Spain’s Real Estate Boom: A Guide for Travelers Seeking Investment Opportunities

Spain is a country of numerous opportunities. Every person can find whatever he needs: tourists can visit many wonderful places and enjoy the culture and traditions. Foreign investors can find many opportunities to buy real estate in Spain in 2023.  

Real Estate Boom

Sights in Spain

Many architectural, natural, or cultural sites will interest tourists in Spain. The rich history of the state and its active development contributed to the fact that many ancient buildings have been preserved here. Some of the most famous architectural and cultural objects are the following:

  • in Barcelona, on the hill of Montjuic, there is a magical fountain that tourists should see. It is made in a futuristic style and has the shape of an ellipse. Illumination, musical accompaniment, different directions of water jets – all this creates an unusual evening show under the control of several people. In Barcelona, it is also worth seeing a not-unusual skyscraper with a height of 34 floors, located at 211 Diagonal Avenue. At night, the building is illuminated with different colors and looks fantastic;
  • in Madrid, it is worth looking at the Alcala Gate on Independence Square. This centuries-old building is decorated with a complex of sculptures and an inscription. The Debod temple, built about 2000 years ago, is notable in Madrid. The Royal Opera House also attracts tourists with its rich history (built in the middle of the 19th century) and beautiful architecture;
  • in the center of the city of Alicante, there is a fortress of Santa Barbara, located on Mount Benacantil. The rise of tourists is carried out on a paid internal elevator, but there is a free entrance to the fortress. Travelers also visit the castle of San Fernando, built in the 19th century, to defend against the army of Napoleon Bonaparte. Everyone can visit the structure;
  • The ancient town of Valldemosa is located at the foot of the Sierra de Tramontana on the island of Mallorca. There is an ancient monastery, which now houses a modern hotel. The Almudaina Palace is also located on the island and is made in the Arabic architectural style. These objects annually attract a large number of tourists.
Real Estate Boom

You can look at ancient palaces, fortresses, and temples in any corner of Spain. There are many similar structures here, as the state has a long history.

Spain also has cultural attractions. Theaters, opera, concert halls, parks, and many other facilities are in demand and are visited annually by tourists from different countries.

Must-see places

While traveling, pay attention to the following places:

  • beaches on the Costa Brava, on the island of Tenerife, and on the islands of Menorca and Mallorca are distinguished by clean sand, clear water, and convenience. The San Sebastian beach in Barcelona is popular, where locals like to relax;
  • every city in the country has one or more museums. The most famous and popular are the Dali Theater Museum in Figueres, the Prado Museum in Madrid, the Fosforito Flamenco Museum in Cordoba, the Cal Masso Art Center in Reus, and the Prince Felipe Science Museum in Valencia. Many museums present collections of paintings by masters of past centuries, but there are also modern expositions;
  • Spanish theaters are in demand among tourists, and the most famous are the Calderon Theater in Valladolid, the Liceu in Barcelona, the Cervantes Theater in Malaga (Andalusia), and the Manuel Falla Theater in the city of Cadiz. The beautiful architecture of buildings, solid views and a varied program distinguishes these objectsms.

Of the natural attractions of Spain, it is worth highlighting the labyrinth of Horta in Barcelona. There is a lot of greenery, alleys with beautiful landscape designs, and romantic lighting in the evening. The Barcelona Zoo, the Teide Volcano in Tenerife, the Retiro Park in Madrid, and the Santa Clotilde Gardens in Lloret de Mar are popular with tourists. These places are safe and vividly reflect the features of the nature of Spain.

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Why real estate in Spain is worth investing in

Spain is a predominantly tourist country. According to statistics, more than 80 million visitors visit it every year. Another 5 million foreign citizens live in this country permanently and consider it one of the most attractive areas for investment in real estate, the offers of which can be studied in detail at Here you can always buy at a bargain price:

  • apartments, the cost of which is acceptable, located in residential areas – an option more suitable for permanent residence;
  • elite housing in the resort area – mainly for renting and making a profit;
  • luxury villas;
  • middle-class houses.

Such a variation can be called conditional. Other options are also possible, especially considering their abundance in the Spanish real estate market. Each of them has its characteristics.

Most often, those who live in other countries prefer to invest in expensive villas or townhouses. However, when making such an acquisition, it is necessary to understand how impressive the monthly expenses required to maintain such a property in proper condition will be. A separate item of expenditure is the pool, which needs regular cleaning.

It is also important to remember that the cost of utilities in this country is quite high, and the heating system in most purchased apartments and houses is completely absent.

Again, a lot depends on where the house or apartment is purchased. Housing will cost more in big cities, especially in a prestigious area. It is extremely important to initially study the legal purity of the object and learn about all its features. This is a must because:

  • in addition to real estate in Spain, the new owner also receives all debts on it, if any;
  • if the property is rented out at the time of purchase, the new owner does not have the right to evict tenants and simply waits for the contract with them to expire;
  • if housing is purchased in those regions where residents leave the area for the winter, renting such real estate all year round will be problematic.

That is why more attention should be paid to those objects from which it will be possible to reach the city or the sea by personal transport in a maximum of 15 minutes.

Real Estate Boom


Spain’s real estate market offers several investment opportunities for travelers seeking to invest in property. However, it’s important to understand the complexities of the market and work with reputable professionals to ensure a successful investment. With the right research and guidance, investing in Spanish real estate can be a lucrative endeavor.


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