How To Be A Better Person

Everyone aspires to be a better person than he\she was yesterday. Being a better person not only makes you feel good about yourself, it also makes everyone around you feel good.

Everyone has dreams they want to accomplish. But to be able to achieve these dreams you need to improve on yourself and do better every day.

To be a better person means to rediscover yourself, become more aware of your actions and yourself and have a positive impact on others.

The most important step in being a better person is to be willing to be a better person and you reading this article means you want to be a better person. So below, we will further discuss 12 things you can do to be a better person.

12 steps to a better you

12 things to do if you want to be a better person

1. Be open to change

As stated earlier, the first and most important step towards a better you is to be willing and ready to change. You cant be a better you if you don’t change or improve on your old ways and you keep doing the same old things.

It is important that you sit down and ask yourself some important questions about who you are and how you can do better. You can even ask your family and friends about who you are.

Sometimes, the people around us may know us better than we know ourselves. You might have some behaviors you haven’t taken note of but the people around you may know.

Just ask them to tell you about certain things you do that they feel you can improve upon. Being willing to change means, you don’t have to be offended when they tell you what these things are.

Since you want to change, be open to what they have to say and after that see how best you can improve on yourself to be a better person.

2. Practice gratitude

Studies have shown that people who practice gratitude are happier, more positive and express more compassion towards others.

We all feel grateful when something big happens to us in life. Things like a promotion at work or surviving an accident. But it is important that we express gratitude even for the little things that happen in our lives every day.

We all have times when we might be tempted to complain but that won’t help you move forward in life. So instead, find something to be thankful for, no matter how small.

3. Let go anger

Anger is an emotion that lets us know that we are experiencing something we don’t like. But it is important that you do not let your anger consume you.

Once you feel angry towards someone, first, figure out why they make you angry. You cant let go of anger if you do not even know why you are angry in the first place. Once you figure out why you are angry, you can now let go of the anger.

You can try breathing in and out when you feel angry. Close your eyes, breathe in, count to ten, and breathe out. You can also try yoga or meditating to help let go of anger.

Holding on to anger only hurts you more. Most of the time, the people that made us angry aren’t even aware of how we are feeling towards them. They go about living their lives freely whiles we punish ourselves by being angry at them for their actions. So let go of anger.

4. Forgive

Someone is always going to hurt you. Someone is always going to offend you. There is no way to control or avoid what people might do to you.

What you can do, however, is forgive whatever it is they did to you and also learn to live with it. Forgiveness might take some time, it is a gradual process. But it is important that you make the effort to forgive the person each day.

Forgiving someone isn’t an easy thing to do, especially if they hurt you really bad but you can do it if you really want to.

To be able to forgive, you need to feel the hurt and the pain of what they did to you. This means accepting that whatever happened has happened and acknowledging that whoever hurt you is human just like you are – and to err is human.

Forgiving doesn’t mean that you should forget about what happened, you can instead take a lesson or two from whatever it was that happened and then move on with your life.

5. Stop blaming others

It’s easier to blame others when things go wrong. Whether it’s our spouse, our parents, our boss, or colleagues at work. Sometimes, we do it even without realizing it.

If you want to be a better person, then you have to stop the blame game. When something happens, when things go wrong, don’t blame everyone else.

Stop being judgemental all the time. Think about the situation and recognize your part in what happened and work on it. Even if it was entirely the other person’s fault, you don’t have to be soo hard on them.

Chances are, they already feel bad about what happened. So you don’t have to make them feel even worse. Just find a way to work through what happened or move past it.

6. Know the impact you have on others

One very important thing you need to work on if you want to be a better person is the impact you have on others. How do others feel after they encounter you? Do they feel good or do they feel bad about themselves?

The way we relate with people determines the impact we have on them. If you are polite and respectful when talking with others, it makes them feel good.

When you say nice things to people or about people, it makes them feel good too. But if you are rude and mean, it makes people who encounter you feel bad.

So it is important that you are polite and respectful, that way you can make the people around you feel good which will in turn make you feel good too.

7. Be approachable

The secret to being approachable is to smile and be a good listener. When you smile at someone, it lets them know you are open to talking and listening to them. It tells them you are a friendly person.

You also have to be a good listener. Listen to what someone has to say to you with an open mind. Don’t be judgemental or get upset because they are trying to communicate their feelings or their problems to you.

Instead, just listen carefully to whatever it is they have to tell you and that will help you determine the best way to help them.

8. Choose a good role model

The people we surround ourselves with also have an impact on who we are, this includes people we choose as role models or look up to.

So choose good role models, surround yourself with the right people. People who inspire you to be your best self.

lend a helping hand

9. Help others

Improving yourself to be a better person also includes things you do for others. So to be a better person, you should be open to helping people.

So pay attention to the people around you and offer them assistance when you can. Not just your family and friends, you should be kind to strangers too.

So do something nice for someone today. Say something nice to someone today. Offer assistance to someone at work or at home. You can also donate to a cause. Doing these things will also in turn make you feel very good about yourself.

10. Be honest

Be honest, not just with others and but also with yourself. Honesty is a trait that is very important not just for your personal life and relationships but also in your professional life.

Being honest means you always have to be truthful. You shouldn’t tell lies or even exaggerate things. You should always be straightforward and speak the truth.

You also have to be true to yourself and not pretend or live a lie in order to impress others. Let others know who you really are and the ones who are meant to be in your life will still stay.

11. Say nice things to yourself

How we feel about ourselves also affects how we treat others. That is why it is important that we do things that make us feel good about ourselves so that in turn we can be nice to others.

One way to feel good about yourself is to say nice things to yourself. Yes, people may say bad things to you sometimes. But we can all agree that the things people say to us are not as bad as what we say to ourselves.

This is because what we think of ourselves becomes what we say about ourselves which in turn affects how we feel about ourselves. So get into the habit of saying nice things to yourself.

12. Take good care of your self

Being a better person is not just about treating others right. It is also about treating yourself right. As stated earlier, the way you feel about yourself affects how you relate with others.

So treat yourself right. Take good care of yourself. Eat right, drink a lot of water. Make sure your body is getting enough rest and exercise.


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