12 Ways to Support a Loved One With Memory Challenges Through Faith and Care

Facing memory challenges with a loved one can often be difficult. No matter the reason for the challenges, it is important that your loved one receives the care and support that they need. Faith and care options can be an incredible solution to share comfort, strength, and resilience with your loved one and other affected family members too. 


Check out these 12 ways to support a loved one through faith and care. 

1. Pray Together 

Families that pray together, stay together, right? Take the time to sit down and pray together regularly. You can use familiar prayers of comfort or offer up spontaneous prayers. Just do it together. There is nothing quite like the connection of praying together. 

2. Attend Services 

Attend services together. Maybe you were never a church goer but this loved one has always been. Or perhaps your loved one is interested in church. Attending services together is a great way to come together and be uplifted through faith and care by others. 

3. Create a Safe Space 

Create a safe space together that is quiet and serene. Take the time to just enjoy this quiet space together. When you pray together or just need some quiet time or medication, let this be the go-to place for your loved one and others affected by their memory challenges. You can decorate with symbolic pieces, scripture, or even memories together. 

4. Share Scripture 

Scripture is a powerful thing. Share your favorite scriptures and Bible verses and talk about them. Discuss different passages together or even have your own private Bible studies. These lead to deep connections and meaningful conversations. 

5. Engage in Conversation 

Have conversations together. Keep them lighthearted and honest or deep and passionate. Just take the time to communicate, share, and talk about things without any judgment in the room. 

6. Positive Affirmation 

Your loved one likely needs some positivity in their life. They need to know that they are going to be ok and that you aren’t mad at them for their mental challenges. Be positive to them and give them affirmation so they know just how valued they truly are. 

7. Be Patient and Understanding 

There may come a time where you need to hire home care for patients with Alzheimer’s. Your loved one may not understand and may even be offended. Never speak down to them. Just be understanding and patient as you navigate the challenges that memory difficulties tend to bring with them. 

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8. Create Traditions Together 

With memory challenges, it may be time to build some new traditions together. Now is the time to create lasting memories for family and build valuable traditions that your loved one can cherish as a new memory. This gives them purpose and lets them feel as though they are cherished. 

9. Practical Support 

There comes a time when you have to recognize the need for additional support. There are valuable services you can bring in for this support. From help with preparing meals and managing medications to even supporting household chores, it’s a valuable support system to look into. 


10. Just Be Present 

More than anything, just be there. Be supportive, show love, and stay connected even when it’s hard to do so. It doesn’t have to be overly complicated. 

11. Professional Guidance 

Seek professional guidance from pastors, support groups, and counselors. Sometimes you just need some extra coping or emotional support and your loved one might need it too. 

12. Self-Care Solutions

Practice self-care for yourself as a family member but also for the loved one that is facing challenges. Take the time to seek support from others and know you are not alone. 

Facing memory challenges can be difficult, but there are many positive things you can do to help yourself, your family members, and your loved one through it all. We hope these help! 


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