struggle with respiratory issues. Luckily, the right air filter can help you avoid these issues. They can help you protect your lungs, either with a MERV 8-rated filter or a more robust one. 

Ready for a breath of fresh air? Let FilterKing fulfill your air filter needs today. We offer various air filtration options, from carbon air filters to traditional air filters. We offer MERV 8, 11, and 13 ratings when shopping for your new filter. 

When you are ready to buy, check out our options. You can view more options on our website, where you can price-check filters, determine the best fit for your house, and get speedy deliveries for your needs. If you have questions or need help with your order, our team members are just a call away. 


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