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Ruth is a book in the Bible that teaches about love, devotion, and loyalty. Take this quiz if you’ve read the book of Ruth.

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Ruth Quiz

These questions are based on the book of Ruth in the Bible.

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 What was the name of Ruth’s mother-in-law?

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How many daughters did Naomi have?

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Ruth married one of Noami’s children, the Bible named another Moabite woman who married in Naomi’s family? What was her name?

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What did Naomi want to be called?

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Did Naomi remarry after the death of her husband?

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What was the name of Ruth’s son?

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How many chapters are in the book of Ruth?

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When did Naomi arrive in Bethlehem with Ruth?

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What was the name of Obed’s grandson?

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How many elders were present at Boaz’s agreement with the kinsman?

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What was the item for legal transactions in Israel Boaz gave to the elders after redeeming the land from Ruth?

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What did Ruth do on Boaz’s field?

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Who said, “Your people will be my people and your God my God”?

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Why did Boaz allow Ruth to glean in his grain field?

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Where did Naomi’s husband come from?

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Which of Naomi’s daughters-in-law decided not to accompany her back to Judah?

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Naomi advises Ruth to put on her nicest clothing and go to the threshing floor to find Boaz after the wheat and barley harvests. What is Ruth supposed to do after he lays down for the night?

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Who was Naomi’s husband’s kinsman?

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What was the name of Ruth and Boaz’s firstborn child?

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What was the name of Boaz’s father?

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