Niagara On The Lake Wedding Venues: 21 Essential Questions To Ask

As a wedding venue sets the tone for everything else, it’s important to check out lots of options before you settle on one. Additionally, you need to know the questions to ask wedding venues in Niagara on the Lake so you don’t get any surprises at the last minute.

Niagara on the Lake Wedding Venues: 21 Essential Questions to Ask
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1. What’s the cost of the venue?

You can pay more or less for the venue depending on the day of the week, the season, and how many guests you have. A lot of wedding venues also offer wedding packages that include everything from catering to bands. Before you sign the dotted line, make sure you know everything that’s included.

Creating your dream wedding is a delightful journey, but can be overwhelming without the right planning. Make sure to choose a venue that suits your style and budget, and start building the magical experience you’ve always envisioned. With careful thought, flexibility, and attention to detail, your big day will come together beautifully!

2. Is our preferred date(s) available?

You’d be disappointed if your dream venue wasn’t available for your wedding date. One of the first things you should do is check the venue’s availability.

3. What’s the capacity of the venue?

When you look at the hall size, it’s hard to tell how many people it can hold. Make sure you ask the wedding coordinator how many guests the venue can accommodate in clear terms.

4. What is the number of hours included in the rental fee?

It’s common for reception venues to be booked for a certain number of hours, which is usually a reasonable period of time to complete the event, like 4-5 hours. It’s important to know what extra charges you’ll have to pay if you do go over that time limit.

5. Is there a deposit? What’s the due date? Refundable?

There’s probably something in the contract about security deposits, but it’s good to check just in case.

6. Is this venue a suitable venue for both my wedding ceremony and reception? 

Depending on the venue, some only allow the reception, while others charge for the ceremony. Don’t let this very important detail slip through the cracks so there are no surprises.

7. Could our rehearsal dinner be held here?

Having a rehearsal dinner is always a good idea, so you know everything’s ready. You want to hold the rehearsal dinner at your wedding venue, but what if they don’t let you? Check with the wedding venue you’re looking at about this.

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8. Do you have a cancellation policy?

You should know if there’s a penalty clause if you have to cancel your big day, and how far in advance you can cancel.

9. Do you have a backup plan for outdoor weddings?

If your venue didn’t have a backup plan, rain or strong winds could ruin your wedding. Before you book the venue, make sure they have a good B plan.

10. Are you covered by liability insurance?

You should ask a wedding venue if they have liability insurance so that you’re covered if anything happens due to their negligence.

11. Is there catering on site? Can I choose who I want?

Make sure the wedding venue allows you to bring your own caterer if you have someone in mind.

12. Is it okay if we bring our own alcohol?

Unless you want the standard bar drinks, you’ll need to ask this if you want different kinds of alcohol. In case the venue won’t let your crates of alcohol bottles in on the big day, it wouldn’t look good.

13. Are you licensed to serve alcohol?

Your wedding will be dry if your venue isn’t licensed to serve alcohol.

14. How much freedom do we have to move things around?

While most places are flexible about this, it’s still a good idea to get everything in writing before you start moving stuff.

15. Do you have air-conditioning and heating in the indoor rooms?

You’ll need to heat or air condition the indoor spaces depending on the weather. 

16. Do we have the option of bringing our own DJ or live band?

It’s best to confirm with the wedding venue beforehand whether or not bringing your own music band or DJ will be allowed.

17. When can my vendors set up on the wedding day?

Knowing when the venue will be available on the day will also make it easier to schedule and let your suppliers know in advance.

18. Do we have to turn off the music at a certain time?

If there are any time restrictions for music or alcohol serving, let your vendors know well in advance.

19. Do you have on-site parking?

The on-site parking can make things so much easier for guests who are driving in. It’s a detail that couples often overlook, but it’s very important for your loved ones.

20.What’s the number of restrooms?

When picking a venue, bathrooms are definitely a big factor. If you have a lot of guests, make sure there are enough restrooms.

21. Does the venue have handicap access?

If there’s an old relative in a wheelchair coming to the wedding, you should also make sure the venue is wheelchair accessible.

This list of questions to ask a wedding venue in Niagara on the Lake includes all the important details. Is there anything we missed? Comment below!


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